Abdul/Polnareff Masterpost

As the title suggests, this is a masterpost for all your Abdul/Polnareff needs. Or at least a starting point :3

  • You’re new to the loveliness that is Abdul/Polnareff and don’t know where to start?
  • Don’t want to repost pictures because you respect the artists and their work but want to show other fans the super cool art?
  • Want to give the artist’s/writer’s page more traffic and lead visitors towards them?
  • Need all the fan fiction all the time?
  • Can’t get enough of Abdul/Polnareff because, frankly, who can?

Then this post is for you!

A word of advice: I won’t filter any artists/writers. You will find high-quality art next to stickmen, friendship next to raunchy sex, humor next to blood and gore. This is a master post not a list of my favourites!

It’s ongoing as well and I’ll keep adding new stuff to it occasionally.

Spread the word and reblog the list, fellow AvPolians. This one’s for you!

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A new start

This blog has been accidentally deleted and yes, it’s as lame as it sounds. I lost ALL my posts, sideblogs and followers. I reblogged some of my favorite and the latest of my own art posts so this new blog won’t stand as empty. Every other old art post I find from now on will be reblogged to @rijinks-archive!

kelpies-and-unicorns replied to your post: Why is Connie so unpopular I don’t get it I mean…

I only know the anime so far, but I really like Connie :’D. It’s Sasha, on the other hand, who goes on my nerves. And surprisingly (for me, since the first impression was a bad one) my favorite so far is Jean.

Wow someone who doesn’t like Sasha! I always took her as everybody’s darling but I guess we all have that one character that gets on our nerves. Your reaction to Jean (I call him Jan, ohoho) seems to be the usual one, or at least one I see pretty often. Apparently lots of people hate him at first and grow to love him later.
I actually liked him from the beginning even when he was being an ass xD One of the first things about him I noticed is that he is, as he himself admitted, super honest under all circumstances, even if that makes him an ass.
That made me think of all the assholes I’ve seen who make a point of being assholes and then go and excuse that with “I’m just being honest!”. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense here but I just got the impression that he’s more like the opposite of that. He can’t help spouting his thoughts and comes off as an ass because of that. Good thing he grows up a little later on though. rijinks replied to your post: Why is Connie so unpopular I don’t get it I mean…

he’s a nice character indeed. maybe it’s cause he has no flowing hair

Connie don’t need no flowing beautiful hair to be the broest of bros.

Sure, she’s there for comedic relief, but she also got got a chapter (or two? I can’t remember) dedicated to her background and development; something that Connie didn’t necessarily get (yet?). I feel like that’s overlooked often and because she’s taken less seriously

Oh yeah, that’s true. Sasha is not just comic relief, Sasha is quite badass but I guess most people either haven’t reached that stage and/or it’s just easier to remember her for her hilarious moments. touji03 replied to your post: distractionbox replied to your post: Why is…

i think for the manga readers sasha is appreciated but for the anime watchers, since they don’t her character yet, her ‘fame’ is just related to the potato/bread incidents. so idk if i would say they appreciate her so much, just notice her more (?)

wow you guys reply so fast! I wish I had seen this sooner because that’s pretty much what I wanted to say to distractionbox, ha.