Black Mirror 3.0

“Black Mirror is a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world. The three stand-alone dramas will be sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales with a techno-paranoia bent - all audacious ‘what if’ stories: some comic, some shocking.“


My baby! Jjokkomi!!!! Manggaetteok!!! 내 새끼!!!! 망개떡?! 쪼꼬미!!!!

망개떡!? 내 새끼?!!! 어어어어어엉엉!!!! 국민!!!!!!!! 국민!!!!!! 이즈 리얼!!!!! 레알 사귀네?!?!!! 아ㅏ아아아아앙ㅇㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋ???!!!앜잌ㅋㅋ쿠ㅜㅜㅜ야ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

…I knew…. I just knew Jungkook would like Jimin being called/described as a  Manggaetteok. The way he said it in the Snow app video cemented it for me. But to think… PJM is Jungkook’s Manggaetteok. That’s. God. You guys, the real maknae honest to god thinks the fake maknae is the cutest fucking thing in the world. Jjokkomi ㅠㅠㅠ And I just realized.. he likes describing Jimin as dessert: Manggaetteok, Mochi, Bbangtteok. Just eat him already!!

And now we know why Jungkook likes being called baby. Jimin raised Jeon Jungkook on his back. He is his big puppy. His child. His…big, manly, grown-ass baby…

I need a smoke break.

Edit: Back from my break and I still can’t get over this.Nobody in Korea would call someone older than them jjokkomi. I am disgusted by Jungkook’s audacity. He’s a real top. I will never recover from this.

man oh man, all i want now are some solid 1 on 1 nora/ruby moments

(also if yang/nora is pink lemonade then can i call them strawberry punch?)

Tories filibuster 'Turing Bill' – denying pardons to 50,000 living gay men | Left Foot Forward

A private members bill aiming to erase the criminal records of gay men convicted of now-defunct sexual offences was talked out by Tories in the House of Commons this afternoon.
If passed, it would have cleared the way for a pardon of nearly 50,000 men living with convictions for consensual homosexual activity.

This is honestly so important. The people that paved the way for us queer young people are still stuck with criminal records for having queer sex or ‘wearing the wrong clothes’ in just about every country and we need to fucking organize and support them and realize these political games for what they are: an attack on our queer elders.


Hanji Zoë, 14th Commander of the Survey Corps

Hanji Zoë is my character snk’s fav. Many see her as the mad lover of the titans, but I consider her much more than that; she’s smart, strategist, maternal, direct, the “voice of conscience” within the group, a leader. I love her, that’s why I had to make this tribute. <3

Isayama, show us her story, she deserves it, and DON’T KILL HER!

Enzo & Togore Ishi

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your Starfire pics but I noticed they have a lot of clothes and I was wondering if you knew she got her power from absorbing the sun with her skin? If you did then sorry for bothering you, im not here to tell you how to draw! especially not when youre drawing such cute clothes...

hi! and yes, i know. using that explanation of/basis for her powers as an excuse for putting her in basically no clothing is lazy in my opinion. that she gets her powers from absorbing sunlight is used a lot of times to justify drawing her in as little as possible. no one tells you that to get more vitamin d from going outside you have to absolutely be in a swimsuit or else it won’t work, right? also she’s an alien in a comic book - we read her comics and we believe that she’s an alien and that she can fly and can shoot starbolts and absorb light for power, literally a super-tall, superpowered alien princess - they could literally write her powers to work any way, but the thing about her and clothes because of the sun? yeah, that’s so silly to me. 

aside from that - i’m glad you think they’re cute! it means a lot to me when people like any of my redesigns. thank you!

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i know i like girls but everytime i imagine having a girlfriend i think "you're too ugly for such pretty girls to ever love you back." i know its just because im still a teenager and its a really low point in my life, but idk if i can get it out of my head that im not ugly and that someday i'll have a beautiful girlfriend who will love me as much as i love her

listen i was in the exact same boat youre in and right now i’m dating the most beautiful person in the world and i’m a fucken potato ok. it’s possible. keep ur head up