Hmm you know what I just came up with
(Yes I’m aware Jane canonically did not go to high school but this is an au so)
Jane is the guy who does cheesy magic tricks in the back of class and you either love him or you hate him, there’s no in-between
Lisbon is the student who tries to get perfect grades, never goes to parties, and stays up until one in the morning studying, and Jane always calls her out on it
Cho is the kid who is a pretty good student, but is fiercely loyal to his friend group, and if you piss him off he will fight you in the hallway. He also is the one to go to if you need the answers to a test, and he charges you exorbitant amounts of money for the answers.
Rigsby is the jock who’s into basketball but knows he’s not going to get a scholarship or anything, so he does his best with his schoolwork. He has a pretty good sized friend group, and sells oregano to the freshmen claiming that it’s weed
Van Pelt is the shy girl who ends up getting a sports scholarship because she sure does know her shit about sports with her dad being a football coach and all. She has a serious crush on Rigsby, but doesn’t tell him because she feels like he’s out of her league because he’s so popular and she has like three friends. Turns out he has a crush on her but doesn’t wanna tell her because he doesn’t want to embarrass her. They end up making out in the hallway after Cho sets them up.
Cho is the celebrity matchmaker who sets everyone up on dates with their crushes because if you’re crushing on someone, he knows and can get you hooked up.
Jane and Lisbon are friends, and Jane will constantly pull pranks on her like leaving live birds in her backpack and sending her snapchats during class of who he suspects is now dating who, and tells her secrets that the teachers have. Lisbon is the one who always bails him out when he gets detention, because let’s be real here, he’d get detention a lot for pulling pranks on teachers and #exposing which teachers are sleeping together.
Eventually Jane and Lisbon get together senior year because on the day before they graduate, Jane musters up the courage to tell Lisbon that he’s had a crush on her since freshman year. They make out until a teacher catches them and tells them to get to class because they’re late, and Lisbon’s never been late to a class in her life, so her and Jane book it down the hallway holding hands, desperately trying to get to pre-calc before the teacher calls attendance.
Jane, Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt are all friends, and they’re the ones who set up the senior prank: they light off fireworks on the football field (Cho bought the fireworks; he’s got connections). They’re also all given detention for the next five weeks because ho ly shit the principal is not happy.

Wow I got really into this but I mean who wouldn’t

”Jane doesn’t get sick. Rigsby’s not on a date because he’s in love with you and the Kings aren’t playing tonight.”
”You know about that?”
“Yeah. They’re on an east coast trip, they’re playing the Knicks tomorrow night.”
“No, I mean about Rigsby. How do you know about that?”
“Everybody knows about that. The Attorney General knows that.”

-Lisbon and Van Pelt (1x13 Paint It Red)

got some pics from the crossplay contest @ comicpalooza - ended up getting plucked from the line and coming up with a lip-sync (to a song that i only knew the chorus to LOL) at the last minute, and ended up having a blast!!!

photos by mark rigsby

#comicpalooza2016 #beastboycosplay

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