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My dearest... Loki x Reader

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My dearest (Y/N),

 I must beg your forgiveness, I know it has been ages since last I wrote you. I’m afraid I have been otherwise disracted. But do not mistake my absence for lack of care, I have missed you terribly. Not a moment has passed when you do not interrupt my thoughts. Even as I sit upon Odin’s throne, I desire nothing more than your presence. Alas, that dawn has yet to break. If it were in my powers to direct the sun and moon, I would have them quicken their pace so, that I may once again bask in the rays of your beauty.

 My deception has yet to be discovered and I’m am closing in on the moment when Asguard will truely be ours. Yes, my love, ours. All of this, all that we have endured, is for us. That we may rule the nine realms together. Imagine it. You, on a throne beside mine, looking out over the vastness that will be our kingdom. You will be a feared and powerful ruler. I’ve known that from the moment I laid eyes upon you.

 Never shall I forget that day.

 I had just summoned my army to crash upon the banks of New York. I rode down to the streets to see the unveiling of my destruction and start of my rule, when from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of you. Your eyes stared directly into mine and although, it may have only been a short moment, for me, time seemed to stop.

 Never before had my eyes beheld such beauty. You stood from your chair with such a boldness that Thor, in even his most arrogant years, could have never matched. I knew then, as I watched you stare me down with your beautiful grin, standing above those who cowered around you, that you were the only one who could rule beside me. The only one who could equal me in greatness.

 All I ask, in this time appart, is that you have patience. The moment I am able, I will send for you and you will finally see the greatness of our fair city. The beauty of our golden palace and the people who will bow as you approach them. I can not help but revel in the thought of you standing above our subjects.

 Can you just imagine it? The entire nine realms at our feet. The way the people will fear us. The gifts they will bring you. The respect they will give me, as the rightfull King of Asguard. My darling, we will be fierce! The heavens themselves will bend in hopes to catch but a glimpse of our glorious reign.

 My time is running short, I must return to the throne. But please know that my love for you is unwaivering and burns with a fire so bright, the sun seems just a candle. When last we spoke you told me that you would wait for me. I pray your feelings have not faultered and you prepare for the day when I send for you.

 I dream of our reunion often and yearn for the day when my dreams become reality. I long for the day when you are back in my arms and I can feel your lips upon mine. For the moment, when I can smell the perfume the lingers at the base of your neck and in your hair. For the warmth of your hand in mine. And for the night, when I will remind you of the intensity of my love.

 Think of me as often as I think of you.

 Eternally yours,

               Loki of Asguard

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