Sometimes I catch a little flack for saying, “Republicans are evil” but nah … I never feel bad for saying it because it’s true.

How heartless do you have to be to block common sense gun regulation right in the faces of the students who recently survived a mass shooting?

Civilians do not need an AR-15. Anyone who believes that the 2nd Amendment means owning absolutely ANY weapon you want is childish and emblematic of white male entitlement. And yeah, I’m keying in on white men. They’re the overwhelming majority of mass school shooters. And no, I’m not worried about “being nice” or hurting a gun owner’s delicate little, snowflake feelings. It’s past time for all of that.

Keep in mind: Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi - they both pushed to lower the age requirement for buying AR-15s. The Parkland mass shooter was 19-years old. Not old enough to buy liquor, but old enough to buy a lethal weapon of mass destruction in the state of Florida. And Donald Trump’s federal budget cuts funding for mental health services and also cuts funding for background checks. Republicans obviously DO NOT care about “the children” or they wouldn’t have spat in their faces.

The NRA is a death-cult. The Republican Party is evil. Republican voters are their simple minded, easily manipulated death-cult followers.

I’m feeling crippling art block in this chili’s tonight

people who don’t stay until the end-credits for marvel movies are weak and natural selection is coming for them

Shuri: Great, another broken white boy for us to fix.

Me: It’s Bucky. She’s talking about Bucky right?