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Soumako... caring for each other while I'll, patching up a wound, falling asleep in the others lap, and/or reacting to crying about something?

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♞:Caring for each other while ill

nonsexual acts of intimacy

The air is thick with an unspoken ‘I told you so,’ and Sousuke doesn’t appreciate it one bit.

“Sdop doin dat,” he says thickly, his words slurred by his stuffed nose.

Makoto lifts an eyebrow at him. “Stop doing what?”

“Sdop makin’ dat face. I ged id, you were rightd. Sdop lookin’ so damnd smug.”

“Oh.” Makoto smiles, looking back down at the cloth he’s wringing of water. He shakes the last stray droplets from it, folds it in half a couple times, and leans over to rest it over Sousuke’s forehead. The throb in his temples immediately lessens, but his sour attitude holds firm. “Sorry.”

“No you’re nod,” Sousuke grumbles, and earns a laugh in response.

“I did warn you. You’re always so stubborn about not bundling up.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Do you need more blankets?”

“‘M fined.”

“Fined?” Makoto repeats, smiling insufferably.

Sousuke glowers up at him. “I said, I’m fine-d. Fined. Fine-d.” Makoto turns away to hide his laugh, making Sousuke glower more. “Fugg you.”

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Dan and Phil: Bad puns

P: terrain, tesnow, tehail. D: Get out

P: Utensils, more like spooktensils D: You’re ruining Halloween for all of us

D: Let me change the name to PhilDanalds ayy

P: 100% Polyester some fine materials there D: Polylester, boom

D: For the philling… see what I did there P: heyy I like it

P: No pressure D: Nose pressure! D&P: *laughs*

P: The seal has a message for you D: Ok here we go P: Maybe it’s a seal of approval

 P: Maybe it can spit things really far? Maybe it’s gonna bants

P: And for the coating *while wearing a coat* D: Is that where you went? You went to the other side of the house just to say “ and for the coating”?

D: And we missed something like in the first one “ Tu-toriel “

D: Stand still! P: Stencil. D: I’m gonna hit you, shut up

D: Don’t lean back too far otherwise you’ll be AmazingPhilisonfire

P: He’s so Diligent *nods* 

D: Phil, it was a pickup line P: Ooohh oh

P: Is Canada real? D: No I think it’s a fictional country P: I was aboot to say

P: Lemme do it again lemme do it again. D: What should we call you now Phil? P: Don’t call me Phil anymore, call me Philgon

P: What a home-wrecker, what is she trying to do? D: I thought you were gonna call her a hoe there, Phil. P: A hoe-mewrecker

D: Is he linked with Nintendo? P: Nintend-no. D: Leave the video, just exit stage right

D: Is that a well there aswell? P: Oh my God D: Aswell

P: Maybe it was destined all along D: Maybe it was Westony 

D: It’s time to get saucy *holds up ketchup* P: That was hilarious, Dan D: Shut up

P: Navigate through the ruff terrain of life

*Heading towards a well* P: I don’t think this will end well. D: Did you intend that? P: No D: Just yeah okay

D: He’s officially not good enough to fish it… He’s offishially not good enough to fish it P: No that is terrible! D: Does that beat Diligent? 

P: Underwear, watch out for an undercare! D: Disturb, not make the worst pun ever!

P: Hey Dan, what is a vampire’s favourite fruit? D: A blood orange P: A nectarine! D: Oh for fuck’s sake

P: Anthony. D: ‘Cause it’s an ant. Nice

P: You have to move that bin, it’s so rubbish…. Rubbish aha!

Louise: It’s judgement day. D: It’s Joejment day

P: I’m Chris Plant          (Chris Pratt)

D: Cruella DePhil oohh

P: What do you call a walk! Lol 

P: What do you call a girl with a frog on her head? A Lily! 

This was from: 4 minutes of Dan and Phil and terrible puns & dad jokes

Sorry if someone did this already, the idea just came so I did it.


D –> You’re very pretty

D –> Fiddlesti%
D –> That didn’t come out quite right
D –> Aradia
D –> I appreciate your company despite our caste disparity
D –> Still no good
D –> I can’t work with such short notice

D –> If Aradia and I were enjoying a date together
D –> We would likely be actively e%ploring uncharted territory
D –> As long as the property doesn’t wind up belonging to a troll whose b100d scales the spectrum no higher than mine
D –> Amidst our adventure, we would stop for a picnic
D –> I would unroll a blanket and permit her to sit upon it
D –> That is, if I could succeed in persuading her to accompany me

D –> What’s that
D –> You didn’t loathe your robotic e%istence existence
D –> That is to say
D –> Of course you didn’t, your processing and e%pression was programmed at 100%
D –> You’re welcome