Hi everyone!

As some of you know I am heading to San Francisco for the weekend. That means I will be away from my computer but I will still try and find Rydel’s clothes during down time, usually at night. Most posts will be posted the day after she wears them. Please be patient with me and finding the clothes. 

Another thing is that a couple of my R5 friends and I are meeting up in Union Square on saturday at noon and we would love to meet some of you if you are free! Send me a kik (rydelfashion) or a message if you are interested! Also be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter! I will be posting updates there! 

Thank you in advance for being patient this weekend! Posts will be back to normal on tuesday! 

Love you all
Kate :)

since I’m not technologically advanced and on my phone, I’m going to make a list of people I love to follow:


if you’re not on here I’m sorry, I still love you. these are the people I reblog from a lot.

anonymous asked:

Think of 5 ppl you've met from R5 and for each person write one reason why you'd wanna go to an R5 show with them!

Ok. This is gonna be so hard because I want to see R5 with ALL of my Tumblr family! But since you’re making me choose, these are my peeps:

  1. Amy (standingoncanalandbowery): Amy was the first friend I made in the fandom that is close to my age group. We have the same opinions on practically everything, especially music, and we are both experienced concert-goers (especially her), so I know we would go to a show and have a freaking blasty-blast. Plus we can have cocktails together, which is like a bonus. :)
  2. Issabella (allr5facts): Issabella is just my baby. :) She’s one of my favorite people to talk to on Tumblr, and one of the first people I ever revealed my age to before I revealed it publically. She’s always hella supportive of me, and I know she wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen at the show with the old lady. :) Plus, she’s seen R5 about a million times, so more chance of getting to meet them, right? ;)
  3. Desiree (dealfa): Des is my adopted little sister! We’re both insanely goofy, have weird senses of humor, and an unhealthy love of Ross Lynch for people that are no longer teenagers. Also, she’s 21 and has never had a martini. I would want to rectify that immediately. :D
  4. Laura (rikable): Pretty much ditto everything I said about Des, minus the martini thing. :) I just heart that girl so much. She makes me laugh and I know she would make me dance and sweat my ass off, which my ass could definitely use. Haha!
  5. Ginger (irockbows), Melody (melizcool), Kat (gizmokat), and all of my other adult fangirls! Because we gotta stick together! I picked more than 5…sorry. :)

Sorry to anyone I left out! I already feel bad…maybe I shouldn’t post this…oh well. :)