rihanna walk

*bigbang as ed sheeran tweets*
  • Jiyong: just walked by rihanna and stopped for a chat. Said I was going for a snack then she reaches into her dress and pulls out a packet of M&M's
  • Youngbae: I beat a 9 year old in monopoly today
  • Seungri: pizza is a circle. pizza is life. pizza is the circle of life.
  • Seunghyun: getting emotional now, gonna eat some nachos
  • Daesung: watching shrek for the 13th time
Seni seviyorum, tüm olumsuzluklara rağmen, her şeye rağmen.
—  The Vampire Diaries

THANKS FOR THE BOOZE - songs to get your party started

i. Cheerleader // ii. Worth It // iii. Honey, I’m Good // iv. Where Are U Now // v. I Don’t Like It, I love It // vi. Habits (Stay High) // vii. You Know You Like It // viii. War Paint // ix. Starships // x. Bad Girls // xi. Poison // xii. Black Magic // xiii. This is How We Roll // xiv. Beautiful Now // xv. Emotion //  xvi. Emergency //  xvii. SummerThing! // xviii. Bang Bang // xix. Talking Body // xx. I Love It // xxi. Poker Face // xxii. The Night is Still Young // xxiii. Dazed and Confused // xiv. Uptown Funk // xv. Lasy Night // xvi. Good Time // xxii. Midnight Memories // xvii. Shut Up and Dance // xviii. Hey Mama // xxix. Trap Queen // xxx. This Summer // xxxi. Bitch Better Have My Money // xxxii. I Really Like You // xxxiii. All Eyes on You // xxiv. Finna Get Loose // xxxv. Cool // xxxvi. 7/11 // xxxvii. Heroes (we could be) // xxxivii. SexyBack // xxxix. Trumpets // xxxx. Break Free // xxxxi. Move Like Jagger // xxxxii. Anaconda // xxxxiii. Fireball // xxxiv. Turn Up The Speakers // xxxxv. All is Fair in Love and Brostep // xxxxvi. Feeling Myself // xxxxvii. Chains // xxxxviii. Beg for It // xxxxix. Dance with Me // l. How Deep is Your Love // li. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) // lii. Back of the Car // liii. She’s Kinda Hot // lix. Dirty Work // lv. Time of Our Lives // lvi. Crazy in Love // lvii. Get the Party Started // lviii. Blame // lix. Get Lucky // lx. Wild Wild Love // lxi. Die Young // lxii. Booty // lxiii. Pompeii // liv. Safe and Sound // lv. Burn

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