Lately I have been on this giant salad kick! I used to get super bored of salad super fast. Why? Well I wasn’t being creative! Suddenly I find myself craving salads all the time! It’s actually strange…but I’m totally loving it! Now when I said “craving” that was no exaggeration…this morning I woke up and after considering my breakfast options, I ended up deciding on a salad! A salad? For breakfast? Why not! People eat breakfast for dinner…I’m just the opposite I guess!

Bright Red Breakfast Salad

Leafy Greens
Red Peppers
Hemp Hearts
Raspberry Vinaigertte 

How To
It’s a salad, so I can assure you that this how to isn’t too complicated! Rinse the greens, slice up the peppers and strawberries. Throw it all together and top with the vinaigrette and hemp hearts! And lasty, enjoy!

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