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T&S Play Covers or with Others - YouTube
It's always fun to see them play something that's not theirs, or with people who aren't in their band!

Oh hey guys, did I mention that I made a playlist of my videos of T&S singing covers and having other artists come onstage with them?  I’m pretty stoked about it, even if Prince’s label did block one of my videos of them singing “When You Were Mine” and file copyright strikes again me… 

anonymous asked:

What kind of music do you listen to?? Favorites, guilty pleasure songs, whatever! I'm hunting new music and coming up empty so far ):

(( OOC: *shrugs* I have a pretty broad range…. like a lot of stuff…. I think the only music genre that I’m avidly against is country. Not a fan. 

Guilty pleasure songs? All of the classic meme songs. I love that shit. 

GUILTY pleasure songs? *grins* 

Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake 

Crazy in Love: Beyonce 

BITE: Troy Sivan 

Hold Me Down: Halsey 

Party Favors: Tinashe 

Talk Dirty To Me: Jason Derulo 

Into You: Ariana Grande 

In The Dark: Dev

Birthday Cake: Rihanna 

Eyes On Fire: Blue Foundation 

… there’s a lot more… but I’ll end here. *shrugs* ))