fusionreactor asked:

first off, i loved your post about ageism and you are a very good writer. next, although i understand why you hate feminism, i am still a feminist, because in the society where i come from, a woman is still looked upon as an object, and even if they're beaten, it's an embarrassment to them for not pleasing their husband. i know women who still get beaten and can't say anything about it. and i probably have to have an arranged marriage. i can't be overweight, i have to know how to cook, and if my husband is dissatisfied with me, he can raise his voice, but i can never raise mine. so, i do believe that there is still cause for feminism, especially in my community.

But isn’t that exactly the point? The fact that these things – these beatings, these expectation, this bloody ignorance of the problem – happen is a terrible thing and most certainly needs to be addressed. I think what people fail to realise that it doesn’t matter in the slightest who these things happen to, whether they be female, a child, black, white or brown. The fact that these things are happening are terrible in themselves.

Here in the west, it is not the norm for women to be treated in such ways, but it is seen all across the world in so many countries. But it enrages me that exactly the same thing is happening right in this country to a group of people simply for being young, but nobody seems to notice or care – and, most importantly, understand the problem. And the reason for this is that the feminist movement has proclaimed itself the leader of all equality movements, yet fails to recognise ageism as a problem.

But it also angers me that feminists can sit here in this first world country and complain about such small and inconceivable problems that may not even exist, rather than doing some actual good. Rather than reading into every little thing and explaining why it demonstrates patriarchal oppression, I believe they should turn away from all that and concentrate all their efforts on ending all sexism across the world and bringing all women up to the same standard of equality as themselves.

I know how much I resent being told that my hatred for the west isn’t justified because there are worse places in the world, and perhaps I’m being hypocritical, but when you compare the way women are treated in this country to the way children are treated, or to how women in other countries are treated, then you start to realise that western third wave radical feminism is nothing more than a pathetic squabble because the first and second wave feminists have done a pretty fine job already. When the majority of people, including myself, say that we’re antifeminists, this is what we mean: we support the accomplishments of the suffragettes, the first and second wave feminists and equality movements all across the world, but we can’t support the third wave radical feminists because we consider them to be useless and misinformed because we consider radical feminism in itself to be a flawed philosophy that looks at things just the wrong way. I completely support your choice to be a feminist because you are fighting against a true injustice that actually exists, but until western feminists start doing their job of fighting inequality properly instead of concentrating on the little things, I can’t support them.