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‘Date with Luhan’ Moodboard

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It’s not very often that you get a chance to hang out with Luhan on a weekend, since he’s always so busy and preoccupied with tours and concerts and fansigns. 

But today, it’s different. He’s finally back home for the weekend after months of being away and the feeling is like being reunited with your bed after a long and tiring day.

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  • Jason: do you ever get so annoyed at everything that you start to get pissed off at even little things like a spoon clinking against a bowl or sounds of people talking?
  • Dick: I think it’s called sensory overload it’s really common in people with anxiety
  • Tim: It can also be a result of sleep deprivation, stress, or even dehydration
  • Jason: Thanks I thought I was just a bitch

As uncomfortable and awful as it was to see Pearl getting treated like a slave, it was amazing to see just how much of this she forgot.

So many little details had been engrained into her mind (ex: don’t walk right next to your owner). This stuff can mess you up for years.

But Pearl has grown so much into her own person and has realized that she IS important, that she could barely act the way a Pearl is supposed to. She really is free and her bad acting of how pearls should be shows that.

I’m just so happy she was able to break out of such a toxic environment.