here are just SOME (for there are too many to put on one post) of my favorite From the Decks of the World

i’m sure people have already talked about it, but a lot of these for me range from heartwarming (nojiko using nami’s tattoo for her business and kureha combining hiruluk’s hat and chopper’s symbol for her isshi flag ON TOP OF the sakura kingdom adopting hiruluk’s old flag for their own) to bittersweet (cobra is bedridden after two years, is it just a small cold or is it something more foreboding?)

idk the last one is actually really interesting to me, since according to other covers of the alabasta kingdom, apparently the reverie is coming soon. if cobra is too sick to go, would vivi take his place in representing alabasta?

also i think iceburg is just weirded out that his secretary coordinated outfits with tyrannosaurus