I had no idea Gaga stans hated Rihallah, too!

Gaga preaches love and acceptance. That’s one of my favorite things about her. If you worship Godga so much, why not follow her example?

“I accept everyone because Gaga taught me we were all born this way… unless you are a fan of Shitney, Rhifund, Cunty Perry, or Xpired Tina. Fuck them.”

2nd day of my blog, and already have anon hate from a gaga stan… cute.

The only celebrity I ever pay any attention to on Twitter is Rihanna.  This is because she’s cray cray and sometime in 2009 officially ran out of fucks to give, if you will.

If you don’t follow RihRih on da twitterz than you probs don’t know that she calls her fan base the ‘Rihanna Navy’.  This started around the time 'Little Monsters’ became a thing and Rihanna was filming Battleship and had to turn some shit around fast.

Well like most 24 year olds Rihallah got tired of just Navy and started free-styling on that shit.  This has (d)evolved into her calling her fans 'Navi.’  This basically makes it look like all of her tweets are shout-outs to a made up alien race of ponytail sexers.