it’s you; a very angsty zayn/louis playlist

who doesn’t like a lil of angst on their lives, right? this mix its quite long, it has 80+ songs so yeah. thanks to everyone who sent me songs to add to this. ♡ 


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To be honest, I don’t care about naked or half-naked Rihanna photos. I only care about those pictures at ringside court where she scowls and looks like she’s going to fuck up whichever pathetic leech has her money. The look of a tyrant Chinese emperor who is about to order someone beheaded is the look Rihanna gives to whomever has her money.
Half of Me  - Ch. 2 {Roman Reigns x OFC}

Author’s Note: Roman and Gianna settle back into the swing of things on a little road trip to the next house show.

Warning: Smuuuuuuuuuuut!

Word Count:

 5,922 words

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

October 2016 - The next morning…

“You know, it’s no surprise that I got you pregnant in Barbados.”

It was early dawn and Roman lay on his side, playing big spoon to Gianna’s little spoon. His hand idly stroked her belly as he spoke.

“Oh yeah?”

“After seeing you in your Crop Over outfit? Shit… Your body is my ultimate fantasy and seeing you all dolled up with it on display? You knew exactly what you were doing grinding that perfect ass on me at the festival. Had my dick hard as a rock.”

Gianna snickered, her fingers tracing along his big hand.

"You knew I was gonna get that ass as soon as we were alone. And I did.”

“I never went off the pill so… you’ve got some super sperm or something.”

“Even more of a reason to believe that it was meant to be. Plus, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was determined.”

“To knock me up?”

She felt rather than saw him shrug.

“I don’t know. I just… I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the last time. I’ve always wanted you to have my babies. It’s shitty, but I knew you’d be more open to give me a second chance if there was a baby involved.”

“Rome, you realize you just admitted to trying to trap me, right?”

“I already know it was an asshole move.”

“An asshole move that was pointless. I wanted you back before I found out that I was pregnant.”

“You did?”

“Of course I did. You’re the love of my life, Roman. I was pissed at you, but that didn’t mean I just stopped loving you. I can barely breathe without you.”

Her words humbled him, making him realize just how selfish his plan had been.  

“I’m sorry, Gia… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I want this baby and I’m glad that I got pregnant. Besides, your plan couldn’t have worked if my birth control hadn’t failed. Besides, we haven’t used condoms in years. We both knew pregnancy was always a possibility. The pill isn’t bulletproof.”

“Still. I  don’t want you thinking that I thought a kid would be the only thing that would keep us together. I know we’ve gotta work on us.”

“And we will… A love like ours is worth way too much to just give up on.”

Roman pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, his tattooed arm tightening around her waist. Gianna could feel the evidence of his need for her through the thin fabric of his Calvin’s and her lace panties. She arched her back a little, biting her lip when she felt his cock jump against her ass. 

“Gia…” he said, pressing harder against her even though he knew he should have moved away.

“Pregnancy hormones,” she murmured. “They make me so horny and I could feel you pressed against me all night. I’ve missed you so much, Roman. You have no idea how much I just… crave you. I thought I was going to die when these damn hormones kicked in.”

Roman slid one hand up her body, gently cupping her fuller breast.

“You want this, baby? I’ll give you whatever you need.”

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Rihanna demanding her money back from dumb suburban people will always be 100% more interesting than Rihanna naked or half-naked. The mainstream press can’t handle that shit. I’ve seen Rihanna’s boobs. They’re perfectly nice boobs. But the  only things I really care about: Did that bitch have her money? Did she get it back? Can Rihanna stop scowling at ringside now?