righteous rides

I’m disappointed in the number of people who think it’s okay to bully people over how they voted.

Especially with people who voted third party, since they could easily turn the argument back on you and point out that the 2 party fuckfest we get stuck with every election cycle is partially the responsibility of people perpetuating that mentality through bullying exactly like this.

The only vote you control is your own. You can disagree with other people’s choices, but you don’t get to tell them to fuck themselves because they stuck to their beliefs and voted accordingly.

People on tumblr need to fucking chill out and smoke some weed or something...

or just get the fuck off the internet, you’re starting to bore me now, I’ve had enough of people bashing others for their views, they’re not your views, so what, live with these differences for fuck sake.

I’m sick of over sensitive people standing up for something they don’t really even care about, not really, it’s just a bandwagon you seek a self righteous ride on.