rightfull queen

volatilespider asked:

What does Demacia feel of the Freljord? Who's side do they supply in the war if they did?

The Freljord one is a very complex political scenario. We’ve got a young and inspired Queen, who claims to be the heir of the mithycal Avarosa of the Freljord. Then we have a tribeswoman, fierce and strong, who also claim to be the heir of the rightfull Queen of old, Sherylda. And between them, a militant order of guardians leaded by the Sorcerer of Frost, Lissandra.

Demacia naturally inclines more forward Queen Ashe, since she shares a similar view of the world, working through collaboration rather than mere conquest. The might of the avarosan freljordians is good, but maybe not good enough. Counting with the help of the barbarian tribes led by Tryndamere managed Queen Ashe to hold their possitions so far, but this could change as easily as a blizzard’s course.

The Winter’s claw could be a fierce and steadfast ally (their customs make us think so) but, also, volatile. Their tribal tradition could work against us given the chance, or if there appears a better “buyer”. Their might rest unmatched on the battlefield, making them powerfull, but their methods are harsh, and difficult to explain to the demacian people. 

Finally, the Frost Guard. As a militant order, they can’t hold diplomatic relations on their own. Formally they pledged allegiance to Queen Ashe, but they stay secluded in their fortress up in the far north, avoiding any course of action. We can’t count on them, even when they’re a pivotal factor in the Freljord’s internal affairs.

Freljord is a wasp’s nest. Demacia normally would avoid supporting any faction in a civil war, trying to uphold peace conversations towards a political solution, but if the situation demanded action, or if Noxus supported one of the contendants, we will enter in the conflict quickly. Our prefered ally could be the Avarosan, but if situation demanded so, we could work with the Winter’s Claw.