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What are your thoughts about Ishida sensei's poem for the latest illustration? (Probably Kaneki's!)

I’m pretty sure it’s Kaneki now that the illustration’s been cleaned up!

White hair, black nails, and we’ve seen him naked in the fetal position a few times before.

As for the poem, at first glance I thought it had something to do with oxycodene lol. But I’m pretty sure it actually means oxygen here.

He kept her waiting.

She kept him waiting in the pool (blood)

He lost OXYGEN

She opened up his [throat] with a very nice tool (knife)

He lost OXYGEN

They needed to be [saved].

“She” snapped and cuts “his” throat open. 

I also saw someone point out that OXY could represent coordinates… I think they meant (O)rigin, (X)-axis, (Y)-axis, which in that case would give it a really nice double-meaning: “he lost oxygen”/”he lost his way” 

started with a ride along; baron corbin fanfiction

SUMMARIZED: I know, I know I need to stop. Credit for the o riginal idea goes to @maryskahadeondawwe tho. My sleepless brain took it and ran. Too fa r. And the first part of this thing a maboober here is what happened. THere miiiight be a few more parts after this one and the second one I intend to write, later when my ass has go tten sleep, because god damn it I’m going to sleep tonight. Anyway, this.. This is another A/B / O thing.. And it’s about watching an Alpha and an Omega basically squirm / be awkward with each other. I thiiiiink I might have Baron be more accepting/gentle sooner rather than later just because I waaaant and neeeeed that in my life. The second part I know will have more Ride Along hijinks. And possibly Baron and my OC having to room together. Because ya know.. Tension.

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‘Dear Y/N you look lovely today’ Kol said as soon as I walked into the room.

‘Thanks?’ I was so confused. Ever since I started staying at their place they would act so different around me.

‘I would have said more than lovely; you look gorgeous’ now was Klaus the one with the complements. He was going to say something more when Damon stepped in.

‘Hi, babe. You ready?’ he asked resting his arm around my shoulders.

‘Yep’ I smiled and gave him a small kiss in the lips. I look around and both, Kol and Klaus, were looking at me, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. ‘Bye guys’

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jbgrll247: Hey, can I have a Klaus and Kol imagine where they try and win your affection but you are actually with Damon and they see too? Thanks a bunch 🤗

You can send me your requests HERE

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BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 18b


PROMPT: Brittany left to go on tour with [pick a singer] 2 months after they were married & is finally back home. Santana shows her how much she’s missed her.

PROMPTED BY: fbedit19

RATED: M - for sexual content

***This story includes mature themes that are NSFW and not intended for underage audience. Please use common sense and discretion when opening to read.***

TITLE: Nights Without You


Part One

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