“When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost!”

Castiel stared at her, and remembered.

He remembered the pain of the acidic air on his wings. He had stabbed and shoved his way through the demons, wading through blood and bodies of his fallen kin. It was far from angelic, farther from than anything he had ever done before.

The air ahead of him cleared and he saw him. A spark of doubt lit in him. This snarling, bloody demon was the righteous man?

The thing turned from the tormented soul at his feet and Castiel stared straight into his eyes, flickering between black and bright green, like they weren’t sure whether their owner was human or something else entirely. Castiel straightened. There was still hope. He strode forward and reached for Dean Winchester’s shoulder. The man roared wordlessly at him and raised his blood caked whip, but Castiel was faster.

His hand fastened on Dean’s shoulder and inside his head, the world exploded. In his mind’s eye was a churning ball of light and colour. It flashed and writhed furiously. Parts of it surged up and out, blazing with green-gold-orange-white before dropping down again. Strangely, they reminded him of solar flares. Blackened cracks marred the surface, but they couldn’t block the intensity of that light. He observed it with something akin to wonder. How could anything trapped in this place for so long still be beautiful?

He reached out a hand -his real hand, not the one of his vessel- and touched Dean Winchester’s soul. He gripped it tight.

Castiel remembered, and decided that when he had first laid a hand on Dean he wasn’t lost. He was found.

I was just crushed under the thought of whether or not on the other occasions of their meeting or in discussion, if Leia reminded Vader of Padmé.

If seeing this fiery young woman with such righteous anger in her heart spitting curses at the feet of unjust reminded him of his wife; seeing something of her in Leia’s face, the same hard and stubborn glare, or even her seemingly impossible poise.

He wouldn’t have had a clue he was looking at his own child; he’d only have a thought in the quietest part of his mind that maybe she would have been proud of this astonishing young politician who so fearlessly defies the Empire.

Vader never got to see Leia and understand that she was his child, but if he had, he’d see so much of himself in her too. Padmé was a politician, and that was how Leia filtered her rage, her disgust with the way things were. If she’d been raised more freely, chains would have broken, and there would have been warrants out with her name on them because Leia is as wild and unrelenting as her father and nobody could have stopped her.

fandom vs. book

fandom ralph: cynical no-one-touches-him prince, all aloof and cool and level-headed, always finds witty insults for jack, tough, smarter than everyone, everyone’s love interest, popular with everyone, good at everything

book ralph: quite airheaded and oblivious, moderately smart, often pissy, confused a lot, sad a lot, looks tough but is not, taunted by jack, moderately decent person, tries to be righteous, no one actually likes him except for a couple of people, mostly wants to go home

fandom jack: always stupid, either extremely hot or extremely cute, either punk rock or weirdly woobified, unpopular with other characters, always softer than his book version, either complete nerd or complete jock, no one takes him seriously, his whole purpose in life is to impress ralph

book jack: moderately smart but mad, scary, ugly af, ambitious af, agressive, both nerd and jock, obsessive, very manipulative, knows how to make himself popular, his purpose in life is actually stepping over anyone who gets in his way

fandom simon: always feminine and small,  flower crowns, always needs protection, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes smokes weed, is the epitome of the woobie

book simon: vulnerable child because of health problems, very smart, very wise, always knows the real cause of the problem, brave, strange af, looks like mowgli from the jungle book

fandom roger: either emo or goth, wears makeup a lot, weirdly has feelings for things other than murder, is inexplicably in love with either simon, jack or maurice, also sarcastic af, always has deeper backstory than other characters

book roger: small but scary, loyal to anyone who likes murder, doesn’t react much, stoic and quiet, you literally don’t know anything about him except that he’s a child sociopath

fandom piggy: quite accurate most of the time, except that he is in love with ralph and is brave enough to confront jack, often forgotten

book piggy: tries to be useful, knows a lot of useful and useless things, p smart but not the smartest, quite dislikes ralph, is terrified of jack, also wants to go home, is thrashed by everyone through the entire novel before he gets murdered, is literally the saddest case

Musings on Madam Secretary 3.03

A lot happened in “South China Sea,” and yet in the end, nothing happened at all. In the world of international politics, I’m assuming that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. There’s a “flight of the bumblebee” taking place behind the scenes in hopes of keeping world peace status quo for the general public.

Another episode, another group of activists arrested for doing something ridiculous and righteous.  This week centers on China and a don’t-call-it-an-island in the South China Sea. Some young American environmental warriors stepped foot where they shouldn’t and were captured. Elizabeth has to be tired of constantly bailing out fools. She’s done it in Syria, Chile, China. The list goes on. At a certain point, I’d just leave them. This is precisely why I’m not Secretary of State.

While the activists are getting themselves arrested, Elizabeth and Henry are starring in their own horror show. The stalking is not only continuing, it’s ramping up. The worst part is, no one is any closer to figuring out who’s responsible. It’s a bit of a sticking point for Elizabeth and Henry. Henry has convinced himself that Ray Merchant is behind the stalking. Merchant is a former student of Elizabeth’s who liked her (like with the big “L”), possibly a little too much. Elizabeth dismisses Henry’s thoughts that Ray is the one causing their family trauma, rattling off a list of terror organizations that would happily kill her and her family. Again, this is why I’m not Secretary of State. Henry, however, is insistent Ray should be looked at. Basically, Henry is now obsessing about Ray being obsessed with Elizabeth. Ironic.

We’ve never heard about this guy or Elizabeth even having an issue with a former student, so Henry’s insistence that Ray is the stalker is a bit odd. I get that he’s grasping at any possible lead, desperate to discover who’s terrorizing his family. The people he loves most in this world are vulnerable and he can’t protect them, and it’s driving him crazy. It also doesn’t help that he appears to have a lot of time on his hands. I’m assuming he’s still at the War College, but we haven’t seen him at work for a while. He doesn’t have much to distract him, so he sits around, alone with his obsessive thoughts. His background in defense and the military isn’t helping. Even José realizes Henry is walking a tightrope on obsession and tries to talk rationally with him, but it doesn’t work. Watching Henry deal with Ray, I felt shades of last season. He couldn’t understand why no one else saw the situation with Dmitri the way he did. The same thing is happening here with Ray. Personally, Ray didn’t even blip on my radar because one rule every TV drama viewer knows is if the writers focus too much on one person, it isn’t that person. (Good) plots are never that revealing. Usually.

Ray’s existence was first mentioned while the McCords made their bed. Is there anything more realistic than a couple fighting while doing typical household chores? These scenes give Elizabeth and Henry humanity and make them relatable. Even more typical: bargaining over the chores. Elizabeth said Henry could talk to the FBI if he put the shams on the big pillows. “That’s the worst job in the whole house,” Henry laments. No, Henry. Unloading the dishwasher is. If money was no object, I’d hire someone to unload the dishwasher and put my clean laundry away.

The Merry McCords fighting isn’t always so cordial this episode. The two had their moments. Henry is questioning the capability of the FBI and Diplomatic Security, a thought Elizabeth doesn’t even want to entertain. He’s angry. She’s short. “Don’t talk to me like I’m crazy,” Henry demands. “Then stop acting like it,” Elizabeth retorts. A few more terse words later and Elizabeth hangs up the phone. That’s how a couple should fight. It’s actually commendable how this married couple does disagree. I enjoy seeing how they resolve conflicts within their marriage because it’s typically very civil. They don’t hit below the belt, call each other names, or (generally) lash out verbally in anger. Even last season when Henry was irate at Elizabeth for leaving Dmitri behind, he was adult and left the room, admitting he didn’t want to say anything he would regret. How often do we all lash out in the heat of the moment? One thing about words: you can’t take them back.

As if the pictures and random notes aren’t enough to terrify the McCords, in walks a clip from Poltergeist. Lights flash, the TV comes on, the oven heats up, ice is launched from the refrigerator. Basically the entire house becomes possessed. No, thank you. Someone managed to hack into virtually everything inside the McCord home and take over. It’s a legitimate concern these days. The new terror threat. A scarier threat, considering anyone can virtually get inside your home without stepping foot nearby. Henry tries to stay calm. If that happened to my house, a “For Sale” sign would be up in 10 minutes.

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As a ShadowClan cat aka the Most Righteous of the Clans.... Sunningrocks belongs to me and mine bc we stole it while y'all were arguing lmao

lmaoo omg ShadowClan just creeps over and sits on the rocks while RC and TC just stare like “wtf are you even doing here?????”


  • determination, because hey, morality’s gray and all. that thievery’s probably defendable with good enough lawyers. 

The final cards are placed and you gaze upon them. One of these Resonates to you but you don’t know just which yet.

“You have spent your life in Charitable and Righteous work. Your uncle is a tavern owner and he lies ill, his final days are upon him. He asks you to take over his tavern. Do you Sacrifice your life of Questing or do you decline and follow your Heroic Call?”

Do you Choose a life of Sacrifice or a life of Determination”?

There’s a couple of “big-blogs” in this fandom (who shall go unamed) that piss me off to no end because they think they’re the most upstanding self-righteous people in the fndm when they supposedly “condemn” “injustices” in the fandom but just come off as pricks to me.

The thing I hate is that they’re popular and people actually buy into their jackassery….

And now for something completely different... (Did you need any Shaula feels?)

“You… saved me,” Shaula said, staring wide eyed with fascination as if the concept was having a hard time settling in. “Before.”

“Yes,” Harlow said, looking as insufferably smug as he could, and that was a lot. “I believe I did.”

“But you threaten to throw me into a start at least twice a day,” Shaula went on, mystified and yet somehow not quite mad. She was not used to the feeling, so one could forgive her the delayed righteous fury, for once. “And you mean it, too!” She added, as if lots of people had, in fact, come to threaten the very same thing, with such timely schedule. This being Shaula, the notion was not entirely without merit. “You want me dead half the time, and you saved me.”

“My dear, if I wanted you dead, you would be,” Harlow pointed out, without much theatrics, because the statement hardly needed them, coming from him.


“I might still want you dead at some point,” he went on, smug little smile growing wider and smugger, “but even so, if I do, I’ll kill you with my own hands. I wouldn’t let someone do it. Ever.”

“But why?” Shaula insisted, because weird and creepy was Harlow’s specialty, but at this point it all sounded suspiciously like a promise of protection and she wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Because you opened yourself to me, once,” Harlow went on, grin melting into a smirk as Shaula’s face scrunched up into a frown. “You hated it and it broke you, but for a short while, you were mine.” That smile, right there, Shaula decided, it had no business on anyone’s face but a dragon’s. “It’s one of my greatest flaws, you see, I am viciously territorial about anything I deem mine.”


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Has Kevin been in a horror movie?

I consider Se7en to be a horror film. Because there is nothing more terrifying than the horror that humans inflict on one another. John Doe is a quiet, tea drinking, self-righteous monster who could live next door and no one would be the wiser. Just ask Jeffery Dahmer’s neighbors about the “nice young man in apt.13″

As my pride is on the rise I realize…

That power does not corrupt and absolute power does not corrupt absolutely for Absolute Power Himself is the only One who is not corrupt. 

Instead, power magnifies the corruption that’s already within us. Many who are seemingly the most humble of people, are only so because their life itself is quite humble. If given more money, success, fame, status, etc… their inner pride will show itself. Thus, my first sentence is a lie see… my pride is not rising… I’m just increasingly realizing… the pride that’s inside me…

But pride is just one thing. There may come a time when you look at yourself and think yourself to be righteous because you see yourself as generally honest or generally kind or patient or sexually pure etc… yet in reality, you’re only that way because you’re a level 10 Christian and God is only sending you level 9 temptations while withholding the level 99 ultra boss fight temptations that would wipe you out in a second. 

There’s a reason Christ tells us that anger at our brothers without cause is murder of the heart and lust is adultery of the heart. What it means is that when you’re angry over that person or you’re lusting after that person, if you had God’s power, then at that moment you would murder or you would fornicate. The limitations that God places on your life is a grace that keeps you from committing the most heinous of sins. 

The amount of righteousness we are called to have is one in which if we were God, we would still render Him full obedience and praise. The amount of humility we should mimic is on in which if we were in the form of God, would not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but would take on the form of a servant and humble ourselves by being obedient to the point of death. 

Such righteousness is so infinitely more than anyone can hope to achieve I have no idea how anyone could dare believe our works can contribute to our justification in any way. Yet in Christ, that righteousness is ours. 

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You are not afraid of the sufferings and sorrows of other people, even when they are acted out in unappealing ways. Beneath even defensiveness and self-righteous behaviour, you know that deep down people need nurturing and consolation. One danger is being naive about people’s dark sides. But at your best you know you can be mean yourself, which helps you to sympathise. You bring strength and forgiveness where other people might panic.


You don’t set out to be different for its own sake; you are more easily guided by what interests and moves you. You are more concerned about what is right for you than about the pressure to fit in. You know the value of selective irresponsibility, of forgetting occasionally about being ‘good’.


You have delicate, sensitive perceptions; you can be deeply moved by appearances – the right light in a room, or good food, or the texture of a piece of clothing. Expressive, intelligent language has a powerful hold on you; your mind works better when it is inspired and provoked by vivid imagery. It can be sad to live in a world which is often so ugly and not properly looked after. But you know that things can be otherwise, and you have the ability to appreciate the world at its best.

Author asks

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Jane Austen: Who was your first love? - Probably Peter Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Ray Bradbury: What is your favorite book? - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, The lord of the rings (plus hobbit) Harry potter, and more

Charles Darwin: What is your favorite animal?  - Its’s a toss up between horses and wolves.

Alice Walker: What is your favorite color? - blue and purple

Kurt Vonnegut: What is your favorite breakfast cereal? - Cheerios for sure, it’s the only cereal I eat.

J.D. Salinger: What was your favorite subject in school? - English and History

J.K. Rowling: What is your favorite magical creature? - Dragons! They’re soo cool.

Neil Gaiman: What religion are you? - Christian (but not the pushy, overly righteous kind )

Oscar Wilde: What is your vice? - Probably sloth (i’m lazy)

Julia Child: What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten? - There have been lots of them, I can’t choose one!

Stephen King: What was your last Halloween costume? - Probably a princess ( I went as one practically every Halloween) 

Harper Lee: Who was your childhood best friend? - Alisha, until she moved away. we haven’t talked or seen each other since.

Brothers Grimm: What is your favorite fairytale? - The twelve dancing princesses and the beauty and the beast

F. Scott Fitzgerald: What is the best party you ever attended? - It sounds pathetic but I can’t think of one…

George R. R. Martin: Summer or winter? - Summer

Mark Twain: What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? - play with my dolls, watch Disney movies, the usual.  

Edgar Allan Poe: What scares you the most? - The future, the unknown, my loved ones dying, becoming a horrible person.

Herman Melville: Beach or mountains? - .The Beach, since I live in the mountains.  

Roald Dahl: What is your favorite candy? - Swedish fish and recees peanut butter cups.

Jack Kerouac: Where do you want to travel? - all over the world!

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