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Soumako... caring for each other while I'll, patching up a wound, falling asleep in the others lap, and/or reacting to crying about something?

SOOOOOO sorry this took so long! ;A; i have no excuse. im just really bad at getting things done in an acceptable amount of time

♞:Caring for each other while ill

nonsexual acts of intimacy

The air is thick with an unspoken ‘I told you so,’ and Sousuke doesn’t appreciate it one bit.

“Sdop doin dat,” he says thickly, his words slurred by his stuffed nose.

Makoto lifts an eyebrow at him. “Stop doing what?”

“Sdop makin’ dat face. I ged id, you were rightd. Sdop lookin’ so damnd smug.”

“Oh.” Makoto smiles, looking back down at the cloth he’s wringing of water. He shakes the last stray droplets from it, folds it in half a couple times, and leans over to rest it over Sousuke’s forehead. The throb in his temples immediately lessens, but his sour attitude holds firm. “Sorry.”

“No you’re nod,” Sousuke grumbles, and earns a laugh in response.

“I did warn you. You’re always so stubborn about not bundling up.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Do you need more blankets?”

“‘M fined.”

“Fined?” Makoto repeats, smiling insufferably.

Sousuke glowers up at him. “I said, I’m fine-d. Fined. Fine-d.” Makoto turns away to hide his laugh, making Sousuke glower more. “Fugg you.”

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Dan and Phil: Bad puns

P: terrain, tesnow, tehail. D: Get out

P: Utensils, more like spooktensils D: You’re ruining Halloween for all of us

D: Let me change the name to PhilDanalds ayy

P: 100% Polyester some fine materials there D: Polylester, boom

D: For the philling… see what I did there P: heyy I like it

P: No pressure D: Nose pressure! D&P: *laughs*

P: The seal has a message for you D: Ok here we go P: Maybe it’s a seal of approval

 P: Maybe it can spit things really far? Maybe it’s gonna bants

P: And for the coating *while wearing a coat* D: Is that where you went? You went to the other side of the house just to say “ and for the coating”?

D: And we missed something like in the first one “ Tu-toriel “

D: Stand still! P: Stencil. D: I’m gonna hit you, shut up

D: Don’t lean back too far otherwise you’ll be AmazingPhilisonfire

P: He’s so Diligent *nods* 

D: Phil, it was a pickup line P: Ooohh oh

P: Is Canada real? D: No I think it’s a fictional country P: I was aboot to say

P: Lemme do it again lemme do it again. D: What should we call you now Phil? P: Don’t call me Phil anymore, call me Philgon

P: What a home-wrecker, what is she trying to do? D: I thought you were gonna call her a hoe there, Phil. P: A hoe-mewrecker

D: Is he linked with Nintendo? P: Nintend-no. D: Leave the video, just exit stage right

D: Is that a well there aswell? P: Oh my God D: Aswell

P: Maybe it was destined all along D: Maybe it was Westony 

D: It’s time to get saucy *holds up ketchup* P: That was hilarious, Dan D: Shut up

P: Navigate through the ruff terrain of life

*Heading towards a well* P: I don’t think this will end well. D: Did you intend that? P: No D: Just yeah okay

D: He’s officially not good enough to fish it… He’s offishially not good enough to fish it P: No that is terrible! D: Does that beat Diligent? 

P: Underwear, watch out for an undercare! D: Disturb, not make the worst pun ever!

P: Hey Dan, what is a vampire’s favourite fruit? D: A blood orange P: A nectarine! D: Oh for fuck’s sake

P: Anthony. D: ‘Cause it’s an ant. Nice

P: You have to move that bin, it’s so rubbish…. Rubbish aha!

Louise: It’s judgement day. D: It’s Joejment day

P: I’m Chris Plant          (Chris Pratt)

D: Cruella DePhil oohh

P: What do you call a walk! Lol 

P: What do you call a girl with a frog on her head? A Lily! 

This was from: 4 minutes of Dan and Phil and terrible puns & dad jokes

Sorry if someone did this already, the idea just came so I did it.

‘same goes for you’ (part iii, scott mccall one-shot)

Prompt: Tensions continue to rise as Scott starts the pack meeting and Saga (The Reader) does anything but try to pay attention. Isaac gets tired of being in the wrong and explains himself to Saga.

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Scott McCall x Kira Yukimura // Isaac Lahey x Saga // Derek Hale x Saga // Scott McCall x Saga // Stydia // Stiles Stilinski x Saga x Lydia Martin (friends)

Warnings: d(addy)erek texts, arguing, lots of emotions, cursing

A/N: In this story, Allison is alive. She’s hurt, but recovering. Chris Argent has teamed up with Jackson instead of Isaac. Jackson will be a constant character in this story. Hayden and Liam aren’t together, and she wont’ be a part of Scott’s pack. Saga is a human, a fighter. Knives are her specialty. I think that’s it. I hope you guys enjoy it! Don’t forget to read Part I and Part II! Much love xoxox

Lydia walks in behind them and gives me a look, trying to ask me what the hell is going on. I roll my eyes in response and chuckle cold heartedly.

“Can we get this meeting over with? I’ve got things to do,” I give Scott a tight-lipped smile as he and Kira take a seat.

“Yeah, sure,” he clears his throat and nods. Kira squeezes his hand and looks a little confused but shrugs it off.

Isaac placed a hand on my thigh, knowing that it usually calms me down. I take a deep breath and give him a light smile, slowly removing my thigh from under his touch. He frowns and sighs, intertwining his fingers and resting his elbows on his knees.

I sigh and look up at Scott, smirking as I see the Alpha clenching his jaw. I roll my eyes and pull out my phone. I see a text pop up from Derek. I bite my lip to hide the smile as I read the text.

d(addy)erek: if Scott is two-timing you, you know I could beat his ass

I shake my head and look up at an angry Scott talking about possible new threats and additions to the pack. I let out a silent sigh and go back to texting Derek.

me: i’m flattered that you’d do that for me, honestly.

d(addy)erek: so it’s true?

me: i honestly don’t know who he’s two-timing at this point.

d(addy)erek: wait so you two did hook up? what the hell

me: um kinda? idk we just made out… intensely. but that’s it

d(addy)erek: are you a good kisser?

me: wouldn’t you like to know?

d(addy)erek: of course i would. that’s why i asked moron

me: hey be nice you ass.

d(addy)erek: why is isaac frowning? what happened between you two anyway?

me: allison did.

d(addy)erek: shit

me: yeah. oh well lol.

d(addy)erek: you have shitty taste in guys
me: well i was into you at some point, so yeah. u right

d(addy)erek: wtf when??? why didn’t you say anything?

“Saga,” Stiles calls my name, chuckling nervously and pointing at Scott’s hardened features.

“Okay what the actual fuck did I do now?” I throw my hands up in the air and Isaac once again attempts to calm me down, this time rubbing my back.

“Have you listened to a single word I’ve said this entire time?” Scott rolls his eyes and glares at me.

“You were talking about POSSIBLE threats and additions to the pack. Stiles updated everyone on Jackson’s whereabouts, Chris Argent’s current activities, and Allison’s recovery,” I listed everything off with my fingers. “Now, did I miss anything?”

Scott and I glare at each other and his eyes flash red, his teeth growing out as he snarls. I pull a knife out of my waistband and he leans back slightly, knowing that I could end him with one knife.

“Do not start with me, McCall. I’ve had enough of you,” I growl out and stand, Scott following suit.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa,” Lydia runs to stand between us, glaring at Scott and then turning to look at me. “Not here and definitely not now.”

I take a deep breath and nod. Stepping back, I grab my phone and make my way out of the room. There is no way in hell I’d stay where Scott was. I make my way to the kitchen and pace back and forth, trying to calm myself down. It’s not like he and I were ever together. I continued to repeat that to myself before wrapping my arms around myself to calm my breathing. As I pivot on my heel to continue pacing, I bump into a hard chest. Immediately, I know who it is.

“Sorry, Isaac,” I whisper and take a step back, arms still wrapped around myself. I look up at his warm eyes and look away just as fast.

“Saga, how many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” He whispers and takes a step closer to me.

“No,” I hold a hand up and take a step back, looking back up to meet his eyes. “Isaac you tore me apart, limb by limb. You literally knocked the breath out of me to save Allison.”

He closes his eyes and runs his hand over his face. I look away, refusing to let any tears run down my face. I chuckle humourlessly, causing him to look up at me.

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“Let me ask you a question, Isaac,” he nods quickly, waiting for me to continue. “If Allison were still here, would you still ask me to forgive you? Would you still try to protect me? Would you even acknowledge me?”

“What?” He looks at me, slightly hurt and angered. “You think I’m doing this because Allison is gone?”

“Why else?”

“Scott wouldn’t let me near you after the whole Allison thing happened. I made a fucking mistake, Saga. A damn mistake that I’m gonna have to live with. But I’m trying to make things right! I came clean. I admitted everything to you as I begged you to forgive me!” He yells out and throws his arms in the air. “At least I’m trying. Scott, your best friend of all these years, doesn’t even have the guts to tell Kira what he did.”

“What did he do?” Isaac and I whip our heads to the soft voice as Kira steps out of the shadows. “What did Scott do?”


D –> You’re very pretty

D –> Fiddlesti%
D –> That didn’t come out quite right
D –> Aradia
D –> I appreciate your company despite our caste disparity
D –> Still no good
D –> I can’t work with such short notice

D –> If Aradia and I were enjoying a date together
D –> We would likely be actively e%ploring uncharted territory
D –> As long as the property doesn’t wind up belonging to a troll whose b100d scales the spectrum no higher than mine
D –> Amidst our adventure, we would stop for a picnic
D –> I would unroll a blanket and permit her to sit upon it
D –> That is, if I could succeed in persuading her to accompany me

D –> What’s that
D –> You didn’t loathe your robotic e%istence existence
D –> That is to say
D –> Of course you didn’t, your processing and e%pression was programmed at 100%
D –> You’re welcome