A couple months ago I held a pre-order for the first 50 copies of my latest book, THE RIGHT WAY TO DO THE WRONG THING. As a gift to the 50 people that helped make that book a reality, I hand drew a unique cover for each one. As an additional part of the pre-order I set up a tumblr page where I urged the 50 people to photograph their unique cover any way they chose and post it there to share with everyone. Together we are creating a world-wide artistic collaboration which will be permanently on view for the public via the Internet. I’m now sharing that with you all, so you can watch it grow. Every day a new post or two shows up, and it’s already very exciting for me, and I hope it is for everyone involved as well. The site is: rightwaywrongthingproject.tumblr.com Please take the time to check it out, comment on it, follow it, and spread the word. Thanks very much for looking, and for those of you who support me, I owe you everything. Much love and respect, -m. #rightwaywrongthing #spiritustattoo #honored

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Welcome. If you’re viewing this then you’re already a part of it. 

In the process of creating the additional exclusive material for the pre-order of my latest book, I inadvertently created a new body of work that will be chronicled on this blog. Each of the 50 pre-ordered copies of my book included a hand-illustrated and completely unique additional cover. While the pieces can be removed and displayed as a stand alone piece of art, combined with the minimalistic text-only cover of the book the two become something more, giving each book it’s own unique feel and identity.

Enclosed in each were instructions to photograph the cover they received however they wished and upload it to this blog. Hopefully at the end, this blog will be populated by 50 collaborative pieces created by me and each of the people living all over the world who made the pre-order a success. Thank you for looking, thank you all for sharing and being a part of this… a world-wide sneak attack collaborative body of work. 

To kick off the blog, I am posting a few in progress pics of the development of the pieces.