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Sol? What's the worst thing Dave has ever forced you to eat that he made? What were the contents and what did it taste like? (>~<)


ii wa2 at the 2triider/lalonde re2iidence for computer club 2tuff, on one of jane and dave’2 bakiing niight2. jane 2howed the liittle fuck how to make cupcake2. he deciided, for 2ome ungodly rea2on, that iit wa2 okay to put 2teak 2auce, cumiin, and leftover friied riice iin them. he al2o cooked them wrong– the out2iide wa2 burnt and the iin2iide wa2 2tiill batter.

ii have never thrown up 2o hard iin my liife.

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What do you guys enjoy eating?

iim content eatiing nothiing but cereal and pre packaged cookiie2 and fruiit roll up2 and all that 2hiit. kk love2 hii2 dumb hii2paniic food. iit ii2 2o gro22.

ii ju2t a2ked hiim what hii2 favoriite2 were, oh my god.

2eriiou2ly, goatmeat 2tew? jiibariito? 2almon wiith hot 2auce? who the fuck eat2 that. fuckiing piig iinte2tiine2 wiith riice are you kiiddiing me.