RULES: Go to this website: https://www.random.org/lists/ . Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into. Tag five or more people.

I was tagged by the babe @soakyourskin love you lovely!

01. Mom/Dad: Lauren…well then okay 

02. Your Sibling: Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire

03. Your Grandma/Grandpa: Rihanna lmao

04. Haunts you: Neymar

05. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Storm..Nice!!

06. Your Ex: Drake nooo sigh :c it was going so well

07. Your Best Friend: Liam yay!

08. Proposed to you: Zayn….well this is awkward *nervous laughter* sorry Leeyum

09. Your Boss: Niall

10. The random person you met at a bar: Calvin aka Leafyishere

11. Your rival: Ron Weasley :c

12. Gave you your first kiss: Hermione 

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Draco…yea I definitely would haha

14 . Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Normani well well well…😏

15. Gave you your favourite dessert: Fernando…I would eat him as well tbh lmao

I’m tagging these cuties : @normallysdaughter @doyoubeproudandlovelots @yourloversrippedjeans @milanpique @mjwins7