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Autumn Dupont

“You wanted me to love you when you said, softly, reach out and touch me. My love is in your hands.”

The sound of my voice filled the space of the palatial marble covered bathroom as I sang along to the stunning vocals of Stephanie Mills and the ever smooth and intoxicating Teddy Pendergrass. While shifting slightly to the right, my hands slowly trailed down, pulling the lavender flat iron along with them. Once I reached the end of the twenty six inches of tresses, I released it and allowed the bone straight strands to properly fall into place. My right hand placed the iron down on the counter as I ran the left through my hair to give it a bit of bounce and balance. I’d been working at properly straightening it for what felt like an hour while swaying my hips to the essentials of Teddy. Every second I spent listening to that special voice of his had me wishing that I’d been born in the fifties so that I could have been the muse of his love woos and woes. Instead, I’m left to just listen. Given the quality of his music, that’s more than enough to last me for a lifetime.

“Hurry it up Autumn.” I muffled my mumbling by coating my already lined lips with MAC cosmetics famed “Siss” lipstick. It’d be the final step of my multi tasked hair and make up process. I didn’t think I’d be as long as I’ve taken, but the comfort of the plush bed and it’s Egyptian linen left me purposefully entangled within the sheets for an addition hour after my alarm went off. I’m not quite sure how Rachel was able to convince Issac to allow her to book myself a thirteen thousand dollar a night suite at the Plaza Athénée but my God, I am more than appreciative of it. I’ve been in awe of the classically decorated Art Deco suite and left astounded by the phenomenal view of the Eiffel Tower from the terrace. I’ve been marveling in every single perk this suite and arguably the most romantic hotel in the city has to offer since my arrival and I am no where near finished. They say that a change of location and pace usually brings about peace and relaxation. Paris proved that to be true. A round of flutters filled my belly as Dante used my hand to guide me down the steps of the jet just a day ago and as I took in the already obvious scenic views of the city, I felt like I’d left my troubles and sorrows back in the states. For the first time in quite a while, the weight of my pain has drawn back and left me with some time to breathe.

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Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj - The Holy Trinity - by Armand Mehidri

Who is your favorite?

The Ties That Bind

Part three of Chat/Adrien works for Hawk Moth but he’s still a cinnamon roll who loves his nemesis Ladybug AU. 

Part One | Part Two | x | Part Four | Part Five


Chat anticipates conflict with his father when he slips into his bedroom window.

He doesn’t anticipate an akumatized Gorilla and Nathalie.


When Adrien turns up at Le Grand Paris unannounced that night, Chloe thinks it’s a dream come true. 

Until she sees him.

Very little of what he says makes sense. He keeps rubbing his bare ring finger, doesn’t seem to feel the pain of his injuries. The one thing he’s sure of is he needs to get a message to Ladybug. 

A message from Chat Noir.

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//Love On The Brain//
Love on the brain 是Rihanna最新大碟ANTI裡我最喜愛的歌曲,有種懷舊80年代的味道,像在中學時期去舞會Ball跳舞的感覺。

My fav track on ANTI