Stan:- Steve, I’m- I’m not melting. Geez. Can you please– ugh, never mind.

Despite how hot the environment is, I guess we’ve grown…accustomed to the temperature we live in. And I don’t know about Steve, but I’ve felt hotter. Then again, I was in a tux, not a paper thin sweater.

Steve:- Yeah, well, it would’ve been nice if Mother Nature actually stopped roasting us for once. Maybe if we moved somewhere nicer–

Stan:- Then there’d be more people coming in and we’d be sitting ducks during open season. Thank Notch I’m the one making the maps, too. 

Steve:- Hey! I can make good maps! A few wrong words and numbers don’t make a map bad! Right?

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Chickadee; you're killing me w/ Yandere!Iggy. My ovaries are gone. =w= You hit me riiiiiiiiiiight in the dubcon / aphrodisiac kinks.

I didn’t know how much of a weakness all that is for me until my muse dragged my ass through that scenario and I had to literally change my panties after I was done writing it. I am trash.

…but you are too, this makes me feel better LMFAO

Maaannn, But let me fucking tell you, Ignis wouldn’t have to drug me to keep me up in his office all damn day constantly ready and willing for him, but if he really wanted to…

Ignis: I’ve watched you for months in obsessive ways

Me: oh cool I don’t feel so bad about all my pics of you then

Ignis: and I’m going to keep you here with me forever

Me: k

Ignis: no one else can have you but me

Me: I’ll miss my guilty pleasure that is Noct but still, thisisfine.gif

Ignis: I’ll keep you chained up next to me

Me: All of this sounds great thus far

Ignis: you can never go home.

Me: Can I arrange for my cat to be fed at least because I feel bad for her, or did you do that for me?

Ignis: … actually I brought her here

Me: Excellent, all is taken care of, commence the fucc *downs entire glass of drugged water, removes clothes, waits expectantly* Valar Morgulis.

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So that soul is TOTALLY like, the soul of the pizza guy that came late and not humandyne who is TOTALLY chilling in the house now, RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT???????????????

Does that answers the question?

napping angry fish gives answers. Or, at least a hint. She’s not cooperative at the best of times and waking her from a sleep makes that less so spose.

Dirty Imagine

Description: where y/n calls Justin papi while teasing him and he just takes her home and fucks her senseless while loving her calling him papi.

It was a long night at the club. Long because all I could think about was what would happen once Justin and I were alone. As Scooter was making another joke, I walked up and Justin pulled me down onto his lip. I swirled my hips a little around his crotch, letting him know what was waiting for him underneath. He licked his lips looking me up and down, pulling me into him closer. 

“Like what you feel Papi?” I whispered. He couldn’t answer, licking his lips more. I could feel his dick hardening underneath me. Damn, this boy was sexy.

“Let’s go” He said roughly, half picking me up as he went. Scooter looked at him confused.

“Bro, leaving in the middle of my story?” Justin was trying desperately to come up with a lie.

“Papi hear isn’t feeling well Scooter, so I’m going to take him  home.” I said effortlessly. Justin just looked at me in awe.


Without bothering to reply Justin pulled me through the club ignoring the flashes of fans’ cameras trying to snap a picture of him leaving. With Justin’s driving we were home within minutes. He didn’t even make it halfway through the door before ripping my dress to shreds and tossing it to the floor, panting.

“So you like Papi, huh?” I looked up at him seductively. 

“Say it again Y/N.” He begged, hastily stripping down to nothing, exposing his impressive boner. 

“Fuck me good Papi.” He was practically salivating when he opened my legs and slammed into me. He wasted zero time and began pounding at my plea. “That’s it Papi, right there baby.” I moaned. I grabbed at his ass needing something to hold on to. He moaned at the pleasure of being squeezed there and worked harder.

“Y/N!” He moaned over and over. “Fuck baby, that’s it. Get wet for your Papi.” He cooed, quickening his pace. Our moans molded into one. 

“Harder Papi, harder.” He went deeper and deeper, hitting spots I didn’t even know about.”

“Fuck Y/N, are you close babygirl, I’m going to co-O” He held on, wanting to come together.

“Almost there Jay baby, don’t stop. Fuck!” I screamed, we rode each other until we came, letting ourselves go around the other. He left soft bites along my neck, pulling out of me slow, reluctantly. 

“Fuck baby, I fucked you senseless.” He said with pride.

“All it takes is calling you Papi, huh?” I said smirking. 

“Shut up Y/N.” He said, hitting me with a pillow. “Shower?”

  • Ren: Prepare for trouble!
  • Masato: And make it double!
  • Ren: To protect the world from devastation.
  • Masato: To unite all peoples within our nation.
  • Ren: To denounce the evils of truth and love,
  • Masato: To extend our reach to the stars above.
  • Ren: Jinguji Ren.
  • Masato: Hijirikawa Masato.
  • Ren: Team Kurosaki, blast off at the speed of light!
  • Masato: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

the other one was pretty well received so here’s jeonghan’s~~~ feel free to request other AUs!
au!ramble || youtuber!au || not requested || personal

  • he has a hair tutorial channel
  • I mean, he grew his hair out long for a dare
  • might as well look fine af and get popular on youtube while he’s at it
  • people comment “omg ur so gay” on his videos about make up or hair and what not so he decides to address it one day
  • and completely destroys the concept of gender roles by doing a video dressed as harley quinn
  • “I think that I look freaking hot like this and you don’t have the right to tell me otherwise”
  • he doesn’t mind the comments, but he wanted to give strength to others who were also being attacked because of societal “norms”
  • anyway, you’re the best friend that features on his videos a lot because he likes to braid your hair and his viewers love you
  • “jeonghan, your hands work wonders on my hair”
  • “that’s not the only thing my hands are good for…”
  • “right, I forgot that you’re good at cooking, too”
  • “cooking…riiiiiiiiiiight…”
  • everyone claims that your chemistry makes them gag, but the two of you brush it off because what chemistry??? hahAH A there is no chemistry here n O P E wrong place the lab is down the hall
  • viewers: 🎶 ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ᶫʸᶦᶰ ﹖👀💯 why you always lyin ?? 😫😓👀 ᵐᵐᵐᴹᴹᴹᴹᴹᵐ ᵒʰ ᵐʸ ᵍᵒᵈ !!! 😫😫😫😫 STOP FUCKIN LYIN ‼️‼️‼️😭👀💯 🎶 ((imsorrythisisdead))
  • but since his subscribers kept talking about you, he decides to ask you to prom or whatever and then you do a video where you do each other’s hair and makeup
  • viewers: nOOooOoOoOoo you’re not supposed to see each other before the event ! !1!!
  • you and jeonghan: pretty sure that’s for weddings…but ok
  • you have a pretty good time at prom and he uploads little clips of your night
  • as he was uploading the clips, he accidentally posts a personal vlog of his where he was drunk and basically ranted to the camera about his secret feelings for you
  • he goes to sleep and doesn’t notice it until he wakes up
  • then proceeds to lowkey freak out because the video trended over night and he tries to delete it, but it doesn’t help
  • internet permanence, kids
  • he seems overall chill about the ordeal, but he’s actually really embarrassed because that wasn’t supposed to happen and idk he wanted to confess when the time was right so he just gets mopey and goes offline for a few weeks
  • during this time, you don’t really talk to him anymore and he’s worried that he ruined your friendship
  • to take the spotlight a little away from him, you post a video of yourself
  • drunk
  • also ranting to the camera
  • about
  • your feelings
  • for
  • seungcheol
  • jeonghan oF COURSE
  • and you’re like “when you gonna ask me out for real??”
  • and everyone’s excited because yay, you like each other and now you’ve confessed and you get together but lol you’re now known as the drinking youtube couple
  • “pls stop sending us wine bottles…and local AA meetings…we’re not alcoholics, seriously”
  • but that’s a story to tell to your kids
KPOP PEN PALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When she said shut up? In the video?

right after she started singing in the video with her brother (???? i think that’s who that was) and zayn started riffing off camera like honestly #me how many times have you heard zayn start singing and just wanted to rip his vocal cords out because he sounded TOO DAMN good like bitch shut the fuck UP

i bet when he was in the studio with the other four boys fights would just break out because they were fed up ???



lewis: *leaves the room to get a 9 mm*

niall: *trying to smother him with a pillow while stress laughing*

yung harold: *screaming in the background which inspired clouds.mp3*

I love how the Doctor is all “I can feel the turn of the Earth and the planet hurtling around the sun” but also despite robotic angel things and one or two obviously non-human looking aliens striding about with no big fuss and not to mention no feeling at all of being on the water, it takes him looking out the window to realize “Riiiiiiiiiiight a space-Titanic not the actual Titanic.”