rihanna te amo


I’m on youtube and I was watching the official lyric video for ‘toothbrush’ by DNCE, which as u might know has lesbians and 

the straights are truly incredible

like one person was like “they could be sisters” and another person was like,,,, “I thought that was the same girl in the bed just a few hours later??”

like ????

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  • black rock shooter (eng cover) - rachie
  • te amo - rihanna
  • magnolia - the hush sound
  • kururi kururi - nanamusica
  • glitter & gold - barns courtney
  • undone in sorrow - crooked still
  • under the water - the pretty reckless
  • o, my heart - mother mother
  • 99 - mob choir
  • you are my sunshine - the civil wars

for audrey horne and laura palmer, who kind of loved each other and def made out at least once. [listen]

happy femslash february!

girl crush >> little big town || te amo >> rihanna || jessie’s girl >> mary lambert || take me to church >> neon jungle || whatever you like >> anya marina || riptide >> taylor swift || parachute >> ingrid michaelson || rude >> kina grannis || all the things she said >> t.a.t.u || drove me wild >> tegan and sara 

Imagine introducing Tauriel to modern day music and you find she really enjoys Rihanna's 'Te Amo', not knowing she's secretly in love with you

The Hobbit | Original post | Word count; 721 | strivvsenpai

You could hear the humming getting closer, and you mentally cursed yourself for showing Tauriel modern music. You have been on Middle-Earth for close to five months after getting in an accident, blacking out. You awoke in a strange, eerie looking forest. There was absolutely no logical explanation for this, but you felt everything, so it wasn’t a dream.

After wandering around for what felt like days, you were captured by Elves. At first, you were fascinated, then frightened. You explained yourself, and it took a very long time for anyone to believe your story. You know some still doubt you; even after showing them your phone and modern clothing. (That you no longer wore because… well, clothing tears after wearing them for a long time.)

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