I understand what you’re saying, But at the end of the day, just because they have a crush on a light skin Black woman doesn’t mean it’s colorism unless they’re anti dark skin,  I’ve seen a lot of Korean celebs and everyday Koreans acknowledge/flirt/have crushes on darker skin Black women and call them beautiful or have a darker skin Black woman  as their ideal type like Melanie Fiona, And a lot of Koreans seem to be with Black women of a darker tone (dark brown, Black) even though, doubt that’s important, it’s just skin, but the reason why you hear about Rihanna (she’s Brown to me, not ‘light’), Beyonce’ and Tinashe so much is because they’re so popular in South Korea (they’re not seen as light vs. dark in Korea, they’re still Black to them) and that’s all I hear about most of the time too, I doubt the color of these ladies skin tone go through their mind, I’ve seen them love darker actors and singers too and they’re not “anti dark skin Black women”, they’re still Black women to them. you gotta know about Jay Park and Gemini now, they like all Black women of all skin tones, I’ve seen it all! especially Jay Park, he seems to like ALL skin tones of Black women, he just likes Black women period and just because they don’t post pictures of all Black women with darker skin tones, doesn’t mean they don’t find them attractive.


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I am missing Malakai so much, I hate that he is working on the weekend. All day on Saturday he was working and then came home late, I didn’t get to see Malakai at all. Maybe a few hours but even then he was asleep on the couch, there was no real point at all. Even today on Sunday he is in that office working and I didn’t want this at all, I did tell him that he needs to be at the airport to pick my family up from the airport, I want Malakai to there with me when we go but I don’t think he digested what I told him. Touching the of top of Maurice’ head, his hair is growing out, he needs to get this cut “you finished your homework?” looking over at Tyree getting up from the chair “just getting a drink” I got the kids to do their homework now because the house we will be busy with my family, I will forget all about their homework then. I was so shocked to see Maurice having homework, his homework is basically him drawing a picture “what is this baby?” he is really enjoying this, even though I have no idea what he is drawing “mickey mommy” I should have known this myself “I love it baby” I love these kind of moments, I love sitting with my kids doing homework, I just wish Malakai was here with us.

Hearing the downstairs doorbell go off “Tyree that is Shania, please get it for me” I am still trying to get dressed, thanks to Shania she bought me the cake I ordered, this is the first time I have ever invited my family to my home in general, this is a special moment for me so I am going all out. Shania is setting the house while I get them, I just want things perfect. Quickly trying to put my earrings on “where is your mom!?” Shania spat “upstairs” I better go and see her “is the kitchen down here?” hearing Shania say, making my way down the hallway and to the stairs “oh my god Toya!” seeing her close the door “aww Leah, it’s been so long” she has her hands full “the kitchen is down there” I pointed as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I know for a fact Shania will clock my stomach because it is very visible now.

The biggest smile on my face, Shania screamed “oh my god!! This house is so nice!!” holding Shania close “I am so so thankful, thank you so much” I am so blessed to have Shania in my life, she stood back “wait!” Toya pointed and was about to say “don’t!!” I pointed, Tyree is here and I want to tell him “Tyree can you please make sure Maurice is actually getting dressed” he nodded walking off, Shania started clapping “you are?” she said in a whisper “I am” I am mumbled, Shania hugged me again “I am so happy for you, awwww this is so perfect. Toya we about to be aunties” feeling Toya wrap her arms around me too “thank you guys so much, just that Tyree doesn’t know. I need to tell him privately so please don’t, I am so happy” moving back from them both “you are glowing sis, you look so beautiful. The happiness in your eyes, gosh! I am so excited” smiling at Shania but my smile soon faded with the thought of me knowing that Elijah is cheating, I feel like a bad friend now “so you telling me we was in Barbados and you was pregnant?” I nodded my head “mom was right” I guess mothers always do know “she felt it from you, see I knew it!” it’s so weird but now that I am aware of this, I feel I am getting big.

Maurice ran at me whining “mommy, Tyree scare me” he lifted his arms up “you too big for that baby, it’s ok. He won’t scare you now” wiping his tears “mom, I barely did anything. I only told him to get out of your bedroom, he is lying” Tyree said, feeling Maurice wrap his arms around my legs “mommy, pick me!” Maurice screamed, looking over at Shania “I need to come and visit your home, we need a real catch up” Shania pointed at me “we do! I have so much to tell you, just now is not the time” she got that right, Maurice is giving me a headache “what!” looking down at him “pick me” is he being real “no, you are a big boy now, I can’t pick you” he is such a brat, he placed his head on my legs and sobbed out “what is wrong with him? He has not changed since we last saw him” Shania pointed frowning “he need to leave you alone now” she eyeballed me, hearing the doorbell go off “Maurice, please move. I need to go to the door, trying to move him away from me slowly “please” I don’t know why he is playing up now “ok, come here. I will pick you” I can’t stand to hear him cry, he looked up at me and lifted his arms “such a brat” picking him up while walking over to the door.

Opening the door seeing and Luke “Mrs Aiyden” looking behind him, hoping to see Malakai “yeah” I said in a whisper “Malakai told me to come to take you to the airport, he said he will be there to meet you. He is finishing off an interview” I knew this was going to happen, I really wanted Malakai “that is fine” opening the door wider “if you can come in, I won’t be long” Maurice wiped his nose with the back of his hand “don’t be wiping your nose on me! Scruffy boy” I pointed at him “Luke!” Tyree spat, watching Tyree give Luke a high five “what’s good little man, show me Malakai’ game collection. I know that nigga got a good collection” pushing the door shut, a smile played on my face because Luke tries to be formal so bad and then ends up saying nigga “Tyree, you can show Luke where it is. He’s still finishing it off. Please take your shoes off because we have cream carpets in that room” Luke looked down at his shoes “oh of course” I love my cream carpets, every home of mine had it “can I put you down now?” looking at Maurice’ face, his nose running. He shook his head “of course, let’s get you cleaned up so we can go” I guess it’s not that bad holding Maurice anyways.

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I am dying to get out of this interview but they keep on asking me questions and I know Leah is about to hate me and I cannot let her down, she really wants me to be there to see her family at the airport. Looking at Elijah, I want him to get me out of this “they just have a few more questions, you are wanting to verify some of the lies being told right? You did read the newspapers I gave you?” Antony said, nodding my head “yeah I did” I lied, I didn’t read anything because I forgot “good, after the questions then you can go” shifting in the chair “so just to clear up some rumours, a guy well an anonymous guy is claiming to be your father, what do you say to all these rumours regarding this? He said and I quote Malakai is a boy I never got to know” my face fell slowly, this question hit me like a ton of bricks. My heart sank and Elijah knew it, my breathing became shallow and I felt caught out “that is a lie” I said, licking my lips trying to get my words out “my father is dead, I buried him. I am more upset that something like this has come up” the interviewers face dropped, she looked like she felt bad “I am so sorry to hear, we will move from that” I didn’t know this shit was going to be this hard “people have said you married Leah for the money, you married very young” shaking my head “Leah and I have a son together, money means nothing to a guy like me” clearing my throat “I am done with the questions now” getting up from my seat, I need the bathroom.

Splashing water on my face, looking up in the mirror in shock “I didn’t know they was going to ask that” Elijah said behind me “I always run away from the thought of me being a rape child but shit keeps coming back to me, so now some guy is out there claiming me. Dude raped my mom and has the nerve to say that shit” loosening my tie “I know, I am sorry” Elijah mumbled, with a hand on my hip I turned around “that guy is out there claiming me” kicking the toilet stall door “calm down bro, fuck the guy. It is just some random guy” frowning at Elijah “are you stupid!? Who the fuck knows about that? Nobody!! Nobody does, besides my mom and that guy, seriously Elijah. I want to kill that guy!” I am so angry right now “somebody knows about this, this what fucks me up even more” all the secrets and lies all come back when you have money “they just after the money, let’s just get of here and fix yourself up” I look a mess now “those Russians gone now? If Leah ever sees the amount of money gone she will question, this never needs to be spoken about again” fixing my tie “they were happy and said to not worry, they are gone” least that is something done.

Saluting the security team as I walked out of the building “bye Mr Aiyden” the doorman is polite “bye” I said back, unlocking my car door “holy shit!” Elijah said placing his hand over his mouth, jogging over to my new Range Rover “bruh, is this what you paid for? Straight cash?” I nodded my head smiling “open the door though” standing at the side of Elijah, he grinned at me “this is a bad boy car already, what you done” I pointed at the door, he opened the car door “no way!” he spat, staring at my very own tread plate “wow bro” he leaned down to stare more “this illuminates your name? This is some boss work, can smell the fresh leather seats” smiling wide at my car “the seats are heated too, warm and cold. Check the back out” walking over to the back and opening the door “I got ten inch screens, not like I will let the kids come in this but it looks dope” closing the door “can I ride in the back though?” Elijah asked “they easy closing doors too, you can never bang the door shut. So much shit I got in this car, it’s like my very own wife but in a car. I got a cooler in this, so I can put my drinks in” Elijah shook his head, he got his hand out “I am in love with your car, this shit legit says Malakai when you open the door, wow” I am so in love with my baby, she is so beautiful “this is ice white colour is bomb” watching Elijah get in the car, I am watching everyone who gets in this.

Starting the car engine, the smooth engine switched on “wow, that sounded better than any girl I have been with” Elijah busted out laughing “I agree, but how much you pay for this? And these seats are a nice ass colour” Elijah’ eyes are everywhere “yeah it’s not like pure red, I chose red ebony colour. Something like that” I better get driving to the airport, I may be able to get there on time “so tell me the price and did this arrive just now?” I really don’t want to tell Elijah the price of this “uhm guess?” I said, Elijah kissed his teeth “man, I don’t know. I am guessing about one hundred thousand?” looking over at Elijah “about that, yeah. I don’t remember, I just remember the guy coming to the office and I told him I will pay now and he near fainted” Elijah whistled “wait till Leah sees this, she about to kill you” of course she is, I be doing all this without her knowing “my next venture is a Lamborghini, but I will wait for that for a while” putting my window down “roll me a blunt nigga” I spat, I may not want mess in the car but I need a blunt to see Leah right now.

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Seeing my mom’ face, I was dying to run to her but I need to act my age “Leah!!” Tiarra ran at me, I didn’t even notice her come at me because I staring at my mom “Tiarra” hugging my sister close “oh my gosh! I am so happy to see you Leah” Tiarra said in my ear “same, I am so blessed to have you guys back in my life” I want to cry so badly, I need to not because I am happy. Letting Tiarra go “mommy” I yelped like a child, I was gone. Tears fell as my arms wrapped around my mom “aww Leah, my baby” my mom said in my ear “must be the hormones stop crying” my mom said in my ear, I let out a laugh “you was right mom” moving back to look at my mom’ face “a mother knows their child” I nodded my head, my mom wiped the tear that fell “don’t say anything, I need to tell Tyree” my mom chuckled “I am surprised he doesn’t know, you are showing” feeling my dad wrap his arms around me, pressing a kiss to the top of my head “so good to see you all smiles” my heart is bursting with love “because of you guys” resting my head against my dad’ chest, I have missed my parents so much.

So much joy, my heart is everywhere “I am surprised he let you pick him up” I said to Tiarra, Maurice allowed my sister to pick him “this is your auntie baby, she is going to live with us for a while. You happy about that?” I asked Maurice, he shook his head “just like your father” pulling a face at him “where is Malakai?” my mom finally remembered him “he is busy with work, he will be somewhere” seeing Giselle, Carl and my niece walking over “auntie” Monika screamed at me, getting my arms open “come to auntie, I missed you so much” picking her up “I was about to cuss them out! I thought they lost my luggage” Giselle complained, she got her arms open to hug me “did they?” I said “oh no, they found it now” thank god, I don’t want to be lending my clothes “hey Carl” waving at him, hearing Maurice crying, I knew he would have. I know my son so well, he is upset because I picked up Monika “auntie he crying” turning around “why can’t he be like you, girls are the best” boys are so needy.

Pulled at my heart seeing my dad’ arm around Tyree as we walked out of the airport, this is what Tyree needs. I been telling my dad, I know my dad will help Tyree and Malakai, I hope they can get close “such a silly girl, she only found out recently that she is pregnant” my mom said to Giselle “wow, really? You left it that long, mom been bugging all that time” I feel bad now “I am thirteen weeks” Giselle eyes bulged out “damn Leah, that is a long time” this is my fault because I am stupid to not notice “what made you realise?” Tiarra questioned, I paused thinking and remembering that Malakai noticed and it was because Malakai near killed me during sex “oh uhm just felt I was getting fat” I lied, I cannot say the real truth. Getting outside the airport and seeing Luke waiting “that is a whole lot of luggage” he said, my dad looked at me confused “Malakai has changed” he said half laughing “very funny” side eyeing my dad “who is he though?” my dad pointing at Luke “he is Malakai’ driver” I said, my dad’ eyebrows rose “well then” that is Malakai for you, he should have been here.

A car with loud music abruptly stops in front of the SUV, turning to see a white range. This is a pretty car, reminds me of my old baby. The car door shut, I had to double take “Malakai?” I said confused, his tie hanging off his neck, his shirt untucked and a white range. Who is this man “sorry, I’m late” seeing Elijah slipping out of the car, Malakai kissed my cheek. I couldn’t even speak, what is this “There he is” my mom spat “Patricia, I am so sorry. I am here now” he is left me in shock, staring at Elijah. He looks a mess just like Malakai “Richard, it’s been a while. Can’t wait to take you to play golf” Malakai said, my dad laughed “you trying to buy my love because of how late you are?” turning around to look at Malakai “you Carl right?” he actually remembers names “glad you can come” clearing my throat “Malakai, can I speak to you for one second please” waving him over walking off, Maurice grabbed my hand “pick me” I am really not in the mood to hear him whine, picking him up.

Turning my back to my family “what’s up?” he asked, he looks a damn mess plus I can tell he has had a blunt or two “what is that?” keeping my voice low “my new car” looking over the range “what is the SUV for? That is two cars within one month, what are you playing at? Honestly, you are seeing my family and you come after smoking a blunt and then bought a flashy car, what happened to you not wanting this lifestyle?” Malakai shrugged “might as well embrace it.”

“Leah, you have to open the door” Elijah said coming out of nowhere “man, shut up” Malakai spat, opening the car door “how much” seeing his name illuminate “I love you very much, don’t doubt that” he is playing with me “I got you later” he is in a funny mood “because I got a car?” Malakai spat in confusion “no, it’s about you. I am not having this, I have not seen you all weekend. When I do I see this” fixing Maurice on my hip “you shouldn’t be holding him” he is actually noticing me “he could easily kick you in the stomach” rolling my eyes “put him down Leah, come to me Maurice, we go in my new car” Malakai got his arms out, Maurice luckily went to him. Turning around “so we was figuring out where to seat everyone, Carl and Tyree can you please go with Malakai. We can go in the SUV” I am glad he came now actually “two flashy cars” Giselle said pointing, my sister always gets funny with me when Malakai is around “Malakai looks like the curse of Kevin” frowning at Giselle, trying to understand what she meant by that.