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Tarot Tip: Inverse Cards

It took me a while to get the meaning of Inverse cards.  

What is an inverse/inverted card?
This is when you flip the card over and the picture is upside down. Inverted cards have their own meaning that is usually quite different than the rightside up version. 

I heard it means the opposite
Well, no, not exactly. Some people may interpret them this way, but I find it more accurate that it means that the intent/meaning/symbolism of that card is either Repressed, or Excessive. 

You are struggling with this concept/idea.  It’s not coming as easily, or causing a battle within yourself. 
Example: if right side up the card has to do with creativity and imagination, you may be struggling with your creative juices when the card is reversed. 

This is when the card’s meaning has gotten excessive, gone to an extreme, or become toxic. There must be Balance in all things, and when things become excessive, they ultimately become destructive.  Continuing with the example of a card to do with creativity and imagination - perhaps your imagination has run away with you.  Or you are neglecting necessary responsibilities in pursuit of creative outlet. 

How do I know which is which?
Your intuition should be able to tell you pretty quickly if you are struggling to manifest the concepts in the card, or if they have been taken to an unhealthy extreme. 

Protip: Pay special attention when there are inverse cards involving relationships.  Relationships can become toxic far too easily and your intuition may be warning you of a situation or relationship that needs to be brought back into a healthy balance. It is easy for us to let our emotions run away with us. Use your intuition and the cards to help you maintain healthy situations, and when something becomes toxic or unhealthy - take steps to resolve it or walk away if it cannot be resolved. 

Post Ep for The Calusari

For the @txf-fic-chicks /missing scene challenge and for @kateyes224 who requested a post ep for The Calusari. A quick moment in the aftermath of the Holvey case.

As he types up his case notes, Mrs. Holvey’s words stick to him, thick and tacky. He can’t shake them. What if it is true? What if one tragedy opens a person up to lifetime of bad luck? It certainly seems to be true in the case of the Holvey family, or what little is left of it. It was true for him too, whole life turned upside down at twelve years old. He’s never been able to get it rightside up again.

If it is true, what does that mean for the people around him…person, he amends. There’s really only one who matters these days.

There’s a soft knock on the door, her small knuckles tapping out “shave and a haircut.”

He untangles his crossed legs and sets the laptop aside as he gets up and crosses the room to let her in.

She’s in her robe already, looking like the day has finally caught up with her.

“You sure?” he asks.

“We need it for the case file,” she sighs as she shuffles in. “Let’s just get it over with.”

He’d burned through an entire roll of film at the Holvey house, bagged and tagged every little bit of evidence he could get his hands on. Scully had been curiously short on details so he had to extrapolate based on the scene. It looked roughly as though a tornado had swept through. Scully’s movements had become more and more tentative as they worked through the room, which was when he realized that she might have taken a little more a beating than she’d let on.

He pulls the lens cap off and puts the camera between himself and her as she drops the robe, letting it hang at her waist. The alabaster skin of her back is streaked with maroon and purple blooms.

Do not pity her. She doesn’t want it. Collect the evidence.

He clicks the shutter, the sound making him jump a little every time. She is stock still.

“Enough?” she asks, her voice thin.

“Yeah, I got it,” he says, looking away as she draws the robe back up and pulls it tight.

“Did you take something?” he asks as he puts the camera away.

“Yeah, a couple Ibuprofen,” she says as she sits down at the little hotel table and looks absently at the evidence bags full of dust and other odds and ends collected from the Holvey house.

He stands and watches her for a moment, her eyes tired and wandering.

“Did I ever tell you that my family lost a baby?” she asks without looking up.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Between me and Charles. I don’t really remember. I was three, I think. Anyway, he came too early, his lungs weren’t developed enough.”

“A brother?”

“Patrick,” she says. “I never even saw him. I’ve only ever been to his grave once or twice. It was so heartbreaking for my mom. I remember her crying and crying when she was pregnant with Charlie because she was so terrified that it was going to happen again.”

“The case reminded you?” he asks as he sits down across from her.

“It did,” she says, her voice very far away.

“Charlie Holvey has a tough road ahead,” he says.

“He does,” she says, finally looking at him. “What’s happened to him is a tragedy. But he’s not marked now, Mulder. He’s not a Typhoid Mary of evil.”

She reaches out and squeezes his hand, a silent “and neither are you.”

“Bad things happen to all of us and we just go on,” she says as she stands up.

She drifts away and closes the door behind her. He stares at it for longer than he ought to. Maybe everything isn’t as upside down as he thought.


To any stoner out there; reblog to help a fellow stoner:

Step 1: Put the weed in the grinder.
Step 2: Flip the grinder upside down, so the weed is on the bottom, keef collecter on top; then grind.
Step 3: Turn rightside up and open the chamber where the ground up weed is and place a coin inside. Once done, retighten with coin inside.
Step 4: Shake the grinder side to side, up and down, whichever you prefer for about one or two minutes
Step 5: Untighten both the ground up weed chamber and keef collecter and see your results.

(The keef picture is how much I have after only 1.5 G’s of weed and the picture with the quarter dollar shows how fine it makes the weed that isn’t small enough to be keef.)

So I’ve had some thoughts on how Cybertronian interfacing works in the random AUs that I have written that may or may not see the light of day. I’m in the camp of there being removable armor pieces and whatnot with an underlying protoform body. Here’s some things I’ve been deliberating on, including but not limited to spikes, valves, transfluid, coding, and heat cycles.

- Spikes are retractable. The base of the spike will puff up a bit when overload is near, so does a portion of the tip, though not nearly as much.

- The opening to the spike sheath is heart shaped because I’m trash. I’m actually thinking that spikes can be oriented two different ways (upside down heart or rightside up heart). Maybe it’s a regional thing. 

- There are two reservoirs that make transfluid, which is filled with mineral rich nanites that are essential to passing on coding to a potential sparkling. 

- Sparklings are generated through spark merge plus interface at the same time. Nanites from the ‘sire’ pass on coding and provide some of the framework for the sparkling but are not technically essential (the carrier drinks mineral rich energon for most of the material supply and the gestation chamber has its own construction nanites).

- You can put a cap on/in the opening to the spike sheath that will prevent the spike from extending. Short term this has little effect, but if a cap is on for long (like months and months) it can cause the nanite generators for the transfluid reservoirs to stop working, rerouting the materials once used to make them to other functions (like extra lubricants for the valve maybe). This doesn’t really render a bot sterile, but it does mean their coding can’t be passed on to a potential sparkling.

- Valves puff up when aroused.

- The anterior node is tear drop shaped because it looks good.

- There are actually two ceiling nodes, a primary and secondary. Primary is bigger and sits above the opening to the gestation chamber. Secondary is smaller and is below said opening. Hitting the secondary is a lot more difficult, but is pretty much a guaranteed overload.

The snowman as foreshadowing in Hall of Egress

When Finn first stumbles into the room with the magic door, he finds an upside down snowman whose facial features themselves are not upside down.

Finn figures out that the only way to advance through the dungeon is to close his eyes and play out different mindscape scenarios. Several times, and ONLY in the mindscapes, Finn experiences a curious design quirk. He sprouts a strange line on his brow.

This isn’t a typical eyebrow furrow for Finn. In this episode itself, Finn furrows his brow outside of the mindscapes, as shown below, and this mysterious line only appears on Finn’s forehead while within the mindscape.

When you flip the snowman rightside up, you’ll find that its smile now sits in the same location where Finn’s eyebrow line appears

It’s only when a mindscape Finn - susceptible to this specific eyebrow quirk - locates and enters this room that he has solved the mystery and the real Finn is able to progress.

I’m pretty sure that the snowman serves to foreshadow to us, the viewers, that mindscape Finn will solve the riddle. But something else happens in the final seconds of the episode [emphasis mine]:

Jake’s forehead does the thing.
I’m not sure whether this happens to make us mull over the nature of reality or this is just a normal way that Jake furrows his brow, but hey. I’m gonna interpret it as a deliberate callback to The Thing Finn’s Brow Does When Nothing Is Real as a neat ‘What is real?’ tease.

Not a pentagram

So this has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.
A pentagram is not a rightside up star! what you are thinking is a pentagram is actually a pentacle.
A pentacle is the rightside up star and the pentagram is the upside down star
Pentacle: ⛤
Pentagram: ⛧
They have different meanings too.

Pentacle: In Wicca, the five points represent the five elements and their metaphysical aspects. The element of earth represents physical endurance and stability and is the symbol of the lower left point. The lower right point is symbolic of fire, which represents courage. The element of water represents intuition and emotion and is the meaning of the upper right point. The upper left point symbolizes air and represents intelligence. The fifth point is symbolic of the element of spirit, and represents the divine. The meaning is basically similar to the old saying “mind over matter,” which means the ability of one’s spirit to control the lower aspects of our being.

The pentagram: The inverted pentacle with a goat’s head is called the Sigil (or Sigl) of Baphomet. The second word may have come from two Greek words, baphe and metis, meaning “absorption of knowledge.” It has also been called the Black Goat, Devil’s Goat, Goat Head, Goat of Mendes, and Judas Goat. Its first appearance appears to have been during the vicious interrogation of members of the Knights Templar by the Roman Catholic Church during the Inquisition. There was little consensus among different victims’ descriptions of the Baphomet. It can probably be safely assumed that their description of the Baphomet is more a product of the Inquisition’s torture methods than of any actual statue that was in use by the Knights. (It has other meanings but im only going to put the laveyan meaning)


This is a watercolor painting I did of Eleven from Stranger Things. It’s titled “The Rightside Up”. Filmed on a GoPro. Enjoy!

Graydy’s world is upside down because he doesn’t have a person yet!

The Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption & Resource Center in Missouri say that Graydy is sweet and loves to cuddle on laps. This adorable chap gets along with cats, dogs, and people!

Occasionally he needs some eye drops, but it’s not a problem at all.

Call info@joplinhumane.org or 417-623-3642 to turn Graydy’s world rightside up!

I’m stuck with pen and paper at work, so I figured I’d pick up some cheapy supplies and try em out. Aside from a few hiccups here and there, I’m pretty pleased!

I used red and black ballpoint pens, brush marker inking pen, and colored pencils.