In my crown I am king
I love their endless worshiping
I am raw, a dinosaur, but I will never be extinct

((I guess I’m not supposed to post non rp related stuff, but hell. I just have phase for my demon king 8'I Btw, he’s Winc’s older brother in demon verse. In DS verse too, but not as demon))

the-sole-king  asked:

"My, what a lovely creature, another demon, just like me. What's your name, little friend?" Rikali gave a wide, yet mysterious smile.

Sullivan quickly glanced up from what he was doing, stunned into silence for a few seconds as he glanced over the man in front of him. “Oh, well hello there, handsome.” He finally answered as he rose to his feet with a smirk. “Most people call me Sullivan. It’s not my real name, of course, but I don’t give that one out to the humans around here~”


((And second introduction for today!

Rikali, an Incubus, Demon King, father of 4 kids.

Sketches from 2009 (Rikali is in the middle on the first image), 2009/2010 (the second), 2010 (third), 2011/2012 (forth) and September 2013 (last one).

At first, Rikali was a total NPC for one RP I had with friend, but after a while, he advanced to human king, some kind of villain and then it turned out that Rikali was secretly a demon who manipulated people of this human country (And it sounds so silly now, but that was like 5 years ago)

Now, Rikali is just a demon king, necromancer. His special ability is to take from a living still beating heart to his crane, so by using magic he could manipulate with this person’s life. And beside this bizzare ability, Rikali loves to torture, torment others, make them shiver from frightness and so on. And he does this for his own pleasure. Though, he is a caring father, but only to his youngest son and daughter.

And Rikali likes bloody envoirment. His domain looks like made of pulsing, grotesque flesh.

Fun crack headcanon: Rikali has a fetish for marble. (DON’T ASK WHY)))