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Hey yall. So my name is João. I’m Brazilian (sorry my english). Graphic designer. 22 years old. Black.

When I created the MILKSHAKE, I decided make a blog to magnify the black power. I’ve been really inspired by the pictures and my followers’s posts(yes, I follow all my followers) . Tumblr is something new to me. I still learning the tools and I really love follow all my followers, see the blogs and see what black power means to you guys. Now I’m almost reaching the mark of 5,000 followers and I decided make a simple gift to give. I’m making printables bookmarks only with black artists. And now I wanna Know who is your favorite black artist? Write in the comments.

Now I’m with 4.970 followers when I  get 5000 followers I share the link to download.  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.