righteous man and a fallen angel

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imagine a spin-off where everything was from Castiel’s point of view. On how he constantly worries and cares about dean, him pacing around waiting for dean to pray to him, the little conversations they have in dean’s head, and how during the angel civil war, dean was constantly in his head and came whenever he called even though he was in the middle of a fight, and the show is basically how an angel has fallen in every way possible for the righteous man and how these two are oh-so-oblivious about it.

12x23: Destiel and s13 set up

So… pretty much everyone is dead or removed into a different dimension other than Sam and Dean…

I’m not going to go into the whole alternate universes discussion as so many good points have already been made. For me its just a plot point to take Lucifer and Mary away at the same time as Cas, to lead to the s13 starting point of winning Mary and Cas back and eventually having Lucifer back on the board too, when Jack has done his ‘bad things’ and has been pointed towards the ‘righteous path’ by a certain couple of someones…

To keep it brief because I’m just very late to the board and I can see there has been so much meta and speculation already, here are my thoughts:


- Cas is dead. 

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Yeah, this is exactly what I expected  *happy dance*

As you will all know if you have read my ‘break up theory’ meta which is just taking standard romantic story line structure and seeing where they fit, which they PERFECTLY fit into by the way, since season 4 til now now, at this ‘break up’ point which is where for example Ursula looks like she’s about to win Eric away from Ariel or the Beast has to let Belle go back to her father… it’s the last 20 minutes of the movie, basically. 

I had said that 12x19 was going to be an argument and chosen separation, which it was, 12x20-22 was going to focus on Dean’s inner self and self acceptance, which it did, and 12x23 was going to have a forced separation, which it did. What could be better than Cas’s death at this point?! Seriously? For Dean, who has JUST figured out that he doesn’t want to hide behind his facade anymore, to have to now deal with losing Cas RIGHT AT THIS POINT. I nearly want to say ‘you can’t write this shit!’ but…clearly you can, thank you Dabb & Season 13 writers!

I’d even speculated about the fact that Mary would also be taken away at the same time (in order to downplay the Pining!Dean of course), but I hadn’t factored in that they would be taken away in separate ways, which is an interesting way to do it, but essentially still boils down to the same thing character-reaction wise.

There were only 2 things that I didn’t like in the way that this was done:

1. We didn’t get a hugely emotional reaction from Dean after the initial shock, but man, the initial shock stuff was GREAT (the screaming, the parallel with Sam/Jess when he’s pulled away, then the parallel with Cain/Colette when he falls to his knees…) BUT now we know that they filmed what happens next already? Jensen hinted that Dean cries? Also that we will see more reaction about this death in 13x01.

2. That Cas’s death felt like it was very much geared towards being a tool for Dean’s man pain, without telling us one way or another if Cas was being manipulated by Jack, whether Cas was right or wrong in his choices. Not treating this death as something relevant to CAS but only to DEAN. That really annoyed me as a big time Cas fan (but still mainly a Dean girl). BUT again, we have been told at Jibcon that the important thing is how this death AFFECTS / TRANSFORMS Cas so this is again going to be relevant to season 13. 

So I’m totally forgiving them for not putting it in 12x23 if we are going to get it in the next episode and they told us at Jibcon so hellatus isn’t so hellish :)

Basically, it’s all on track for endgame Destiel, *yay*.

- Sam & Jack. Well…

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I still do believe until proven otherwise that Jack still has a CHOICE to make about which way he takes his life and what he does.

I’ve said before that this season and now I’m even more convinced that season 12 was so Dean focused (and Cas) that season 13 should be very Sam focused, which it now looks like it definitely will be. I was thinking endgame Mol!Sam anyway but to have that kind of pushed forwards in 22 was… well honestly I found it slightly jarring in it’s speed, but hey. Now with Mol!Sam on track and Jack too, with Sam being the one to find him… yeah, season 13 is going to be VERY Sam focused.

The Nephilim story is a huge part of tieing up Sam’s self-forgiveness arc that centres around being Lucifer’s vessel, the bad choices he made to start with with Ruby, the demon blood, even then in s11 going back to the cage, but also the good choices he has made… the link between him and Jack is going to be key to his endgame arc.

I fully expect and hope to see Jack make some very bad decisions to start with but be led to being good in the long run by the boys, the Righteous Man and the Boy who rejected Lucifers plan for him, and probably eventually the Fallen Angel in love with Humanity, the direct mirror to his blood father … 

For me this is where I see the story going in the long run. 

I may be wrong but honestly I don’t see how it can be any other way, given the narrative over the last 12 years for the core characters: the overriding theme of free will, of choices and heart (love), of family being chosen, not just blood, all this creating who you choose to be as a person. If Jack ends up evil, fine, but it will have to be his CHOICE to be evil, and honestly, I don’t see that this is where they are going with this.

Cas is also linked to Jack in whatever way it is with the yellow grace, the fact that Jack chose Cas and Cas seems to have chosen Jack, whether it be against his will or not is yet to be seen and can only be speculated about, even though I have my own mind made up about this until proven otherwise…

But ALSO their stories are so similar - literally both stuck between Heaven and Earth.

Jack will be key to both SAM and CAS’s arcs next season, which makes total sense after s12 was all about Dean and deconstructing Performing!Dean, it was absolutely beautifully done.

- Other aspects: 

Crowley is Dead, but for me he went out in a really good way and tbh I would be a bit upset at this point if they brought him back after that excellent Death.

The important thing is how this relates to Dean - who just the episode before has basically let down the walls to Performing!Dean, the ‘dark side’ that is sometimes associated with Crowley. 

Then Crowley (who represents this dark side of Dean), dies after SAYING HE IS JUST DONE WITH IT ALL and kills HIMSELF.


Rowena’s death not so much but then again, she was always a villain until recently and, like Crowley, I understand that people like them both, but when you look at the awful things that they have done, to be honest, I’m not so hot on a redemption arc for them. Dying in a good way is what I would have wanted for both of them and Rowena’s death pisses me off as we were robbed of that (if she isn’t going to somehow come back).

AUs don’t excite me and IDGAF unless they give us some good plot points and character arcs that tie in. 

Lucifer & Mary. Will be back for plot reasons, honestly, I hope they keep well out of season 13 until it is time for Jack to help out and if they are literally in 2 episodes I will be happiest but I doubt that, they will drag them and the stupid AU out for much more than its worth but eh, ok, fine. Shrugs and sticks to caring about the character driven storylines that will take place around this.

Overall, this wasn’t the character - driven finale I was hoping for, there was way too much faffing around in the AU, which I really don’t find interesting, way too much Lucifer BUT the themes are carrying forwards into season 13 as I had hoped they would, Cas’s death seems to be going to serve exactly the purpose for both his arc and Destiel that I would hope and this episode coupled with 22 makes me even more confident in my endgame wishlist.

Tink’s Endgame Positive Wishlist :

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- Mol! Sam (and Eileen, Chuck I’m still bitter about that though, I really hoped her death would turn out to be a misdirection). Pretty much CHECK.

- Hunter / Mol collaboration with Sam and Dean as leaders. Pretty much CHECK.

- End of the brodependency, Dean acknowledging he was Sam’s parent and letting him go. CHECK.

- End of Performing!Dean. Pretty much CHECK.

- Destiel. Pretty much CHECK.

- Human!Cas and self worth and belonging for his arc. TBA probably next season, what happened this season makes no sense if not to lead to this.

“When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost!”

Castiel stared at her, and remembered.

He remembered the pain of the acidic air on his wings. He had stabbed and shoved his way through the demons, wading through blood and bodies of his fallen kin. It was far from angelic, farther from than anything he had ever done before.

The air ahead of him cleared and he saw him. A spark of doubt lit in him. This snarling, bloody demon was the righteous man?

The thing turned from the tormented soul at his feet and Castiel stared straight into his eyes, flickering between black and bright green, like they weren’t sure whether their owner was human or something else entirely. Castiel straightened. There was still hope. He strode forward and reached for Dean Winchester’s shoulder. The man roared wordlessly at him and raised his blood caked whip, but Castiel was faster.

His hand fastened on Dean’s shoulder and inside his head, the world exploded. In his mind’s eye was a churning ball of light and colour. It flashed and writhed furiously. Parts of it surged up and out, blazing with green-gold-orange-white before dropping down again. Strangely, they reminded him of solar flares. Blackened cracks marred the surface, but they couldn’t block the intensity of that light. He observed it with something akin to wonder. How could anything trapped in this place for so long still be beautiful?

He reached out a hand -his real hand, not the one of his vessel- and touched Dean Winchester’s soul. He gripped it tight.

Castiel remembered, and decided that when he had first laid a hand on Dean he wasn’t lost. He was found.

Can we talk about this please. I mean, look at how tight Cas hugs Dean. He needs him so bad. He needs Dean his help so bad. He needs Dean. So. Bad. 

And in the silence afterwards, not even the sound of their breathing exists.

Cas didn’t mean to say it, Dean can tell—or at the very least, he didn’t mean for it to come out as abruptly as that. He can tell by the way Cas’ eyes have gone all wide with fear and shock, and by the way his hands shake when he slowly works them free from the lapels of Dean’s coat, holding them in front of his body like he has no idea what to do with them. He steps back, but only a little.

Although Dean is no longer being pressed up against the motel door by the curled fists of a pissed-off angel, he doesn’t relax his stance in the slightest. He keeps himself flat against it, stiff as a board.

This is the part he doesn’t understand.

Fighting he can understand. He knows fighting. He’s good at fighting. He’s never enjoyed it when it was with Cas—if anything, it’s always left him with a hallow and vaguely sick feeling in his stomach, accompanied by another feeling in his chest he cares not to examine. But he still knows it. He knows what words to say to make the deepest cut, knows how to ask all the wrong questions, knows how to speak with his teeth bared and with a growl lodged in his throat.

But this is the part that overwhelms him. This is the part he doesn’t even let himself think about. Cas is just staring him with his mouth parted open and looking like he’s about to take off the moment he can get his senses back, and Dean shouldn’t feel like prey who’s been cornered, but he does.

It’s so much. It’s too much. Dean doesn’t even know if he could possibly hear anything besides the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears, a constant drum against his temples as his vision turns to red. He squeezes his eyes shut tight and does the same to his mouth, having not even realized it was open.

Dean Winchester doesn’t get this. This doesn’t happen. Those words were never meant to be said to him, and they definitely were never meant to be said by Castiel. It’s blasphemy. The moment between them seems to stretch on endlessly.

Unable to gain complete control of his body and with so much emotion rising that Dean couldn’t stop it from escaping him even if he dared to try, he does the most girly, stupidest, most embarrassing shit he’s ever done: he fucking cries.

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Castiel Wings /  Cas Cage

(first draft)

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They give him his wings to give him the advantage of movement, so he can feel a sense of freedom and omnipresence. 

But as soon he use free will they were clipped. 

Maybe in an angel, the wings are their symbol of servitude and control. They were never a choice. 

Castiel the angel of the Lord, first burned his wings in hell when he rescued a righteous man.

Maybe, as he described, this rescue was epic and took the life of some of his brothers. But at that time he believed what he was told. That Dean Winchester must be rescued, because they had a job for him. This blind faith was the step one in the slowly but surely loss of his wings.

In the actual rescue, his faith was a powerful agent for him to ignore how his wings where burned, his faith was optional. This extra effort was the first decision on the taste of free will.

And every time he made a choice, his wings are the first to suffer the consequences.

Who knew? The wings are a cage, a leash.

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Cas maybe freeing himself from heaven, because he now believes by his own faith, and not the one he was imposed alongside his wings.

As a first act of rebellion he decide to care for this cursed family and this two broken boys. The abomination and the Righteous man.  As he began to know them better, this adjectives where losing his meaning. They were this humans who teach him that sometimes the extent of your possibilities (wings) can and should be stretched for the greater good.

Even if they end up broken the only tools you have to fight for what you believe. The Winchesters have his human bodies. Castiel his grace and wings.

Now he has choose to love a human, even if he doesn’t understand the extent of this decision. He knows that his grace and wings are the ones keeping him away from feel and experiment this love but not enough strong to avoid make him feel him thought his human vessel.  

He now is on a journey from heaven to the ground, while his burned wings are plucked by the force of the fall and the gravity, while he is about to land in the arms of his lover. As painful this process may seem, he has accepted that this is transformative process. That eventually will free him completely.

And the question will be what an angel without his wings is?

Or, he will continue to be an angel without his wings?

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Okay when I saw the mixtape scene I immediately thought of the hands in the Creation of Adam mural. I don’t have a tumblr but I thought this was too beautiful to keep to myself. The divine and humanity reaching to one another, bound by something as soul-moving and worshipful as music. I feel the mixtape was Dean giving Cas his heart, because music, especially in relation to Dean, has been the heartbeat of the show. Please feel free to share or just enjoy. I love your account.

Wow Nonny you read my mind! Also reminded me of Cas’s hand in 12x12 in the truck listening to the Bible Channel…. it’s very interesting and consistent imagery. Here: The righteous man and the fallen angel. When so soon after Cas gets faith in something else where he only ever really had faith in Dean since s4 and even then sometimes it’s been sketchy…. Thank you for sharing!

Castiel has always had a special spot for humans, the only angel who truly followed God’s orders and loved humans more than anything. So when he ended up falling in love with one of them, it didn’t come out as a surprise to all his brothers and sisters. In fact, Gabriel has always secretly known that one day, Castiel’s heart would choose a human over Heaven. The thing is, though, the human that Castiel fell in love with wasn’t an ordinary one. It was the Righteous Man. The one, whose destiny has been decided since the beginning of time, the one human whose fate was to either save or doom humanity, the one, who sacrificed himself and sold his soul to save his brother, the one who endured 30 years of torture in hell and managed to stay human even after 10 years of being Alistair’s student, the one who went to Purgatory and back yet remained true to his humanity, the one who took on the Mark of Cain so he could stop the Knight of Hell from killing people, not caring about what would happen to him. The human who was ready to be thrown somewhere far away, live forever on his own, to ensure that neither him nor the Mark could hurt anyone ever again. The one stubborn, loyal, fierce, honest, brave, strong and heroic yet fragile, unfortunate, self-depreciating and most sacrificing human who believed in nothing but free will and refused to accept his destiny as it was. Castiel, the angel who was assigned to save the Righteous Man from the pits of Hell, ended up falling for him, metaphorically and literally. The angel was so head over heels for him that he rebelled against the Word of Heaven and the word of his superiors, all to satisfy that one man. He learned to trust his own decisions, learned what free will was and how to use it; even if he messed up most of the time, all thanks to the one man. Castiel gave up his family, his home, his grace, his wings, his life, for the human he fell in love with. He fell from Heaven, went to Hell, Purgatory and stayed on Earth, all for that hunter. He gave up everything and was ready to go through anything, just for his human. He worked with the King of Hell to ensure his human’s safety. He stayed in Purgatory just to make sure that his hunter would get back to Earth safely. He broke his connection with Heaven and disobeyed their commands just by hearing three simple words come out of his man’s mouth. He was hunted, made human, tortured, killed and brought back, all for the Righteous Man. But that’s okay, because Castiel’s love for him was not in vain, for Dean Winchester had slowly but surely fallen in love with his Guardian Angel.


“Castiel’s grace? Well, that one’s on both of us. The spell called for an angel in love with a human and as luck would have it, little Asstiel had fallen for your brutish, bowlegged charm. Couldn’t have done it without you. Although, you aren’t exactly you anymore, are you? I wonder what Castiel must have thought, seeing the Righteous Man he fell for drenched in ‘eau de sulfur’ and sporting a pair of black eyes? ”

Destiel Headcanons in 10.10 - the Metatron Speech

 I was rewatching 'The Hunter Games’ today and something about Metatron’s speech really struck me. Not what we did hear him say, but what we didn’t. When Dean is listing all of Metatron’s crimes a few scenes before he names (in order): stealing Cas’s grace, casting out the angels, making Gadreel kill Kevin, starting an angel war and killing Dean himself. When we first cut to this scene we don’t see Metatron addressing any of Dean’s other accusations but given his tone and the way he phrases “and Kevin’s death?” it feels like a safe bet to assume he’s been going for a while, rather than just gearing up. So it begs the question, what did he say to Dean about Cas’s grace and casting the angels out? Well, I’ve got a theory.

So as we know, the ingredients of Metatron’s spell were: the bow of a cupid, removing the heart of a nephilim and the grace of an angel. Even when I was first watching the season 8 finale I remember thinking how weird it was that the final ingredient was so unspecific. Why did it have to be Cas’s grace? Granted, he was there and available but if it could be just anyone, surely there had to be other angels in Metatron’s past that he hated more than Castiel. He was particularly vicious even to Naomi. Aside from that, Metatron is kind of woefully petty. There doesn’t seem to be any upward limit in how long he’s willing to hold a grudge. Afterall, he fled from heaven as soon as the archangels started squabbling, meaning he was probably down on Earth for at least a thousand years before the Winchesters found him, and yet still he was angry enough about being ran from his home that he decided to shut heaven forever. This does not seem like the behavior of an angel who would pass up a chance to get revenge on someone who had a more active role in the events that caused him to flee. So why Cas? I already had kind of an idea about that before I ever saw  this post by thebloggerbloggerfun but now I’m basically 100% convinced that it had to be the grace of an angel who was in love with a human. And now I think Dean knows it.

I think that down there in that dungeon Metatron drove that stake home to Dean. He wouldn’t have been able to resist. It’s the perfect time to do it too, if the goal is to make it hurt as much as possible. Dean’s heavily under the influence of the Mark and likely believes himself to be past saving. Metatron is already furious that Dean was judging his morality (“My morality is being judged by Dean Winchester? How many people have suffered and died because they believed in you?”).  There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Metatron wouldn’t have been able to resist forcing Dean to add Cas to that list.

The righteous man has fallen down
(fallen down, fallen down)
And now he wears the devil’s crown,
Of flame and iron and bone.

The brother who he’d once die for,
(and has died for, and did die for)
He cannot help him anymore,
And so he is alone.

The angel, even with his grace
(That burning blue and saving grace)
Even he cannot erase
The sin carved into stone.

The righteous man has fallen down
(fallen down, fallen down)–
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Eyes turn to charcoal,
And blood turns to rust.


Ashes to Ashes

Supernatural Poetry Challenge | @starclaire vs @adoredean vs @spaceboycas

Prompt: Charcoal

Pairing: none

Tags: demon!dean, blood mention


A Supernatural Fanfiction: Graceless

Pairing: Dean Winchester x fallen angel!reader

Author: Me

Words: 3605

Warnings: heartbreak, abandonment, mental instability, hints of mental illness fluff, I think that’s it :)

Author’s Notes: notes at the end of this post!

Prompt: Dean and the reader used to date, until she started spouting craziness talking about “they say you’re the righteous man.” “They never shut up and about you, Sam, Michael, and Lucifer.” Dean has had enough and next thing she knows she’s in a mental asylum for the insane. Years later when the boys meet Anna, Dean remembers the reader and feels guilty for not believing her in her graceless state. He decides that he owes her enough to bust her out and give her her grace back after all this time. But can Sam and Castiel help the reader forgive Dean for years of sitting in an isolated room?

By Anonymous

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Raven From the Ashes (complete story)

Check out my other multi-chapter Destiel stories on the tumblr master post or on Archive of Our Own. This story is complete and the sex scenes are marked accordingly in the chapter list. I hope you enjoy it!

Raven From the Ashes

Reuniting after Purgatory brings Dean and Cas to a romantic impasse, except human-angel love is against Heaven’s law. The two are soon hunted by demons and angels alike, though the angels succeed at dragging Cas off to Heaven for “purification”. Dean sets off on a quest to find Mary, Queen of Heaven, mother of all angels, who Cas says is the only one with the power to stop the madness. An angel cast out of Heaven called Amina appears, claiming to have been raised as a fledgling with Cas and demands to help. Sam is immediately taken with the fallen angel, which leads him on his own journey of self-discovery. Dean doesn’t know whether to trust her and he doesn’t know how he’s going to find Mary, but he’s not going to stop until he brings Cas home. The hunters soon discover the Virgin Mary’s plan to go to war in Heaven for her own piece of power. She wants to be a goddess in her own right, but she can’t do it without the faith and blood of the Righteous Man. In exchange for busting Cas out of Heaven, he has to give Mary what she wants. Will Mary hold up her end of the bargain? Will Dean? And will Sam finally find happiness in the process?

Amina’s looks are loosely based on:

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When Satan is run out of his infernal kingdom, he finds himself virtually powerless in modern-day Tokyo. Stuck in a feeble mortal body and desperate for cash, there’s only one way for the dark lord to survive: by getting a job manning the deep fryer at “MgRonald”!

As Satan flips burgers and tries to regain his evil magic, he’s pestered by a righteous hero who tracked him to Earth, a video-game-loving fallen angel looking for a way back into heaven, and the most unholy of enemies: a rival fast food franchise. Will he figure out a way to reclaim his homeland and throne? And if not, will this demonic burger king at least sell enough featured menu items to be promoted to shift supervisor? The devil can’t survive on minimum wage in the series Anime News Network calls “pure, unadulterated, gloriously fun entertainment.”

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Unlocked |thepsyco-ones|


After being caged once again, this time with his overly righteous brother, Michael, Lucifer managed to escape, leaving just a hollow, empty young man behind in the cage, no longer Micheal’s vessel.

Learning that the angels had all fallen to Earth, Lucifer used his freedom to make their fate even worse. His lust for revenge on the winged traitors was immense, to the point he used his powers to drag as many of them down to Hell, trapping them all in the cage he himself had been held within.

Now with Lucifer on the loose, no angels except the select few than managed to escape his grasp, demons running wild, Earth is in peril once more, now without anyone to pray to except the Hunters and Men & Women of Letters

Nyx had get gun pointed at the demon, her bullets having devils traps carved into them. She took a shot as soon as she was in perfect range, but was knocked over just as she pulled the trigger. ‘There’s more than one demon? Crap!’ she thought, turning to who had pushed her over and giving a forceful kick to it in the abdomen. She pulled the trigger on the demon as it stumbled, a satisfied look on her face. She had no idea that she had been stabbed, the knife still lodged in her side. Her adrenaline was pumping, so she didn’t feel the pain.

Nyx went over to the demon she had shot, and decapitated it, knowing between the bullet and decapitation, the low level demon would be gone for good. She rarely wasted her time with exorcisms, due to the fact the demon could always return and take another vessel.

Suddenly, the woman fell over, clutching her side as blood flooded out of her. She blinked a few times before everything went black.

Suddenly struck by SPN AU ideas where Zachariah is an evangelical pastor who catches the attentions of the Winchesters because he says he can heal the sick. Staking him out, the boys find that it isn’t Zachariah who has the gift but his nephew Cas. 

Only Cas isn’t really related to Zachariah at all. He’s a fallen angel who still retained his healing powers after he ripped out his grace. Zachariah found him, wondering dazed and confused, and convinced Castiel that he was his uncle and that Castiel has memory loss from the accident that killed his parents.

Zachariah is using Castiel’s powers to make himself an influential and rich man by exploiting the sick and the dying. 

Sam and Dean determin to put a stop to it and restore Castiel’s memory.

(oh and Cas crushes on Dean in the most obvious and adorable way, and Dean really wants him but knowing he’s an angel, he holds back because Cas is too good and righteous for him and doesn’t know what he’d be getting himself into.)


August 6, 2014 | endfected (Day 3)

The moment heaven shut their doors to him,
the Righteous Man held a fallen angel in his arms
because that would be the closest either of them
would ever be to heaven again.
Castiel will trail his hands over freckles across tanned cheeks,
and pretend that they are the constellations he used to pass by.
He will stare into deep, broken pools of emerald,
and remember the trees that he would breathe life into millennia before.
He will curl up in the arms of his lover in warm, summer nights,
and think about how he used to create cool breezes for ancient couples.
People believed that Castiel fell when he sided with the Winchesters,
but it was when Sam Winchester said yes to the devil,
and when Dean Winchester decided that he would save the world
with the sole shot of a gun,
that he began his slow spiral downward.
Because there was no more warmth in the embrace
(like the embrace of an older sibling, of an absent Father).
Because there was no more light in the eyes that stared back
(like the light of the place he once called home).
Because there was no more love in the cold, dark world
(like the love that he once rebelled for).
A pill,
an orgasm,
the right bottle of liquor,
can all help him reach as high as humanly possible,
but it still isn’t high enough for someone
that used to weave galaxies through his fingertips

Amazing Poem by: coveteddean