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Today is the day of outreach for the March for Science’s week of outreach.I was going to post something cool about physics (probably will later this week) but I was also reading about a civil rights activist who had a hysterectomy without her consent, back in the days, well within living memory, when many southern states sterilized black women without their consent. (as an aside, the woman was Fannie Lou Hamer, and she famously coined the term Mississippi appendectomy to refer to this practice).

Now, obviously this is a terrible, racist violation of bodily autonomy, but one of the details that stuck out was that Hamer was 47 at the time. 

And then I remembered a story I’ve often retold, about Sally Ride and the Hundred Tampons. 

And then, I recalled my conversation just last night with my father about the science march, and science education, and how I don’t remember learning much about anatomy before I took it as a required course for my graduate degree. 

And then I remembered: I should take my iron pill.

And then I remembered: sexism. 

So: people who were not born with a uterus, here’s a very incomplete crash course in what I (a cis woman) for the most part was expected to learn mostly on my own between the ages of 12 and 20. Consider it a scientific public service.

1. People who get periods usually get them around once a month-ish. This can change based on a huge number of factors though, including pregnancy (don’t get periods), some forms of birth control (hormonal IUDs, some of the pill options), some other medications, some health conditions (PCOS, clotting factor disorders), stress (psychological or physical), and probably a bunch of other stuff. Ask your local gynecological specialist or certified nurse midwife since they will actually know. Actually, ask them for all of these if you need more details because they are experts.

2. People usually bleed for about 1-9 days according to the statistics from the app I personally use for tracking. 2-7 is most typical, 1 or 8-9 is nothing to worry about unless there’s a change or you’re running super low on iron or something.

3. Tampons should be changed when full. That will vary by person but I think 4-5 tampons a day is a decent estimate, so anyway long story short even if Sally Ride had gone up to space during her period and had a cycle on the longest end of normal, she would need no more than 50 tampons, and if she were more towards the average we’d be looking at closer to 20.

4. Also there are options other than tampons for blood collection. Google them if you’re interested.

5. Speaking of, periods are not in fact controllable. If someone says you should be able to hold it, they have literally no idea what they are talking about. It is the process of discharging the uterine lining, and while it would be great if humans could reabsorb it or just selectively get rid of it at leisure as if we were spitting out chewing gum, biology has not deigned to work that way. 

6. If you’re a cis man grossed out by this I have to hear about your body fluids, both liquid and gaseous, all the time, so I 100% do not care. Also at work I once had to look up what an episiotomy was while simultaneously on the phone and drinking my morning coffee so actually I 110% do not care.

7. Menopause average onset is about 48-55 years old, so there is statistically little to nothing to be gained in terms of sterilization by taking out a 47 year old’s uterus, even if she does give permission. That isn’t to say that menopausal people shouldn’t ever get hysterectomies since there are actual medical indications for that, but yeah, this didn’t even do anything for the illicit sterilization goal. The only motivation was being racist as fuck.

8. Similarly if you make jokes about a cis woman politician in her late 50s or above being on her period or being unreliable emotionally as a result of her menstrual cycle, you are almost certainly incorrect and completely certainly not funny.

9. PMS does exist and is tied to medically confirmed hormonal fluctuations that can cause psychological, digestive, and pain symptoms among others. If someone is mad at you, do not assume it is PMS. To paraphrase Margaret Atwood, I’m not mad at you because I’m PMS-ing. I’m mad because you’re an asshole.

10. Birth control pills, which contain hormones, can help smooth out those hormonal fluctuations and help with PMS symptoms.10. Speaking only anecdotally here but most people who menstruate do not take sick days every month either. Some do need to take time off, due to severe symptoms that the pill/a few NSAIDS and a death glare cannot alleviate. A recent study found that in some people, cramps are of equivalent pain as a heart attack. Would you go into work while feeling like you’re having a heart attack? I doubt it given further anecdotal observation of how people act when they have a mild cold or hangover.

This has been: the science of knowing pretty much the absolute minimum about what uteruses do when their owners aren’t pregnant.

The last baby killer whale born at SeaWorld gets along swimmingly with its mom. 

The last baby killer whale to be born at a SeaWorld theme park has made its debut.

The company said it welcomed its newest aqua-animal when Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio killer whale pod, gave birth to the calf Wednesday afternoon.

Takara was already pregnant when the company in March 2016 announced that it would be ending its breeding program for killer whales, which are also known as orcas. The program had come under criticism from animal-rights activists, especially since a 2013 documentary claimed that captivity was harmful to orcas. In addition to ending the breeding program, the company said in 2015 that it would be ending its killer whale shows by 2019.


the reason you shouldn’t lump everyone you don’t like in with men’s rights activists is because it really makes it seem like you have something against the rights of men  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“hurr durr, we don’t like this person and we don’t like it when men’s rights are advocated for so this person must be an advocate for men’s rights”


Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first black female judge in the New York State Court of Appeals and the first female Muslim judge in the United States, was found dead on April 12, 2017. Sheila Abdus-Salaam was born Sheila Turner to working-class parents in Washington DC on March 14, 1952. Her inspiration to become a lawyer came from the TV shows she loved as a girl and from Frankie Muse Freeman, a civil rights activist and lawyer, who visited her school. Among her many accomplishments, Sheila Abdus-Salaam made the groundbreaking decision in a case that allowed LGBT parents to pursue equal parenting rights. 

Lacking a final statement from a medical examiner or a suicide note, the police and the media have still been quick to label her death a suicide, citing that she was ‘stressed at work.’
We can only wait for further investigation and hope that she receives as much justice in death as she offered to the world in life. For the time being, until we know the results of the investigation, SAY HER NAME.

Sheila Abdus-Salaam.

  • radical animal rights activists: animals are going extinct we HAVE to do something to save them!
  • accredited zoos and aquariums: *dedicate massive amounts of money to preserve endangered species in captivity so they can be saved and educates the public to their plight*
  • radical animal rights activists: no not that

Pandita Ramabai (1858-1922) was an important activist for women’s rights and education in India. She fought for the emancipation of women, and against practices such as child marriage.

In 1882 she established the Arya Women’s Society in the city of Pune, for the purpose of promoting women’s rights and better educational opportunities. She travelled to the United Kingdom to study medicine, translated text books, and gave lectures throughout North America. Her most famous book, the High Caste Hindu Woman, exposed the oppression of the female gender in traditional societies.

USA. California. San Francisco. 1969. The Panthers also ran a number of social service programs in cities across the country, including free breakfasts for students, health clinics and schools. Here, students give the black power salute at a “liberation school".

Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

Bus with anti-transgender message is vandalized in NYC
A bus spreading a message against transgender culture was vandalized near United Nations headquarters early Thursday evening while it was parked, according to the head of one of the three groups organizing the bus tour.

“The “Free Speech Bus,” as it is called by organizers, was parked near the UN for a scheduled event when two people approached, scratched it with a key, cracked windows with a hammer, and spray painted slogans such as “Trans Liberation,” Brian Brown, president of the Washington-based National Organization for Marriage, told USA TODAY.

“Boys are boys and girls are girls - it’s very simple,” Brown said of the bus tour’s purpose and message. “We don’t want men in girl’s restrooms. We don’t want schools and our law attempting to say that people are bigoted simply because they understand that there’s a difference between male and female.”

The New York City Police Department said it took a report on the alleged vandalism and that it is being investigated as an incident of criminal mischief.

“Free speech is a constitutional right, but language has consequences that must be considered,” Jessica Stern, executive director of OutRight Action International, a pro-LGBT rights organization based in New York, said in a statement e-mailed to USA TODAY.

“Trans youth already have an extremely high risk for violence, discrimination and suicide. Broadcasting a message that erases and denies the reality that transgender and intersex children and youth exist (sic) is irresponsible, factually misleading, disrespectful and dangerous,” Stern said.

Read the full piece here