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My TNG orchestra headcannon:

(long post ahead!)

Picard on flute, obviously!:

Riker on trombone (naturally):

Troi on Saxophone, because it has soul:

Data as first violin, of course:

La Forge on oboe, because that looks technical:

Dr Crusher on cello, because she’s the backbone:

Wesley on xylophone, because idk I just feel it:

O’brien on tuba because I don’t know look at him?:

And finally, I was going to have Worf on timpani.


this was just too damn funny:


Preference #38--He cheats on you (request)

Riker: “I knew it” you whisper under your breath as tears began to well up in your eyes.
“[Y/N]! It was an accident!”
“How do you accidentally let another girl give you a blow job?!” Riker’s eyes get wide and he opened and closed his mouth a few times like a fish out of water. He was looking for words.
“I was drunk!” He finally said
“I-I-I wasn’t thinking!”
“Well you’ll have plenty of time to do that.” You got up and walked out of the apartment. Slamming the door hard behind him.

Ellington: You were at a party with you boyfriend and you walked away to hand out with a couple friends for a while. After, you couldn’t find Ellington.
You asked some people and they pointed you to the bedroom. Your heart pounded and you were praying he was just jacking off. But, when you opened the door, you saw him, in bed, with a familiar blonde, your best friend. Tear welled up in your eyes as you heard him yell “DAMMIT RYDEL I’VE NEVER HAD SEX THIS GOOD BEFORE!”
You slammed the door and sent him a text as he left.

Rocky: He had been sneaking around for months now and finally, you had had enough of wondering where your husband was. You hired a PI and he sat you down one day when the kids were at school.
He showed you pictures of Rocky leaving someone’s house, getting into a car with a girl, and then, pictures of him kissing the same red haired girl in an ally.
“Cheating jackass.” You muttered as calling up your lawyer.

Ross: He was away filming a new movie in London. His costar was beautiful and you were skeptical of her affection for your fiancé.
One night, he called you up, at 3:00am London time.
“Hello?” You asked and he sniffled
“Baby, I am so sorry.”
“What? Ross?”
“I didn’t mean to. I was drunk. I love you. I love you more than anything in the world.”
“What happened? Ross? You’re scaring me.”
“I slept with someone else…”
“I love you! Please, PLEASE forgive me. She didn’t even come close to you!”
“I love you, too.”

Ryland: He came home late one night after leaving a party you had been unable to attend because you were on bed rest with his baby.
“Where were you? Why are you crying?”
“She kissed me.” You were stunned
“Who? What?”
“Savannah. [Y/N], she kissed me! I didn’t want her to. I’m sorry!” He laid down next to you on the bed and cried against your shoulder. He was crying, hard. Nothing else could prove he’s telling the truth better.
“I believe you, Ry, I believe you.”

Rocky Imagine (AU) College

“Well I think that…Rebeca are you listening?” I kept my gaze focused on him. His muscle tone arms that escaped out of the black t-shirt, the bit of scuff that rested beneath his chin, the brunette hair barely touching his shoulder covered up by a gray beanie. “Hey, are you listening?”

“Oh sorry, what?” I snapped out of my trance by the sound of Rydel’s voice. 

“I was trying to get your thoughts on this anatomy paper.”

“Oh yea, sounds great.” I mindlessly replied and shifted my gaze back over across the room where Rocky was sitting, staring down at his phone.

“I haven’t even said anything yet, what’s up with you lately, you’ve been really distracted.” She wasn’t wrong, lately all my thoughts were occupied by Rocky.  I tried to clear my mind, taking my eyes off of him, hoping she wouldn’t notice that I’d been staring at her brother.  

“Yea, sorry I was uh…thinking.” She rolled her eyes. A trait that always appeared when she seemed to be upset with me.

“You’re always ‘thinking’.” Rydel mumbled in a tone sounding rather annoyed, emphasizing the word thinking. I sat down in one of the small desks, which in my opinion is way too small for people of my age. “Uhh, look at him.”  She grumbled sending Rocky a glare, the exact opposite of the way I looked at him. I l slightly chuckled.

“Who your brother?” The crossing of her arms, rueful glare, and nodding head all implied she meant yes. “What’s wrong with him?” she shook her head again, and slammed the large red anatomy textbook on her desk.

“What’s not wrong with him?” She uttered. She fumbled a little, finally taking the seat next to mine. “Berkeley has always been my dream college, when I came here I was finally getting away from four brothers, having my own freedom, living my own life, then this. Five and a half hours away from L.A. and I still can’t get away from him. He could have picked any other college to go to, but no he had to pick Berkeley.”

“Oh, he can’t be that bad, you love your brother.” I suggested, trying to convince her that her brother going to the same school as us wasn’t the worst thing in the world, I by far didn’t think it was. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair, flipping around a few of the curls.

“Yes I love him…sometimes but, he’s my brother. I worked hard to get into this school. I care so much about my grades, we both worked our butts off just to get through freshman year. Rocky hasn’t worked a day in his life, he sailed his way through high school, and he still gets in? It’s just frustrating you know.”

 I nodded my head in agreement. I knew Rydel always loved her brother, but she had somewhat of a resentment towards him that he had gotten into the college of her dream through a hockey scholarship. Rydel and I were a year older than Rocky. We were sophomores, and he was a freshman. Rydel and I became roommates and best friends our first days at Berkeley. When Rocky started this year, we hit it off, there was a spark between us. Neither of us wanted Rydel to know about it for certain specific reasons, not many people really knew about us, none of his friends, and none of mine. My phone vibrated from inside my pocket. I took it out and saw a message from Rocky.

I know it’s hard not to stare, but your gonna give us away ;)”  The corners of my mouth formed into a large smile. I subtly looked back over to him to see a smirk on his face.

Well that’s the wrong form of your, its “you’re” and gonna isn’t a word.” I replied.

Of course, I had to date an English Freak.” I tried to contain it, but I let out a small giggle.

“What?” Rydel asked musing on my sudden laughter. I nervously shook my head and gave a simple reply.

“Oh, nothing.” Another eye roll was continued by Rydel taking out her large notebook. She must have noticed the professor enter the room.

“Hello class.” He begun with his day in, and day out monotone voice that I swear could put a five year old on a sugar high to sleep. “Today we will be studying the-” and began another lesson. All Professor Jenkins ever did was lecture. We took notes, we took mid-terms, and we took finals. That and a few surprise papers every now and then, about summed up the class. Taking notes was extremely vital, without notes we couldn’t study for the finals, we had barely made it through mid-terms as it is. But, for some reason lately I hadn’t been able to pay attention. I knew the reason: Rocky. He being placed in the same class was probably the worst, and best thing that could’ve happened. My mind wandered, as much as I tried to pay attention to the left common carotid artery in the cardiovascular system, my brain always left Anatomy and somehow landed on Rocky again. At the end of the hour and a half, I looked down at my notebook and saw all I had wrote was ANATOMY in big bold letters for the heading, but the rest of the page was empty. Rydel turned to me and saw my empty page also, and her eyes widened.

“What the-REBECA? Where are all your notes?” I nervously toyed with my hair.

“Uh…Well I was kind of taking mental notes.” I chuckled nervously.

“That is the most implausible thing I have ever heard! You’re usually the girl that aces all the tests and doesn’t need sleep because she’d rather be spending her time studying! What’s going on? There must be something up with you.” Rydel looked full blown discomposed. She could not believe the whole class block I hadn’t taken any notes, I was afraid she might catch on to the error of my ways.

“It’s just that I have a huge chemistry exam in an hour, and I’ve uh… I’ve just been worried! I wanted to just look over the notes, and you know how consumed I get with studying.” I spit out the lies hoping maybe she would buy some of them.

“Phew! I thought something was wrong! Yea, I get that. I know how you are when you’re sucked into a textbook.” I nervously giggled again.

“Well, I’ll see you tonight” Rydel spoke almost walking away.

“Bye, Delly!” I called back to her. Anatomy was the only class we had together so we walked in opposite directions. My phone vibrated from inside my pocket again. I pulled out to check the message; from Rocky again.

You’re coming over tonight right?” I pursed my lips. I had just had a close call with Rydel, what would I say when I left yet another night? I’m pretty sure I had worn out the Library excuse.

“Maybe, I’ll text you later.”  I responded.


“I don’t know” I tapped into my phone.

”Come on pleasssssssee” Rocky begged. My eyes searched the room, looking up from my dreadfully boring Anatomy text book. Rydel had her nose in her French Book, she was majoring in Biological science, and minoring in French. While I was Majoring in English.  We both were equally advanced in our college work. We weren’t the type of girls that went out and partied every day. Most nights we stayed home and studied, when we did go out, we went out together to the movies, or shopping. Our lives were pretty boring, but when you’re trying to succeed in college, it takes a lot. She knew how much grades meant to me, which is why, I assume, she was so worried about my change of habits.

“Wow it’s kind of stuffy in here.” I mumbled, hoping Rydel would give me some response. Nothing came from her except the sounds of rifling pages of a text book.

“Rydel, I think I’m going to get some air.” She peeked her head up from the book.


“I said I’m going to go to the library to work on my paper for a while. It’s a little stuffy in here.”  I hated lying to her but it became more of a constant, when I had to sneak out of the room to go meet Rocky. She shook her head and laughed a little.

“You and that library.” I heard as I walked to the door. “You’re studying right?” Rydel asked.

“Yea, what else what I be doing?’ wow, that didn’t sound suspicious at all.

“What are you going to study, you forgot all your books.” I suddenly realized I was empty handed. I didn’t think about grabbing books, when I was going to Rocky’s dorm.

“Oh Right.” I walked back and picked up the book then stepped out the door. I whipped out my phone and texted Rocky.

“On my way.”


I laid with my hand placed against his chest, on the futon in his dorm room. His arm extended beyond my neck holding my shoulder pulling me closer. My head rested on his upper chest right below the shoulder. There is an earbud hooked into each of our opposite ears.

 ”Oh, you need to hear my new favorite song!” I urgently pulled the plug from the headphone jack out of his phone and plugged it into mine. “Ok.” He laughed at the side of my excitement. Opening iTunes and playing the song I immediately began singing.

“Here’s to teenage memories!” I lightly hummed and Rocky’s head nodded up and down to the beat of the song. The chorus said finally arrived and I began obnoxiously singing.

“SO KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME!” I loudly screeched out of tune sending rocky into fits of laughter.

“You know you have an amazing voice, babe” He voiced sarcastically with a coy smile.  I took the headphones from my ear wrapped them around my phone and set it on the floor. I rolled over lying on top of him I set my forehead onto his our noses barely touching. My hands connected with his and he interlock their fingers we were so close I could feel the warm air of his breath on my neck the fragrant smell of his cologne flooded my senses he stretched up to peck my lips.  With our mouths only a few inches away again I brought up something we had been debating.

"When are we going to tell Rydel?” I could see his mood drop a little by the tone of his eyes. “I don’t know sneaking around with you it’s kind of hot.” He reached up to kiss me again but I pulled away as soon as his lips touched mine.

“I mean sneaking around is fun and everything, but Rydel is my best friend I just don’t want-” Rocky cut me off.

“We’ll know when the time is right.”

 I nodded my head in agreement.


I finally put my lips on his instead this time we didn’t break away. I moved my hands, and entangled in them in Rocky’s hair. With both of his hands he held onto me resting his hands slightly above my waist.  I sat up for a second peeling the pink striped sweater off of my body, leaving me in a thick strap black tank top. I returned to Rocky and deepened the kiss, inserting my tongue in his mouth. My hands ran up his back and I dug my fingernails into his skin. He moved his lips to my neck, starting at the shoulder and tracing all the way up my neck. His lips moved back down and stopped at the center of my neck; my sweet spot. He bit at the soft skin of my neck, making me send out a small audible moan. I could feel his mouth form into a smirk against my neck. He reconnected his lips to mine, leaving a large hickey rest in the center of my neck.


I slowly closed the door of our dorm, Rydel’s head snapped over to my direction. “Wow, you’re here!” She said sarcastically. I mindlessly walked over to our desk that sat in front of the room where she was sitting, forgetting about my neck.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I enquired. She threw down her pencil, and looked up at me.

 “Look, it’s just that-” she stopped. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. Realization hit me and I sprung my hand up to cover my neck.

“REBECA! WHAT’S ON YOUR NECK?” she exclaimed.

“Nothing.” I shook my head nervously

“Yes there is! Do you have a hickey?” Her eyes displayed a mix of surprise and wonder. Her expression quickly evolved to confusion. “Oh my gosh! Do you have a new boyfriend?” She was almost gushing. Her mouth displayed a cheeky grin. My mouth dropped open and shut again trying to form some sort of explanation.

“S-sort of.” I stuttered. Her eyes lit up with glee.

“Who is it, why haven’t you told me?” I bit down on my lip, a nervous habit.

“You don’t know him.” An excuse that probably wouldn’t last for long.

“Well what’s his-” there was a knock on our door.

“Thank god.” I mumbled under my breath. Whoever was at the door had impeccable timing. I got up from my seat and walked over to the door. My stomach dropped when I saw who it was. “I take that back.” I again mumbled to myself. I gritted my teeth.

“What are you doing here?”

“I thought you might need this, you forgot your book in my-” I quickly made a gesture to remind him Rydel was in the room. His eyes widened. “In my c-classroom, yea you forgot this… in class… this morning.” He stuttered. Rydel got up off of her chair and stepped towards the door.

“Wait…you had your anatomy book when you left to go to the ‘library’ earlier.” The way she strung out the word Library made me believe she thought something was up. She looked curiously from my book, to Rocky, then to me.

“Oh…oh my gosh…oh” She jumped back, putting her hand over her mouth. “You- you and him- you both!” she rambled. I could tell she was becoming flustered.

“Look Delly, I can explain.” You tried to calm her down.

“Explain what? How you’re dating my little brother?” I could sense tension in her voice, she seemed to be growing frustrated. This was not how we’d planned on telling her. She began a small pace, just around the area she stood.  I couldn’t imagine what she would be thinking of me right now.

“Rydel” I tried to talk but she interjected.

“So let me get this straight, all that distractedness, all those library study times, all those late nights…wait, the other night you didn’t come home until four in the morning, you were with him weren’t you?” I pursed my lips.

“Yea.”  I confessed.

“What on earth were you…Wait, OH MY GOSH, the hickey, staying out all night, HAVE YOU BEEN SLEEPING TOGETHER? You shook your head.

“No.”  A smirk appeared on Rocky’s face.

“Not yet anyway.” I slapped him lightly on the stomach, and glared at him.

“Not the time.” He raised his hands up in defense. I spoke up again, trying to clear the air. “Look, I was just spending some time with him, when we both kind of fell asleep. That’s all that happened. Rydel rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms.

“I can’t believe you Beca! You could’ve dated anybody else but you had to pick my little brother.”  Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

“THAT’S IT!” Rocky finally stepped in, I was surprised. He was usually very passive in arguments. “Look, I get it, I get it that you’re ticked at me because I got a scholarship into the same college, I get it that after all these years the “little brother” is still here, but what you need to understand is that I’m not just your little brother anymore. I have a life too, I hoped you would’ve understood.” I spoke after him.

“Rydel you know I love you, but you have to realize, I love him too.” I wrapped my arm around his waist. Her expression softened.


“What?” I said shocked.

“Okay, look maybe I overreacted, I’m sorry.”  I was taken back a little, I expected her to be upset or even mad at me for a while.

“What really?” I asked completely shocked. She nodded her head.

“Yea, look I’m sorry you know I love both of you.” She shot a playful glare at Rocky. “Most of the time.”

“So you’re not upset that we’re dating?” Rydel half smiled.

“No, I mean you actually look pretty cute together.” I blushed a little. “But Rocky, if you hurt her I’ll have to beat you up.” she said winking at him. He shrugged.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” I giggled a little. Rocky kissed me on the cheek making Rydel cringed.

“But not too much of that in front of me!” Rocky and I both chuckled a little.

“Ok, Delly.”

R5 preference, You get brought up in an interview

(Not my gifs)


Int: So, the boys tell me that you and Y/N are very loud at night..


Int: I hear you and Y/N are planning to move in together.. 


Int: Would you do anything for Y/N?


Int: Rocky was here before the interview.. And he told me that he found a box of condoms hidden under your pillow

Preference #33--Protective (request)

Riker: You and your boyfriend were out at the mall. You had gone into Hollister and found a dress with cutouts that you HAD to have.
You went to try it on and when you came out to show Riker, there was another guy there. He looked you up and down and smiled and nodded.
Riker: “Babe go change. Come on.” You could see the emotion on his face change and you nodded.
Riker; “Don’t look at my girl like that.” He said to the other guy “Ever.” He finished his sentence.

Ellington: You had gone out as a group after a concert. You and Rydel had gone off the dance because then boys didn’t want to.
Out of nowhere, a guy came up behind you and started grinding against you.
Ellington saw and walked over to you. He put an arm around your shoulders and led you away, looking back and giving the guy a glare.

Rocky: You were over the Lynch house and all the boys were playing a video game and you were sitting on the floor by Rocky’s feet.
Ryland: “Hey [Y/N], I never noticed how hot you are!”
Rocky: “HEY! Ryland! That’s my girlfriend. Stop looking down her shirt would ya?!”
Ryland: “Sorry…she’s just really hot!”
Rocky: “Ryland, stop! She’s not one of your videos. Stop looking at her.”

Ross: You had gone to a party with your boyfriend for the wrap of his new movie. When you got there, a lot of people were looking at you because of your form fitting dress.
Ross went off for a minute to talk to someone and right away, someone else swooped in.
This guy started touching your arms and trying to stand close to you. Saying “baby” every couple words.
When Ross saw, he went right up to his costar, punched him in the face, grabbed your hand, and left. Without a word.

Ryland: You were with your boyfriend at Starbucks. The two of you had been talked into getting drinks for everyone while they’re in rehearsal.
The barista taking your order, was talking to your chest.
Ryland stepped in front of you and placed the order. Then, told you to go get napkins.
Barista: “That your girl? She’s sexy!”
Ryland: “Yeah…she is…don’t you ever look at her again.” He went to join you and help get the drinks.

Riker Au - City Boy

Riker Au For saramolnarova hope you enjoy ;)

Who did he think he was? I realize he came from the city, but now he was here, and here was not the city. This was actually the complete opposite of the city. The city had four million people compared to our four thousand. We had park, lakes, and a farm every mile while they had skyscrapers, highways, and department stores. The city gave you a total different perspective on life than the country did, you could see it in his personality. His name was Riker, Riker Lynch. He was a senior that had transferred from Los Angeles to our little town in Wisconsin. Why he would want to come here I have no idea. Most people try their hardest to get the heck out of this place. I for one didn’t think it was that bad, nobody really did. They just wanted more than a few cafes, and a rundown movie theatre for entertainment. I felt Riker’s leather jacket slam into my left arm, and push me into the locker. I stumbled a little after he knocked into me.
“Excuse me.” I called after him after he walked past. He turned back to me, and scoffed then kept walking. I had really had enough of this guy. I ran after him, and grabbed his arm. He stopped walking, and shook my hand off his arm.
“What do you want?” He spat. I stood in front of him, and crossed my arms.
“Riker is it? Yea I get you’re from the city, and everything. I don’t know if this is how you treated people there, but here we treat them with respect.”
“How do you know my name?” He asked, baffled at the thought of me knowing who he was.
“There’s not much that happens in this small town, if there’s something new we know about it, and you’re definitely new.” I said. Riker looked down at his appearance, and chuckled.
“How could you tell?” He said sarcastically. He definitely didn’t dress like anyone here did. He wore a black studded leather jacket, skinny jeans with rips in them, and combat boots. He had rugged blonde hair, and bangs that he would flip to the side every so often. Riker leaned up against another one of the locker banks, and rested his elbow above the locker. Riker smirked. Contrary to his rude, and angry attitude he displayed a few minutes ago, he had a cheeky grin. I could see his eyes trail down, and evaluate my body.
“You know you’re looking really hot baby.” He uttered with his smug grin. I snapped my fingers.
“Excuse me my eyes are up here.” I reached forward, and tipped his chin up. “We also treat people with respect here. The correct way of saying that would’ve been “I think you’re pretty”. Do you want to try that again?”
“Geez chill out. Most girls would’ve swooned at that comment.”
“Yea well I’m not like most girls.” The first bell to signal us to get to class rang, and students all over started to gather their stuff, and scramble into hallways. “What class do you have first block?” I asked.
“Why do you care?” He scoffed, he definitely had an interesting attitude.
“First I was actually just trying to be nice, but second I’m on student council. I was assigned you to help introduce you to our school the first few days.”
“Oh great, a babysitter.” He groaned. He reached into the tight pockets of his ripped skinny jeans, and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. He unfolded it, and peered onto the page. “Some stupid class…Drawing” He mumbled.
“Oh well it’s just your luck, so do I.”  
One Month Later
The bell rang, and I saw Riker leaning up against the wall by the water fountain flirting with yet another girl. I just rolled my eyes, and made my way over to the water fountain. I bent down to take a drink, and stood back up.
“Hey.” I said slapping Riker on the back. “Time for class.” He looked up, and his eyes growled at me. I could sense the girl being not too pleased with me either.
“I’ll text you later.” He said looking back into the girls eyes smugly. The girl turned bright red, and giggled. She trotted off in the opposite direction of us. Riker, and I started walking towards our class.
“You’re never going to text her are you?” I mumbled.
“No, probably not.” He answered. I chuckled. “What?” He defended. I just rolled my eyes, and laughed.
“Whatever. You know if you think I’m getting in the way of all your flirting, we don’t have to hang out anymore.” I admitted. Riker laughed.
“No, I like having you around. Plus I don’t think I have many other options for friends.” He wasn’t wrong. Within the time he’d been here he hadn’t really made many friends. He flirted with every single girl he talked to, but he never really made any real connections. For me, and Riker we had become surprisingly closer. I slowly was started to hack into what he was really about. Every now, and then when it was just us he would let me see his true self. Underneath all the flirting, and jerk city boy attitude he actually was a pretty amazing person. The only problem was that side of him very seldom came out. It was like he kept it tucked in, afraid to let anyone see his true self.
“Well maybe if you didn’t flirt with everyone.” I retorted. Sometimes I would try to drop subtle hints that he should let his true side show, but it always failed.
“Hey, I can’t help it if everyone wants a piece of this. Well everybody, but you. You’re probably the first hot girl that I haven’t had any interest for.”
“Right because if you showed any interest for me that would be uh… completely weird…right?” I stuttered. Riker immediately agreed.
“Right.”  I actually felt the complete opposite of that notion. Not that it would be weird for him to like me, it totally would be. The thing I felt the opposite about was wanting him to show interest in me. That felt weird, to actually want Riker to like me like I liked him. Why was this so complicating?
We made our way into the art room for our first block class: Drawing. I sat down at the table we usually sat at in the left corner of the room. At our table it was usually me, him, and different one of Riker’s “flirtmances.” Riker sat down next to her, and I sat across the table. He wrapped his arm around her.
“Hey baby.” He said already toying with her hair, and her emotions. She giggled as her cheeks flushed just as every other girl did. Those girls were the reasons I knew nothing would ever happen between us. He had this “big time personality”. He only liked toying with girls emotions. I was not like most girls how they bought into his fake flirtatious persona, and giggled at the first smug grin he gave them. I didn’t just want to be flirted with, I wanted to be cared about, and taken seriously. Something I would probably never get from him.
I never expected to ever have any sort of involvement with a guy like him. He was rude, and rugged, and everything I wasn’t. He was also the complete opposite of the type of person I wanted to be interested in, but there was still something there. It was crazy to think I could feel any sort of real feelings towards him. He was this obnoxiously smug, and cocky boy that flirted with every girl. We were polar opposites. The thing was I knew him, I really knew him. There was this part of him that was nobody else saw. They just saw this leather jacket, and city attitude and failed to see what was real about him. That’s the part of him I’d grown so fond of. The part he didn’t show to anybody.
“I’ll be right back.” The girl stood up from the table.
“I’ll miss you.” He muttered back. I rolled my eyes.
“So what are you drawing Romeo?” I asked. Riker slightly chuckled, and looked up from his drawing.
“It’s a Rose.” He mumbled staring into the drawing, looking for the explanation of his inspiration behind the drawing. “Roses are so deep, and beautiful. My favorite quote is “We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon.” –Dale Carnegie. Roses represent life, and the dreams we all hold. They feel like magic.” His words were light, and airy like every one of them was spoken deeply from the heart. That was the real Riker I saw.
“Wow that’s really deep Riker.” I stared down at his half sketched out Rose. He scoffed.
“Whatever.” The meaning behind it was so deep, he was so deep, but it’s not like he would show that to anyone. There were slivers of him that would peak out when he wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Those were the parts of him I tried to get close to. The girl sat back down in her seat next to Riker.
“I’m back.” She giggled. I once again rolled my eyes. “What are you drawing Riks?” She asked all giddy.
“I didn’t know what to do, so I’m just drawing some rose.” He muttered like it was no big deal, because of course he couldn’t let that side of him out.
“Riker tell me you didn’t!” I stormed up to him on the park trail that we usually walked home together on. Our houses were fairly close. On those walks we always talked about everything going on. We were very open with each other, and I liked that. I liked the fact that we had become so close. But right now I was disappointed with him, shocked by him, he disgusted me with the actions that rumored around him. I just hoped none of them were true.
“Dude chill, what’s wrong?” He defended.
“What’s wrong? It’s not that big of a school don’t tell you don’t know what’s been going around!” Riker rolled his eyes.
“Whatever it’s not that big of a deal.” He muttered.
“Not that big of a deal? Annie is saying you slept with her after homecoming, and then ditched her. I’m pretty sure that’s a big deal.”
“Annie is the short red haired chick right?”
“Oh my gosh Riker you slept with her, and you don’t even know her name?” Riker crossed his arms, and shook his head. He dropped his arms angrily and started to storm off down the path. “WAIT!” I called after him.
“Why do you care anyway, it’s not really any of your business.”
“I care, because I care about you! In case you didn’t realize I actually like you Riker.”  
“Yea sure you do.” Riker continued to walk down the path at an increasing speed. I jogged up in front of him to catch up with him.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I defended. Riker stopped.
“You say you “care” but in reality you think of me just the way everybody else does. Do you honestly believe that story about Annie?”  He asked.
“Well you do kind of flirt with everybody, it just kind of sounded like…” I trailed off.
“Sounded like what? Sounded like something I would do? Yea, you’re right, it probably is.”
“So what are you saying you did sleep with her?”
“That’s not the point! Gahh I was such an idiot for thinking you were any different. You just see me as some thug from a big city that goes around sleeping with every girl just like everyone else does.”
“Well that’s how you portray yourself. I try to see past all that stuff but when you do something like this it’s kind of hard to find the good in it. You’re just embracing the fact that everybody knows about this.”
“You still don’t get it. I NEVER HAD SEX WITH ANNIE OKAY. That’s a stupid rumor.”
“Well why aren’t you defending yourself? All these rumors, and you’re just accepting them!”
“What’s the point? Everybody is still going to see me the same way. When everybody starts treating you a certain way, you just learn to accept it.”
“Is that why you act like you do around everyone else, you flirt with every single girl, and pretend to be a jerk because they expect it?” Riker slightly nodded. “Then why don’t you act like that when you’re around me?”
“Because unlike everyone else in this town, I actually care about how you think of me. But I guess that doesn’t really matter now does it.” I couldn’t describe Riker’s face at that moment. I don’t think I’d ever seen his face hit that expression. He looked completely defeated, and crushed. I hadn’t realized that over time I’d slowly let other people’s perceptions of him get the best of me. When I heard the rumor I just jumped to conclusions instead of thinking about who he really was. “I don’t think we can hang out anymore.” Riker quietly muttered, and walked forward. I walked forward to keep up with him.
“Riker I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I get it if you’re mad at me, but-”
“I’m not mad.” He cut me off. “We just…” He paused, and pursed his lips. “I just can’t do this anymore.”
“You don’t want to be friends anymore?”
“Dang it Sara. No I don’t want to be friends anymore, because I don’t want to just be friends. If you couldn’t tell by now, I actually have feelings for you, and I honestly thought you did too for a while, but I guess I was wrong.”
“No Riker, you weren’t wrong.” I spoke. I had to finally let it out, he needed to know, I needed him to know.” Riker seemed confused, or otherwise not expectant of me to say that.
“We can’t do this.” Riker spoke shaking his head.
“WHY NOT?” I pleaded.
“Because no matter what, I’ll always be one of “those guys” the ones that flirt with every girl, the ones that are no good, I’m no good, and you deserve a lot better than me. I knew ever since that first day I met you, that there was something special about you. I don’t want to get hurt any worse by me. You should just forget about me!”
“Well I’m not going to forget about you! You think you’re a bad guy, but that’s just because everyone treats you that way. I’ve seen the real you, I’ve seen how you act when you’re being yourself, and that’s the guy I fell for.” Riker, and I stopped walking. I turned to him, and grabbed his hands. “I think deep down you know what kind of person you are, you’re just too afraid to show it.” I slowly inched closer, and closer to his face until our noses were barely touching. Riker lightly shook his head.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered. When I tried to close the space between us, Riker backed up urgently. I could see a tear trickle down his face. “I’m not the really the guy you think I am.”
“I came here to live with my mom. I thought maybe I would be a different person than I was in LA, but I’m not” He took a deep breath. “I’m going back to LA.”
I sat on my bedroom floor tears pouring out of my eyes. Today was the day he was leaving. He was going back to LA to forget all about me, and this small little town that we had made so many memories in. There was a knock on my door.
“Come in” I mumbled. My mom slowly opened up the door to my room.
“Are you okay honey?” She asked. I shook my head.
“No, I don’t think so.” I muttered, and cleared my throat.
“He’s leaving today isn’t he?” I nodded, and closed my eyes for it was too painful to keep them open. The tears stung the corners of my eyes.
“When’s the last time you talked to him?” She inquired. I shrugged.
“He hasn’t been at school all week, I guess it just hurt too much to say goodbye.”
“Well than you go do it. Sweetie you need to go after what you want in life. If you want Riker than go tell him. What time is his flight?”
“His mom said 2:00” I answered.
“Well it’s only 1:00 right now you could still make it. Even if he still leaves, at least you got to see him one last time, and if you don’t go you’ll regret it.” Your mom grabbed your hand, and lifted you off of your feet.” You wrapped your arms around her, and nodded your head.
“Thank you!”

“Riker!” you yelled as soon as you located him at the airport. He was sitting on a bench waiting for his flight. Riker instantly looked up.
“Sara what are you doing here?” He asked as he stood up.
“You never said goodbye.” You uttered. Riker smiled lightly, and wrapped his arms around you in a hug. The warmth of his soothing embrace surrounded you. You wanted to stay in his arms forever. He let you go, and stepped back.
“I guess this is good bye then.”
“It doesn’t have to be! You said you came out here to be a better person, and I believe you are. Just because peoples view of you didn’t change doesn’t mean you didn’t.”
“It doesn’t change that fact that I don’t want to hurt you like I hurt most girls.”
“Remember what I said when you first got here. I’m not like most girls. I see you when you’re being yourself. You’re deep, and passionate, and caring. That’s why I fell for you, and I’m not going to forget about you because I am in love with you. I think I bring out the best in you, and you know that.”
Instantly just as the words fell out of my mouth Riker’s lips came crashing onto mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his came tightly secured around his waist. It seemed like I had been waiting for this moment forever, just to feel the sensation of his lips on mine. He pulled away for a moment, and our foreheads collided.
“I’m in love with you too”
‘Flight 43 for Los Angeles now boarding’ The overhead speaker spoke.
“So…” I stuttered. Riker looked at his plane ticket, and tore it in half.
“I’ve changed my mind. There’s no way I could go back to LA. There’s too many things I love here.”

Preference #35--He finds out his daughter is sexually active (450 followers)

Riker: He always called his daughter his princess, even though she’s now sixteen. They were very close. She was a daddy’s girl from the start.
[Y/N]: “Babe, take out the trash.” You were six months pregnant with your fourth child.
He nodded and saw a pregnancy test in the trash.
Riker: “[Y/N], why’s this negative?”
[Y/N]: “I don’t use that brand. And I took the test a long time ago.” You looked at your belly.
Riker turned as white as a ghost.

Ellington: He had never had any real serious discussions with his daughter besides “no drugs” and “don’t smoke”.
So, when the nineteen year old sat down at the table, it seemed normal.
Ellington smiled. But, she didn’t.
Ellington; “What’s wrong?” There was no answer for a minute.
Daughter: “Daddy?”
Ellington: “Yeah, honey?”
Daughter: “Daddy, I uh…I need to go on the pill.”
Ellington: “Oh my God, [Y/N]! Come down here!”

Rocky: Ever since his daughter began wearing a bra, the close relationship they had kinda melted away.
Rocky had seen her math grade drop a lot and wanted to talk to her about it.
He went into her room without knocking, and was met with the sight of seeing his baby girl, moaning and screaming as a boy, one he has never seen before, thrusted into her.
Rocky: “Oh my God.” He closed the door and tried not the throw up.

Ross: He and his two daughters had amazing relationships. One is now twenty one, the other eighteen.
One night, they both left their phones downstairs on the kitchen table.
Both phones buzzed and Ross couldn’t help himself but check them.
The older one had a text from her boyfriend saying “wish you were here…sucking my dick right now 😉”
His mouth dropped. He checked the other phone, it was just a picture…of a naked boy…
Ross: “My baby girls…” He put his head in his hands.

Ryland: When his only daughter turned nineteen, Ryland got scared that he had neglected her as she was growing up. Since he did have four sons that he spent a lot of time with. Also, she’s a middle child. That she would become a stripper or something.
One day, he couldn’t help but snoop through her room.
He came across a few things- a candle, some fancy bras from Victoria’s Secret, and a box of opened condoms.
His mouth dropped.

Preference #7--He tucks your son in for bed

Riker: Every night you and your husband tuck your child in together. You two have a two and a half year old son.
You were getting your son a glass of water while Riker put him to bed.
When you got upstairs you just stood in the doorway for a moment.
Riker was running his fingers through his son’s blonde hair and telling him a story he seemed to be making up on the dot.
Your son was looking at Riker with a sort of admiration as he listened to the words leaving his lips.
When he finished the story, he stood and kissed your son’s forehead
Riker: “Goodnight buddy”

Ellington: your five year old son had fallen asleep in the car.
Ellington had walked around the car and gotten him out of his car seat. He carried him upstairs and into his bedroom. He didn’t want to wake him up just to put his pajamas on, so he just laid him on his bed and pulled the covers over him.
He was going to leave the room, but, then he didn’t.
He sat down on the side of the bed and just watched as the child you two made fell asleep.
You came in and sat next to him. He kissed your lips and then held your hands in his.
Ellington: “I want another one. I want a daughter.” He said as you two walked into your bedroom.

Rocky: Your ten month old son had woken up in the middle of the night, which has become a rare event lately.
Your husband had volunteered to get him so you could sleep.
He went into the nursery and picked up the sleeping baby whilst cooing “sh sh sh. Daddy’s here. You’re ok. Daddy’s here”
He held his crying child close to his bare chest, since he doesn’t wear a shirt to bed, and walked around the room.
A few minutes later the baby was asleep again and he laid him back down.
He looked into the crib and smiled at what you and him made.
He ended up falling back asleep in the rocking chair he had pulled up beside the crib.

Ross: Your eighteen month year old son was up past his bedtime because daddy had had a concert.
After he showered, he saw you and your son sitting on the bed. He sat down on the other side of your child.
You always laughed at how big your husband is compared to your little son.
Your son hugged his father’s arm and then crawled into his lap. Without a single word, Ross knew he was exhausted.
He carried him into his room down the hall. Ross placed him in bed and he was just hardly awake.
Ross laughed and kissed his forehead.
His son have him the “sing to me” look and so Ross did.
Before the song ended, the toddler was asleep.

Ryland: He came home from work one night to find his five year old son sleeping in your bed, in his spot.
He laughed a little bit and then shook his shoulder. Your son opened his eyes slowly and gently.
Ryland: “Move over”
he said with a smile and crawled into the bed next to him.
Your son laughed and Ryland wrapped his arms around him. Putting him into a bear hug. You were still asleep as they began to talk into the night about the football game Ryland had regrettably had to miss because of work.
The re-telling made him feel like he had been there.

Preference #32--Skype Sex (365 followers)

Riker: Your boyfriend, Riker, had just left for tour and already, you were both missing each other, and each other’s bodies.
He had been gone for two days, and promised you the moment he got to a hotel, he would Skype you.
And that he did.
Riker: “Hi baby, I miss you so much.”
[Y/N]: “I miss you too Riker.” You blew him a kiss and he blew one back.
Riker: “Uh…[Y/N]?”
[Y/N]: “Yeah?”
Riker: “You’re not wearing a bra…and by the looks of it, it’s kinda cold in your room.” You were a little embarrassed at first, but then, you pulled your shirt off completely. He just looked at you for a moment. But then, followed suit.
Riker: “You really wanna do this [Y/N]?” You nodded and began rubbing your thumb in circles around your already hard nipple.
Riker stuck his hand into his pants and let out a small groan as he began stroking himself.
Riker: “Talk to me [Y/N]”
[Y/N]: “Riker, honey, if I were there with you, I would let you stick your length in my mouth”
Riker: “Yeah?”
[Y/N]: “And I would start sucking on you slowly. Drawing it all out. Then, faster and harder, going up and down your length.”
Riker: “Fuck” you could see he was rubbing himself a little faster “And baby, if I were with you right now, my head would be in between your legs. My tongue going in circles around your lips.”
[Y/N]: “Yeah and?”
Riker: “Then, slowly, I would penetrate you, honey”
[Y/N]: “Mmmmm! God! Riker! I would start bucking my hips until you got the hint”
Riker: “And when you finally came in my mouth, I’d kiss your lips just so you can taste your own saltiness, baby. GOD”
[Y/N]: “Did you just?” He nodded and you giggled a little to yourself.

Ellington: He was away visiting his mom and he was going to spend the night at her house. Leaving you in your shared apartment all alone.
It was about midnight when you heard your computer ringing. You saw your boyfriend’s Skype on the screen and answered right away.
Ellington: “Hey” he was under the covers and by the looks of it, no shirt on.
[Y/N]: “Miss me?” He glanced down at the blanket
Ellington: “Extremely” he laughed a little and you were a little confused until you caught on.
[Y/N]: “Are you naked?” He nodded “Then I should be too.” You put on a strip tease for him and the bulge under the blanket only grew as you did so.
Ellington: “You are SO hot”
[Y/N]: “Same to you, honey. I miss feeling your scruff on my skin” you whined and he laughed a little bit.
Ellington: “Just imagine it there”
[Y/N]: “Easier said than done”
Ellington: “Oh come on. There has to be SOMETHING you can rub against your cheek to make it feel like me.”
[Y/N]: “It’s not my face that I want to feel your scruff on…it’s my…inner thighs.” His eyes got a little wide and you laughed a little bit.
Ellington: “Well…uh…you could always just…imagine me there?”
[Y/N]: “Aw, honey, are you getting flustered?”
Ellington: “A little bit…” He was blushing and you saw the expression on his face change
[Y/N]: “Are you…Ell are you touching yourself?” He nodded and smirked a little bit
Ellington: “Talk dirty to me.”
[Y/N]: “I think…I’ve been a bad girl lately. I should be pampering you more. Like…stroking you more. Slowly. Up and down. And then, faster and faster and FASTER.” His hands were moving the way and speed you instructed
[Y/N]: “Feel me there babe?”
Ellington: “Oh yeah!”

Rocky: Your boyfriend is “grounded”. As in, he can’t sleepover for the next couple days because he and his siblings are working on their new album.
It was around eight o'clock and you were getting ready for bed when your skype rang. You answered and when you saw it was just Rocky, you continued changing.
Rocky: “I need sex, baby.” Was the first thing out of his mouth, not even a “hello” or “how was your day, baby?”
You laughed a little to yourself as you laid on the mattress, on your stomach, looking into the camera.
Rocky: “PLEASE?” You sighed
[Y/N]: “Just…how exactly do we do this?”
Rocky: “Follow my lead” he stood and adjusted the computer and you did the same.
You began undressing, one article of clothing at a time.
When you were both naked, he held his cock in both his hands.
You put your hands near your hot zone.
Rocky: “You wet, baby?” You nodded, not being able to tease him.
He laughed darkly for a moment, then he moved his hands so that you could see all of him. In his erected glory and all.
[Y/N]: “God, you’re big!” Without even realizing it, you had began to gently rub your own clit.
Rocky: “Yeah I am, baby. You know you love it. Tell me how much you love it. How much you want me inside your wet, aching hole. Tell me baby.”
[Y/N]: “I want you Rocky. I want you SO bad. I’m dripping for you. F-fa-fuck! I want you!”
Rocky: “Stick your tongue out” you did as he instructed and he smirked to himself as you followed his every word. The darkness in his eyes grew the more he wanted you.
[Y/N]: “Now you do something for me.”
Rocky: “What?”
[Y/N]: “Pump yourself.” He began to and he started groaning.
Rocky: “Babe, I think I’m gonna cum.”
[Y/N]: “Do it! Do it for me!”
Rocky: “SH-”
Just then, your door opened and you screamed.
Rocky: “Oh fuck!” He closed his laptop and you did the same.

Ross: He had been away on a radio tour for the past month now. The two of you have been in almost constant communication.
He sent you a text one night telling you to go on Skype. But to strip down to your underwear first, which you did. Then, you called him.
When you saw his face you smiled from missing him so much. Then, you realized he’s in just his underwear as well and that he’s alone in a hotel room.
Ross: “I miss you”
[Y/N]: “I miss you too”
Ross: “Now let’s have some fun. Stand up, let me see all of you” you laughed a little as you both stood up and could see everything from the thighs up on each other.
Ross: “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.” He smirked a little as you unhooked your bra and pulled off your boy-short styled panties.
He followed and pulled off his pink American Eagle boxer-briefs.
You felt yourself get instantly wet as you looked at his hardening member.
Ross: “Like what you see, baby?” You nodded “I could say the same.” He laughed a little bit and it was a lot darker than his normal laugh. Lusty. Lustful.
Ross: “Baby, rub your inner thigh gently.” You followed his command
[Y/N]: “Pump yourself.” He followed yours and that was what you two did for a couple minutes.
Ross: “Rub your clit” his voice was lower and huskier than normal. He was obviously getting very aroused and turned on:
You began to rub your clit slowly and gently and he chuckled a little, with the same lustful darkness.
Ross: “Don’t tease me baby” you nodded and began to rub yourself so you were actually getting pleasure. You let out a few whimpers.
[Y/N]: “Masturbate for me.” He smirked at the look on your face
Ross: “Why are you wet, baby?”
[Y/N]: “God yesssss!” He smirked again as he took his manhood in his hand.
He started to rub himself.
Moans soon began and then, he started getting really into it.
Ross: “[Y/N]! Oh [Y/N]! Fuck! Fuck!”
You had completely lost control of what you yourself were doing and you had begun to rub your folds.
You watched intently as he got louder. Then, you watched as he orgasmed. Screaming your name at the top of his lungs.

Ryland: He really didn’t want to go on vacation with his family. He would have much rather have stayed with you and been able to spend all his time with you but, he had to go on the vacation.
After he had been gone for a week, you missed him dearly. And there’s no cell service where his parents took him.
Occasionally, you can Skype. And tonight is one of those nights where the call has actually gone through.
Ryland: “Hey [Y/N]! I miss you.”
[Y/N]: “Hi Ry, I miss you too. So much.” He smiled a little
Ryland: “Know what I really miss?”
[Y/N]: “What?”
Ryland: “Seeing you naked.” He winked at you. And you laughed a little bit.
[Y/N]: “I miss seeing you naked too.”
Ryland: “Then, let’s get naked.” You both began to undress yourselves in front of the webcam.
You were going slower than him, just to get him a little bit more fired up.
Finally, you were both naked and he looked you up and down as you sat on bed.
Ryland: “Sit criss-cross for me baby.” You did “YEAH” he nodded his head a little bit and you laughed some.
Ryland: “You have no idea how bad I want to kiss your perky nipples right now.” You laughed a little bit.
[Y/N]: “I wish you were here to do that.” You giggled a little and watched his dick popped up.
Ryland: “He misses you too.”
[Y/N]: “I hate when you act like it isn’t a part of you.”
Ryland: “He has a mind of his own”
[Y/N]: “Stop calling it he!” You were both laughing and he was watching your breasts bounce as you laughed.
Ryland: “play with your nipples for me” you nodded and did, rubbing your thumb over one nipple at a time.
[Y/N]: “Play with your tip for me.” He laughed and started touching and rubbing his tip.
The moans and groans from each of you were so loud, you heard Ross yell from the other room to keep it down.