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1. iKON - Welcome Back
2. Diddy, Dirty Money Ft. Skylar Grey - Coming Home
3. John Legend - Made to Love
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6. Flying Without Wings - Ruben Studdard
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12. John Legend - Wanna Be Loved
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I Call Bullshit On Orphan Black Season 3 Finale.

Okay, This is going to be very long.

bare with me.

First off, I am about 80% sure that Delphine is still alive, that being said I could be completely wrong, but I am still going to write this.

Graeme Manson has had a couple interviews since Delphine was shot and he hasnt given us one straight answer yet, other than. “It had to be done in order for the story to keep going the way we planned.” 

I know exactly what you are thinking

It could mean a few things.

1. Delphine was shot by neolutionists to be captured, not to be killed.

2. Delphine was shot, but never killed and later we find out she has been faking her death to keep the sisters safe.

3. She was killed and they have been planning on fucking up the storyline for awhile now.

4. It could have been a defective bullet. meaning her insides were not harmed during the shooting, leaving some time for someone to find her before bleeding out.

5. She could be unconscious, and the sisters are waiting for her to wake up in order to get the answers they need answered. ( Probably about neolutionists )

6. The season could start out in that parking garage showing us the rest of what happened.

7. They dont even know what will happen in season 4 yet and they are trying to stall.

So many possibilities right?

The character is portrayed by a lovely actress named Evelyne Brochu.

As of right now she is playing a lead roll in the television show X Company. Meaning her work schedule really is busy like they are saying or they’re just saying that in order to stall once more.

An actress knows what they are getting themselves into once they agree to portray a character on a television show. Sometimes the pay is shit, sometimes the work schedule is crazy, but that doesnt matter. It’s your job. If you are getting paid thousands of dollars just to be in 1 season, lets just go ahead and say you are rich.

to add to that X Company is in pre-production right now for season 2. It will not be released until winter 2016, but Orphan Black season 4 will be released spring 2016. Gives her loads of time to film for each show. 

 You don’t just leave a very successful television show. It’s very rare for a television show to be as successful as Orphan Black.

The only reason I could think of Delphine REALLY being gone is if Evelyne Brochu decided to leave the show. We usually get a heads up before something major like that happens.


another reminder. we were told helena was dead in season one. She looks pretty damn alive to me.

We were also told Rachel was dead…

I call bullshit.