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Hello! This is my first Evak video ever. It took me quite a while to make (4-5 hours) as I am using a relatively crappy, free video editing program. Please tell me what you think about it, don’t be afraid to tell me the truth aha. Anyways, if you know any better free programs to make edits please drop them in the comments. Also, If you repost on any other platform please give me credit, My instagram is @/tarjeisandvikmo


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Tbh, when I looked at her room and then looked back at my room, ugh “I think I need to clean my room.”

I mean am I the only one?

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OMG her workspace looks so dang cute omggg :)) 

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I love everything tbh :)

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Just A Friendly Reminder Part 4

Just a friendly reminder of their height difference…

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Just a friendly reminder of them sharing clothes…

Just a friendly reminder of this moment…

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Just a friendly reminder that Makoto speaks up for Haruka about his name…

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Just a friendly reminder that they have know each other since they were babies…

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Just a friendly reminder that they have two duets and a drama cd…

{English Subbed} My Base, Your Base

{English Subbed} Always Here

{English Subbed} Original Drama


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Reposting (which is stealing art) is a huge problem in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom right now, but it shouldn’t be. This post shows that it can take less than a minute to find an artist. Everyone should always reverse image search and ask permission from the artist - no excuses.

Unfortunately, because art theft is a problem, this guide can hopefully help you find artists. Let them know when their work is posted without credit and permission.

Thanks to @portentous-offerings for letting me use Marinette and Her Romeo as an example here :)

How to Not Be a Chloe | Tips for Searching (coming soon) 

got7 reaction to their S/O having a panic attack.

here it is i hope its up to your liking!!! i tried my best. dont be shy to tell me what you think and what you would like next. hope you enjoy.

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JB: jaebum would go into leader mode. He would analyze what was happening not sure what to do. But he would ask you what you need and not leave your side. He would give you space if you need it to breath but would still be by your side until it passes. Then he would comfort you. He would hold you in his arms rocking you slowly whispering soothing things in your ears reminding you how much he loves you and that he was there for you.

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MARK: he would be so worried. He would try not to show it sticking by your side putting up a brave front to reassure you. He would try his best to do everything he can to help you through it. He would get sad knowing you got into this state because of something going on in your life and would want you to tell him what exactly once the attack passes. He wont let you go that night needing to make sure you were all right, more for him then for you. He would research more about panic attacks so that he would be prepared next time.

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JINYOUNG: MOM MODE ACTIVATED. He would be on his phone searching ways on how to help you and reading them out loud so fast he would actually give you more anxiety. “jagi this says you need a glass of water, but it also says to give you space. But another says you need physical touch, and one says you need a warm blanket… which one is it!?” he would be trying it all to be honest, trying to see which one works best for you and keeping it in mind. He would make you food after the attack had passed and would just cuddle you. He would just be talking soothingly about random things to get your mind off it all and would throw in some ‘I love you’s’ in between each sentence.

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JACKSON: he would be the epitome of freaking out. He would be running around screaming asking you what he can do to help. He would be in a frenzy seeing his S/0 in that state. Once you told him that his screaming wasn’t helping he would stop right away. He would rub your back soothingly until it passes and be very protective of you for the next few days. You would not leave his side and he would keep an eye on you to make sure you were okay.

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YOUNGJAE: youngjae would be lost. He would try his best to ask for your needs and be there for you, but mostly he would be racking his brain as to why you had the panic attack in the first place. This boy is an angel and would do everything in his power to make sure that the element that made you trigger this way would never happen again. Once the attack would pass he would engulf you in his arms and you would end up comforting him. That boy has so much love for the world and we don’t deserve him.

(ignore jaebum)

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BAMBAM: bambam would try to make you laugh. He would see you in that state and would try to calm you down by trying to make you happy. When he would see that that didn’t work he would just hold you whispering your praises in your ear until it passes. Once you calmed down he would still be holding you trying to crack jokes trying to make you feel better.

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YUGYEOM: yugyeom would be a mix of youngjae and Jackson. He would freak out a little bit not sure what to do, but always would feel so lost as to why it happened. He would give you a little space afraid he would make it worst but would not leave your side. He would try to sooth you with some words. Once it passes he would try to get you to open up to him to tell him why it happened so that he could make sure it wont happen again.

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