Hey guys! :)

So I figured I would make a post showing a super basic layout of what I do on each day!

This is a basic layout for my leg day!

I always warm up with stretching and either a sprint or a cycle.

After, for the bulk of my workout I’ll do a combination of the following workouts (not all of them, just whichever I decide to do for that specific day!) And I’ll do most of them with weights (so maybe dumbells, or a barbell, kettleball, etc) And I’ll do different sets & reps (usually my last set is to failure!)

So this is just a super simple outline of Leg Day! I basically just pick which exercises I want to do out of the list and make fun circuits incorporating planks, wall sits, ab exercises and so on on top of the leg/glute workouts!

It keeps it fun and exciting! I love mixing up my workouts! :)

Rules to Live By
  1. Find your passion and allow it to lead you to do great things. Whenever someone is following their passion, I can see it in their eyes. They glow and they’re automatically beautiful to me because they are allowing their passions to shine through them.
  2. Have a will to learn, school is an opportunity that many people do not get, so get the most out of it, don’t just go because you have too. Gather as much knowledge as you possibly can, being smart is beautiful.
  3. Talk to someone new every single day, whether it’s the person behind you in the coffee line, or the person next  to you while waiting to cross the street they are probably more interesting than it may seem. Take a moment to open your ears to them.
  4. Learn about the people you talk to I promise you everyone has an interesting story. I can tell you the life story of the lady who works the register at the closet 7 Eleven to my school, and I teared up as she told me it, it was amazing. Take the time to learn what made each person you meet who they are today, you will gain a whole new perspective.
  5. Do not worry about what other people think of you because in the end it really does not matter. I cannot stress that enough. It. Does. Not. Matter. Personality is an amazing and beautiful thing that shines through any little blemishes that you may stress over. I’ll have to make a whole separate post about this because I could ramble about it for days.
  6. Appreciate the world around you. Wake up, watch the sun rise, walk the beach, climb a mountain, smell fresh cut grass, feel sand between your toes, climb a tree, watch the clouds pass by, count the stars, pick fresh fruit, plant a garden, swim in a lake…just get outside and open your eyes.
  7. Live in the now & savor each day because in reality, you have no idea how many days you have left. The last thing I want to do is look back on my life and think “Where did the time go?” The time is now. Give every moment your utmost attention, because it is the now that is happening, and if your not living in the now…you’re missing it.
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you have a breakout, if you fail a quiz, break a glass, crack your iPhone, or whatever it may be…do not worry. These things happen, it is inevitable. Look at them as a learning experience, a small inconvenience, something to laugh at, an accident that was bound to happen, or just a little “oops!” It’s not worth it to let these every day inconveniences bring you down.
  9. Be frugal with money. I know it’s hard, just ask me…former shopaholic. However, looking back I wasted so much money on stuff I really didn’t need. Save your money. Save up for something you’ve been dreaming of, whether it’s a nice DSLR camera, a surfboard you’ve been drooling over, or maybe it’s a plane ticket. Whatever it may be, I can almost promise you that saving up for it will make it that much more rewarding when you finally purchase it.
  10. Don’t vacation, travel. Don’t be the usual vacationer, instead travel with the intention to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Travel with the goal of learning and do this with not only open eyes, but an open heart. Create relationships with the people you meet and have a heart for all the places you see.

(…more to come because my book of rules to live by that I seem to have created throughout these 19 years on this beautiful planet is forever expanding)

(Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was as swanky as lil Miss Mia’s was ❤️🌹#poppinbottles #babysipos

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Little "Oops" in Life

If you fail a test, you know to prep better next time.

If you sleep in too late, you know to get to bed earlier next time.

If you get a speeding ticket, you know to follow the rules next time.

That one test won’t ruin your whole schooling career. Accidentally sleeping in too late won’t ruin your life. And getting a speeding ticket will only remind you to slow down in the future. None of these (or any “oops” in life) are worth your stress or feelings of guilt. They are mistakes, they are oops, they are accidents and they happen. Life isn’t one smooth path, you will encounter these little mishaps but you can’t let them cloud your positivity.

The same goes for if you eat too much one day. It happens, we’re human and we get cravings! Whether the reason is emotional coping, hunger, boredom, or anything else…one binge fest won’t set you back. Just like failing a test or sleeping in too late, you cannot allow these situations to ruin your day and cloud your happiness with negativity. There is no changing the past, only learning to better your future. So take the situation, whatever it may be, and learn from it so you can better avoid it next time!


This video is really helping me do headstands the correct way in my yoga practice!

Previously, I would just jump right into headstands thinking “I can do that easily!” and I could! However, I wasn’t doing it correctly, and in doing so I previously injured myself.

So now I am determined to learn fresh from the beginning and be sure to do everything the best way possible! Even if that means working slowly and not being able to practice moves I previously thought that I could do.

My current life motto

Because I want to wake up each day knowing I am a better person, whether that may be mentally, spiritually or physically. I want to know that I am always moving forward, no matter what life throws at me.

I strive to work towards becoming a better me.

Better than yesterday.


I’m in terrible shape right now, I am basically starting fresh in this fitness journey and this video is pretty embarrassing. 

But you know what? I’m okay with that. This is me at the moment and the only place I’m going is up from this point on!

Obviously that wasn’t my whole workout that you see in the video…that was barely any of it, actually. So I’ll try to post what I did do since I can’t film every tid bit of mah ‘twerk out lol

I ate some more food as well, but it’s not in the video either. So obviously this video is only a peek at my day today (like you totally missed out on my awesome Spanish class, my marine science canoeing field trip, my bike riding and all that other fun stuff)

I’m using these videos as a way to keep myself accountable. They’re super easy to make and it’s a simple way to watch my progress and such so why not right?

No judgement haha