rihanna with fans


david bowie fans: 

- gay 
- obsessed with glitter 
- dress like a 70s groupie 
- want to do cocaine

hole fans: 

- fights everyone that says courtney killed kurt 
- a ball of anger 
- smudges their lipstick on purpose 
- sleeps with everyone

nirvana fans: 

- probably depressed 
- buys vintage clothes 
- cries themselves to sleep 
- hates courtney love

amy winehouse fans: 

- cries about their ex 
- wears too much eyeliner 
- sleeps with their best friends crush 
- probably smokes weed

tøp fans: 

- depressed 
- makes weird conspiracies about blurryface 
- really emo
- never stops crying 

lady gaga fans: 

- gay 
- watches rupaul’s drag race 
- "LG5 will be soon”

eminem fans: 

- “i hate women”

sky ferreira fans: 

- have an aesthetic tumblr blog 
- smoke 
- “masochism will be released soon" 
- knows deep down that it wont

lana del rey fans:

- have a daddy kink 
- flirts with their older brothers friends 
- pouts 24/7 
- wants to do acid and fuck everyone 

melanie martinez fans: 

- wears babies clothes 
- bitchy af 
- cries about everything 
- fights anyone that says something bad about mel

the beatles fans: 

- lowkey bitchy 
- cry over paul mccartney 
- listens to vinyl 
 - wish they were alive in the 60s

mcr fans: 

- emo 
- think there will be a mcr reunion 
- have black hair 
- wear 20 wristbands

oasis fans: 

- thinks theyre a roadman 
- wears parka coats 
- uses ‘your mum’ as an insult 
- says 'fight me’ to everyone

the doors fans: 

- write poetry 
- read jack kerouac 
- do drugs
- love boys with beards

marina + the diamonds fans: 

- that FROOT is familiar! 
- electra heart is the best era 
- calls themselves a heartbreaker 
- has never had a bf

halsey fans: 

- vegan 
- wears foundation darker than their face 
- has an aesthetic blog 
- probably sad

miley cyrus fans: 

- smokes weed everyday 
- hannah montana is dead ! 
- literally wont shutup about weed 
- weed weed weed weed

rihanna fans: 

- ready to fight a bitch anytime 
- never stops twerking 
- dont fuck with them 
- wears leather bras

the smiths fans: 

- never leave their room 
- depressed 
- tweets that pic of morrissey holding his tit all day

5sos fans: 

- rats in human form 
- start wars with other fanbases 
- never stop screaming over everything 
-need to shut up

fka twigs fans: 

- probably have a ouija board 
- angelic but deadly 
- always wear black clothes 
- perfect lipstick all the time

drake fans: 

- still not over their ex 
- bitches about their ex’s new gf 
- has fake gucci bags 
- eyeliner so sharp it could kill a bitch

velvet underground fans: 

- only ever wear black 
- smoke cigarettes for the aesthetic 
- love andy warhol 
- probably bisexual

by @francesxox on Twitter.


Competition/2 winners/$100 and $50 amazon gift card


1st Competition, post 5: Group E

1. Rihanna
2. Rita Ora
3. Miranda Kerr
4. Dakota Fanning

Please vote by leaving a comment/note which contains 2 of above names or even their number.

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I chose 32 celebrities who do a very good job in braless street fashion. (Only the ones that I had in my mind sorry if I forgot a great one or your favorite) I also seeded them so two ever-braless like lindsay lohan and Britney spears won’t meet in the 1st round. I divided them into 8 groups of four. You can vote 2 out of 4 in each group so we will have a round of 16 next time. 16 celebs will qualify to next round and we will continue by match ups between 2 celebs.
In this round, You can vote just by leaving a comment which has 2 names. The voting of this round will finish in 2 weeks which will be 8th of October 2017. (I might extend if the post doesn’t get that popular by then)
The first 2 persons who choose the most winners during the whole competition (all rounds) will win a $100 and a $50 amazon gift cards.
The posts for competition are hashtagged with #Competition and #C01. 1st round will have 8 posts: Group A to H.
Please go to all of them and select your favorites.

In December 2014, Rihanna met fans at the Trocadero Square in Paris to be filmed for a video for ANTi. Running down the path, she jumped into the arms of fans and was subsequently surrounded. When the “Goodnight Gotham” video released on July 29, 2016, the footage of the epic meet-and-great was contained within. The following is filming of the event as it happened.