First of all I have to apologize for the guest on the right side of some of these pics, I was really dumb and… yeah. I also don’t mean the guest that is three times faster than a normal… well. Let’s just say the BAD guest is recyclable.

So here’s a Rightclops. I had failed three or four, or better times finding these guys, and even though it looks like what I was hoping I was going to be informed was in stock today, something much better (and far better looking) was in stock at TRU instead. I’m pretty pleased with this guy overall, he has really nice articulation, and honestly I don’t know that there could be any details on him that could have been picked out to be new pieces instead of just paint. I mean, he has a belt afterall.

The double fists work, Rightclops is a fighting kind of guy, and he hasn’t had to put fingers to his visor to blast in years, I think. Good paint on this one, no stuck joints, he’s a really nice figure. Maybe not as nice as the next one though…