righteous man and a fallen angel

“When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost!”

Castiel stared at her, and remembered.

He remembered the pain of the acidic air on his wings. He had stabbed and shoved his way through the demons, wading through blood and bodies of his fallen kin. It was far from angelic, farther from than anything he had ever done before.

The air ahead of him cleared and he saw him. A spark of doubt lit in him. This snarling, bloody demon was the righteous man?

The thing turned from the tormented soul at his feet and Castiel stared straight into his eyes, flickering between black and bright green, like they weren’t sure whether their owner was human or something else entirely. Castiel straightened. There was still hope. He strode forward and reached for Dean Winchester’s shoulder. The man roared wordlessly at him and raised his blood caked whip, but Castiel was faster.

His hand fastened on Dean’s shoulder and inside his head, the world exploded. In his mind’s eye was a churning ball of light and colour. It flashed and writhed furiously. Parts of it surged up and out, blazing with green-gold-orange-white before dropping down again. Strangely, they reminded him of solar flares. Blackened cracks marred the surface, but they couldn’t block the intensity of that light. He observed it with something akin to wonder. How could anything trapped in this place for so long still be beautiful?

He reached out a hand -his real hand, not the one of his vessel- and touched Dean Winchester’s soul. He gripped it tight.

Castiel remembered, and decided that when he had first laid a hand on Dean he wasn’t lost. He was found.

Can we talk about this please. I mean, look at how tight Cas hugs Dean. He needs him so bad. He needs Dean his help so bad. He needs Dean. So. Bad. 

The righteous man has fallen down
(fallen down, fallen down)
And now he wears the devil’s crown,
Of flame and iron and bone.

The brother who he’d once die for,
(and has died for, and did die for)
He cannot help him anymore,
And so he is alone.

The angel, even with his grace
(That burning blue and saving grace)
Even he cannot erase
The sin carved into stone.

The righteous man has fallen down
(fallen down, fallen down)–
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Eyes turn to charcoal,
And blood turns to rust.


Ashes to Ashes

Supernatural Poetry Challenge | @starclaire vs @adoredean vs @spaceboycas

Prompt: Charcoal

Pairing: none

Tags: demon!dean, blood mention


Pairing: Dean Winchester x fallen angel!reader

Author: stardustandangels

Words: 3605

Warnings: heartbreak, abandonment, mental instability, hints of mental illness fluff, I think…

Summary: Dean and the reader used to date, until she started spouting craziness talking about “they say you’re the righteous man.” “They never shut up and about you, Sam, Michael, and Lucifer.” Dean has had enough and next thing she knows she’s in a mental asylum for the insane. Years later when the boys meet Anna, Dean remembers the reader and feels guilty for not believing her in her graceless state. He decides that he owes her enough to bust her out and give her the lost grace back after all this time. But can Sam and Castiel help the reader forgive Dean for years of sitting in an isolated room?


Part 1 >>

A little comic that I’ve decided to start doing. Set in season 9, it diverges from canon in that Dean and Sam have brought Cas back to the bunker after he fell to help him cope with his new-found humanity. This is the story of how a fallen angel couldn’t stop falling, and how a righteous man helped him stand once more.  

Shout out to hufflecas for talking through the general plot of this comic with me, and providing tons of inspiration and encouragement. Thanks also to bittencupcake for all your kind words - they really kept me going. This comic is especially for you two. 

Sometimes, when I have a pause in life and nothing else comes to my mind, I like to think about Domestic Destiel. Recently I can’t get my mind off of Destiel as fathers.

Just. Imagine.

Mary Grace Winchester and Robert Jonathon Winchester.

Two little kids who get to be raised by a fallen angel and the Righteous Man.

Like. Fuck, man.

That’s so dope.

Once upon a time, there was an angel. He was a disobedient little angel, but well loved and strong, and it was his garrison that got chosen for the most important task of all; raising the Righteous Man from Perdition.

The disobedient little angel was the one who found the Righteous Man. The Righteous Man had already become corrupted by Hell, but even so, his soul was bright and beautiful, and the disobedient little angel fell in love.

And later on, when the Apocalypse had been averted (time and time again), the disobedient little angel Fell again, this time from grace. But the Righteous Man was there to catch him and bring him home. The Righteous Man took care of the disobedient little fallen angel; he gave the angel his own room, his own clothes, let him choose his own meals, let him really experience free will.

And one day, the little fallen angel kissed the Righteous Man, and the Righteous Man kissed back.