rihanna nation

Okay so can we just talk about how amazing, resilient, beautiful, and deserving of love Rihanna is?

Like having to see your abuser in the limelight, all over the internet, running in the same circles/affiliating with your peers, chasing after women, competing in the same industry as you with pretty much NO backlash and a still ever-present fanbase…I honestly couldn’t imagine how excruciating that was and is. I stopped seeing my abuser in every way possible and yet even seeing the people associated with him makes my hair stand on end sometimes. But now she’s getting thicc, still makin bangers, making her mark on the fashion world, speaking at Harvard, engaging hands-on in philanthropy, AND knockin’ the boots with some fine ass man in Spain?? I could go on and on but I love her and respect her so much and she deserves all the good things in the world. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, you are so powerful and so inconceivably strong. I appreciate you. 💖💖💖

Bad gal…