rihanna piercing


Pulling from a list connected to this Tumblr posting along with some personal favorites…here’s some visual suggestions for the Rihanna/Lupita heist film. A list of possible marks/men being scammed by Rihanna & Lupita.

1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Colin Firth
3. Javier Bardem
4. Cary Fukunaga
5. George Clooney
6. Vincent Cassel
7. Jon Hamm
8. Mads Mikkelsen
9. Tom Hardy
10. David Gandy


Gryffindor Moody Playlist ♡


1) Don’t Go Home Without Me by LIGHTS
2) Without You by Lana Del Rey
3) I’m Already Gone by A Day To Remember
4) Addict With A Pen by Twenty One Pilots
5) Stay Away From My Friends by Pierce the Veil
6) Haunting by Halsey
7) Drunk On Love by Rihanna
8) I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran
9) The Zone by The Weeknd feat. Drake
10) The Quiet by Troye Sivan