rihanna is my one and only tbh

danklan-memes  asked:

what sort of songs do you think mach the jokers aesthetic?

That’s a tough one if you’re talking more about specifics, but I have quite a few songs that immediately make me think of J and I would love to hear in the background of a scene or something :)

Hideho - Tropkillaz

Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna (Diplo and Grandtheft remix)

Forbes - Borgore ft. G-Eazy

Antidote - Travis Scott (Dan Farber remix)

Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez 

I Love Money - Chanel West Coast

crystal gem voice actor wishlist
  • beyonce


  • rihanna

i was just informed of this and i must say yes: the beyonce nicki rihanna trifecta must be complete

  • t-pain

let him voice the steven/amethyst fusion pls…..he wants it so bad……..

  • marina diamandis

imagine her as one of the diamonds and the gem she plays could have the rainbowy hair she has on the cover of froot

 i only want this bc of the pun tbh IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS

  • leslie hall

i mean just look at her

imagine her as like YELLOW DIAMOND i would cry,, please rebeccasugar and stevencrewniverse make my dreams come tru