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“ Lost in the rock and roll
Got lost in a promise of a love I never know
Shadows chase me far from home
I remember when my heart was filled with gold
And you know I’ve been burned “

I was listening to  “Towards the Sun” by Rihanna one morning and thought of Kageyama, then kagehina and saw a scene. I thought it suited them very well?


8* Fav selfies of 2017 (sorry i dont like uneven things 💟)

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1.  Getting Cut By A Stylist Who Doesn’t Have Curls

2. Not Accounting For Shrinkage

3.  Opting For A Blunt Cut

4. Using The Wrong Products

5. Shampooing Too Often

6. Using High Heat

Are you a:

Coffee lesbian or tea lesbian?
Night owl lesbian or early bird lesbian?
Country lesbian or city lesbian?
Rainy lesbian or sunny lesbian?
Dark, milk, or white chocolate lesbian?
Summer lesbian or winter lesbian?
Long hair lesbian or short hair lesbian?
Cat lesbian or dog lesbian?
Peanut butter lesbian or Nutella lesbian?
Silver lesbian or gold lesbian?
Sun lesbian or moon lesbian?
Fire, water, earth, or air lesbian?
Feminine wardrobe lesbian or masculine wardrobe lesbian?
Beyoncé lesbian or Rihanna lesbian?

These questions are important for Future Dating Purposes, thank you!