‘Dear Y/N you look lovely today’ Kol said as soon as I walked into the room.

‘Thanks?’ I was so confused. Ever since I started staying at their place they would act so different around me.

‘I would have said more than lovely; you look gorgeous’ now was Klaus the one with the complements. He was going to say something more when Damon stepped in.

‘Hi, babe. You ready?’ he asked resting his arm around my shoulders.

‘Yep’ I smiled and gave him a small kiss in the lips. I look around and both, Kol and Klaus, were looking at me, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. ‘Bye guys’

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jbgrll247: Hey, can I have a Klaus and Kol imagine where they try and win your affection but you are actually with Damon and they see too? Thanks a bunch 🤗

You can send me your requests HERE

Kisses xoxo

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jilysnotdead  asked:

what does tos stand for in star trek because i keep reading it as star trek: terms of service

the terms of service are:

  1. it’s not a dog in a costume! its actually a very strange alien! 
  2. say no to every one of kirk’s ideas
  3. sulu is not allowed to make the ensigns have a massive sword fight match thing 

tos stands for the original series!