righteous by his works not mine

How should we receive Ramadan?

1. Sincere Repentance

Repentance of sins is obligatory at all times, especially in the month of Ramadan. If a person does not repent in Ramadan, then when would he repent? If one does not feel regret in Ramadan, then when would he feel regret? Allah (swt) Says:

And turn to Allaah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed. [Holy Qur'an 24:31]

2. Receiving Ramadan by devoting all actions sincerely and solely to Allah (swt)

One concept should be very clear to all from the onset: If your acts lack sincerity, then do not bother exhausting yourself because no action will be accepted without sincerity.

Allah (swt) Says:

So whoever would hope for the meeting with his Lord - let him do righteous work and not associate in the worship of his Lord anyone.[Holy Qur'an 18: 110]

It was narrated that the Prophet (saw), said:

“Allah The Almighty Says: ‘I am so self-sufficient that I am in no need of having an associate. Thus whoever does an action for someone else’s sake as well as mine, I will leave him to whom he has associated with Me.’”[Muslim]

Fasting is one of the greatest acts of worship that instill sincerity in the heart of the Muslim. This is because the fasting person cannot be known except by Allah (swt), especially if he observes fasting in days other than the days of Ramadan and even in Ramadan, for one can pretend that he is fasting while he is not. In addition to this, the fasting person keeps away from the slightest thing that can affect his fasting out of sincerity to Allah (swt) and seeking His pleasure. Therefore, Allah has hidden the reward of fasting and made it for Himself in much the same way as the fasting person has hidden his fasting from other people, and of course Allah only gives that which is bountiful and plentiful.

Allah (swt) says in a Qudsi (Sacred) Hadith:

Every deed of the son of Adam will be rewarded between ten and seven hundred fold, except fasting, for it is for Me and I shall reward it Myself.}

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

3. Receiving Ramadan by adhering strictly to the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw)

No act can be accepted unless it meets two conditions: that it is accompanied by a sincere intention, which is that one should do it only for the sake of Allah (swt), and in that it is in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet, (saw).

Indeed the Prophet (saw) clarified everything about the matter of fasting such as when to start and stop fasting, its pillars, its obligations, its recommended acts, its manners, its virtues and its benefits, things that break the fast, what cannot affect the fast, excuses that allow one to break the fast, and everything else that is related to the fast.

4. Receiving Ramadan with patience

In fact, Ramadan is the month of patience and forbearance. In it, one abstains from some of his usual habits, food, drink, sexual intercourse and anything else that would break the fast as a form of obedience to Allah (swt) and worship that brings one closer to Him.

Patience is one of the most difficult things for the soul. Therefore, patience represents half of faith and the patient will be given an immense reward as Allah (swt) Says : {Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.} [Holy Qur'an 39: 10]

Patience is of three types:

1- Patience concerning the obligations (required by Allah) that one should fulfill;
2- Patience in abstaining from actions forbidden by Him, that one should not do;
3- Patience concerning afflictions, that one should not resent or complain of his Lord to.

One should have all three of these.

May Allah grant us His mercy on this coming month of Ramadan. Ameen

Breakfast in Bed - hellsugar (spacetrashdelux) - Ninety-Nine Righteous Men (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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fun fact: i’ve been in a pretty downer place since last fall on and off and it’s been very therapeutic to “play house” with @kmclaude‘s characters and my own (with his permission 💕). Luci is mine, all else are Claude’s.


Hunger Games AU - District Twelve: Mining


Claudine Frollo - 14 years old, daughter of the district priest. They lost her mother in a mine explosion, and Claudine remembers seeing the fire from across town. Since then, she has been terrified of fire. She spends her days working in the church as a bell ringer. After her mother’s death, her father grew resentful towards the world. He used religion to explain everything, so he concluded the explosion was punishment. He claims to be righteous in all he does, so he blames his daughter. When her name is chosen for the games, she is relieved to be away from her wrathful father, but she’s petrified by her likely demise. Not to mention the male tribute from her district is a pyro-maniac.
Weapon of Choice: Spear
Quote: “Hellfire…Dark fire…”

Hadie Pluto - 17 years old, son of a baker. Hadie’s favorite thing to do is watch things bake in the brick oven. He absolutely loves fire. It’s borderline unhealthy. He prefers his food charred to a crisp, and that’s a win-win because he gets to watch the oven longer. He sees mine explosions and laughs despite the casualties. His hands are scarred from touching the hot coals in the oven a few times. Yeah, this kid has some lose screws in his head, but feeling pain is better than feeling hopeless, in his opinion. He is living in Hell, and he accepts it with open arms and burning hands.
Weapon of Choice: He’d be happy with a stick on fire
Quote:“It was awesome!”

(Credit for this gif goes to whoever made it! GIF IS NOT MINE.)

Young & Beautiful

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

Warning: age difference – about 12 years, language

Summary: Despite the age differences between Reader, 19, and Steve, they have undeniable chemistry. Too bad Captain America is too righteous to give in to his feelings.

You stumble into the Avengers Compound behind Wanda and Pietro at 2AM, and the three of you make your way to the elevators noisily. You’re giggling over something Pietro had said 10 minutes before, all of you high on happiness. It’s not often that you get to go out and have fun; fighting alongside the Avengers is mainly all work and very little play.

The laughter subsides as the three of you step into the elevator, and you rest your head on Wanda’s shoulder as Pietro presses the button for the 3rd floor.

“Tonight was fun,” Wanda says happily. “I wish we got to go out more often.”

You nod against her shoulder as Pietro agrees, “Going out is fun. Even if the both of you always cockblock me.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Commander Rogers and Director Stark coming home to each other to complain about work and how stupid everyone they work with is while doing something crazy and domestic like cooking together.

“You would not believe the day I just had,” Steve called out the moment Tony walked through the door. Tony was the only one who really bothered with a traditional sort of greeting, and that was only to snicker as he called out “Honey, I’m home!”

Tony threw his suit jacket on the couch and ignored Steve’s pointed glare, moving to the kitchen to place his hands on Steve’s hips and press a kiss to his neck. Steve leaned into the touch momentarily, before returning his attention to the vegetables he was slicing. The two of them had a standing agreement when it came to cooking. Steve did the preparation, and Tony did the actual assembling of the ingredients. Steve hadn’t been joking when he told Sam they boiled everything, and his cooking skills were dismal. Tony however, was fairly good in the kitchen, and so the two did their best to prepare dinners together.

“Oh yeah? I bet it can’t beat mine.” Tony said teasingly, grabbing his “kiss the cook” apron Steve had insisted on buying him. “Everyone I work with is incompetent.”

Steve smirked, and flicked a dishrag at his husband’s ass, pulling an innocent face as soon as Tony narrowed his eyes at him.

“Nope, I’ve still got you beat. I had to deal with the stubborn, arrogant, argumentative director today.”

It was Tony’s turn to smirk as he faced Steve, crossing his arms over his chest. “Oh yeah? I had to deal with the bullheaded, righteous, insubordinate commander with the ridiculously broad shoulders.”

Steve laughed and shook his head, before leaning in to press a kiss to Tony’s lips.

“Glad you’re home Director Stark.”

“Good to be home Commander Rogers.”

Fandom: Star Wars

Summary: Han Solo wakes up in medical with his wife beside him.

Or the one in which Ben Solo was born a twin, and Ailana Solo - mercenary extraordinaire - arrives in time to save her father’s life.

The last thing Han hears before oblivion drags him under is, “BB-3, down and under. Before that gullible idiot really dies.”

Ah, he thinks vaguely and actually manages a smile even in the aftermath of his son’s betrayal. Lany came back. It’s so good to hear her voice one last time.

And then he knows no more.

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Free Love

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T for language and non-graphic sexual situations

A/N: Just a bit of gnarly fluff, man :) Peace out!

It was Annie’s idea.

“Come on, man,” she’d laughed, smoke circling her head. “There’s gonna be thousands of hippies, you can sell a ton of your shit!” And then she devolved into giggles. Weed always made Annie spacey.

“Annie, money just supports the establishment, world’s got enough for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed!” Peeta watched as Annie fell back on the couch, lost in her own world, and he figured the matter had been dropped.

Until Finnick got back to the yurt they shared.

“Peeta! Did you see this?” He thrust a torn but colourful poster into Peeta’s hands, an image of a dove perched on the frets of a guitar.

He examined the poster closely, looking at the sloppy way the screens had been aligned for printing. Peeta knew he could do a far better job himself. But when he told Finnick that the other man scoffed. “I know that, man, but check out the sweet gig. Music festival, man! Hendrix is gonna be there!”

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Propositions and Proposals

Okay so my best friend just wrote a Zutara (Zuko×Katara from Avatar) fic for Zutara month with the prompts “Snowed In” and “Partners”. And I’m posting it bc her WiFi sucks. So! Without further ado:

Propositions and Proposals


Zuko is horrible with words and Katara is at the receiving end of the worst marriage proposal ever.


I decided to finally participate a *Insert Ship Name Here* Month/Week! This is for the prompts “Partners” and “Snowed In.” Thanks Del for beta. Any other mistakes just contests to my inability to catch typos and to understand the English language.

Give her a kudos!!


“I- I have… I have a proposition to make.”

Katara slowly lowered the ladle she was planning on smacking Zuko with- Fire Lord title be damned- and returned her attention back to her stew. For the past twenty minutes, the man was bustling with enough restless energy to put Aang to shame. During the first five minutes, he nearly formed a trench with his incessant pacing. Then, after Katara scathingly asked him to spare her floor, he offered to quicken the cooking process by strengthening the flames. When Katara kindly declined (since Gran-Gran’s recipe specifically called for the stew to boil over low heat), he finally seated himself but unfortunately, Katara’s relief was short lived. It was exactly two seconds into the newly found silence that Zuko began tapping his fingers against his thigh and when that failed to do anything, he started tapping his boot. And if that wasn’t enough, for some strange reason, words seemed to die off his tongue the second he opened his mouth.

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“Righteous man they used to call
the boy with sunkissed skin
now his eyes are colored black
and his heart is filled with sin”

demon!dean inspired by this poem by friendlycas

anonymous asked:

INSTANTLY OBSESSED WITH BAKER SOLAS! What a tease! I know you have a million prompts to complete but I'd love to see more of that if you get a few minutes!

I couldn’t help myself.

(A continuation of this post, for those unfamiliar.)

Chapter 2: Lan’sila 

“When is your shift over?”

“Four,” Dorian answered, his voice sounding strangely tinny through the poor reception. “Why? Are you trying to bum a ride again?”

“Very funny,” Isii said, eyes narrowing as she shifted her grip on her phone. She walked at a brisk pace, her boots clicking against the sidewalk. “Want to catch an early dinner?”

“Oh? You finally found time to pencil me in? I should feel honored.”

“I don’t need your sass,” she said with a laugh. “You know I’ve been crazy busy. In any case, my plans for tonight were cancelled.”

“Deshanna finally letting you off of your leash for a bit?”

She scoffed, stealing a sip of her tea. Still too hot. “She didn’t give a reason why. Something’s come up. No complaints from me, though. She’s had me scrambling to get ready for La Conférence Internationale. I honestly don’t think she has much faith in me at this point with how much she’s worrying.”

“Apparently she has faith that you’ll make an ass of yourself.”

“Wow. Such a vote of confidence, Dorian. I’m touched.”

“I’m merely speaking in terms of her opinion, not mine. I’m sure everything will go swimmingly.”

“As long as we’re not laughed out of the room by a bunch of self-righteous shems. No offense.”

“None taken.”

She angled the phone against her shoulder as she neared the door to the bakery, reaching for the handle. She saw the baker’s eyes lift briefly before returning his attention to the woman who was standing beside him behind the counter. “You probably don’t want me taking up the rest of your break. Should I head over to the library once you’re off work or not?”

“Sure. The usual spot.”

“Cool. See you then.” She heard the disconnecting click as she nudged the door closed with her backside, carefully balancing her tea as she brought the phone down from her ear. The baker looked irritated - his eyes narrowed, brow lowered, small creases etched into the bridge of his nose as he spoke. She got the distinct impression that he had lowered his tone in an attempt not to yell at the girl in front of a customer. 

“You need to fix the displays.”

The blond elf scrunched up her nose, frowning. “What’s wrong with ‘em?”

“You can’t simply toss the items loosely in a tray and call it a day. They need to be laid out in an orderly fashion. Far too much effort goes into making them look appetizing for you to then present them as if they were refuse.”

A sharp pffft escaped the girl’s lips before she tugged off her apron. “I’m taking my break,” she said, walking briskly into the back room, grumbling something about cookies. He stormed after her a few short steps.

“You can’t just-” He halted, letting out a slow breath before turning to face Isii. “Apologies,” he said curtly, automatically reaching down to retrieve her usual bradh. They’d gotten to the point where she didn’t even have to ask anymore.

“New hire?” she asked quietly.

“Not working out well, I’m afraid.” He reached for a plate, setting the pastry down before ringing her up. 

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galliffrey  asked:

Prompt: Several of Molly's things begin to go missing. She soon realizes that a certain consulting detective is to blame.

For the second time that day, Molly stood in her bathroom for a good twenty minutes, unable to figure out what had happened. She had just bought shampoo. It was strawberry scented, and she had placed it on the rack in the shower. She could swear

What’s more, her scarf had gone missing (the rainbow one she really liked), and just last morning, she couldn’t find her jumper. It had been terribly cold outside too, and she had nearly frozen to death. If she weren’t a hundred percent sure she didn’t live in a magical universe (because if there was magic involved, Sherlock would most definitely be at the very center of it), she would’ve thought goblins or something of the like took them. Or perhaps strange little elves who liked strawberry shampoo. 

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The Naked Man.

This is pretty much the result of two writers chatting late at night on Skype. So if you wanna blame anyone for this, direct your complaints to conchepcion. Even though I was the one who came up with this premise, but hush.

Lestrade guffawed, and almost spat out his beer.

“Oh my god! You can’t possibly think that actually worked!”

“I don’t think it worked – I know it worked!” John protested, gulping back his drink. “If the numbers I got are anything to go by at least. He looked to Sherlock. “Now c’mon – I’ve shared my tricks – how about you? Any tricks to speak of? If you ever had sex, that is.”

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Scenes from the Broadway Bean (Part 9: It’s Time)

Summary: Coffee shop AU. Kurt and Blaine. New York. NYADA and a coffee shop. A classic. But I’ve never written it before. Klaine advent fic. (It won’t have every prompt, but I will put it all together at the end for a full fic effect…)

Klaine advent prompt 20: Time

Words: 1430

This is a continuous story so please read first:

Part 1: Broadway (Kurt’s POV)

Part 2: Competition (Blaine’s POV)

Part 3: The Other Day (Kink and Day) (Kurt’s POV)

Part 4: Sweet Escape (Legend and Escape) (Blaine’s POV)

Part 5: Stuck Between the Moon and NYC (Moon and Number) (Kurt’s POV)

Part 6: Passion (Passion) (Kurt’s POV)

Part 7: Ask Me Again (Question) (Blaine’s POV)

Part 8: Shift (Kurt’s POV)

It’s Time

Kurt’s phone buzzes as he’s sitting with Rachel in the Bean, waiting for Blaine to finish his shift.  “Oh. It’s my dad. One sec…Hi dad.”

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