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like just after the baby's been born and the nurses have left so is just harry, the missus and maybe anne or gemma in the room. just think how cute that whole scene would play out!!!!

It’s like a scene from a movie.

A romance novel turned Hollywood, at the end of a long journey for two characters who had their love and emotions put to the test, ending with a scene that showed a future they’d always longed to have together. A diamond on her finger, a gold band around his finger, and a baby tucked into the crook of her arm as the room around them became quiet and soft, relaxed and showing no signs of what had only happened a short hour ago. 

The final midwife soon shuffled her way out of the room, after making sure that the missus had enough water and that they were completely comfortable enough being left alone for a few hours, giving them her congratulations and praises over just how perfectly she’d sailed through her labour process, leaving the both of them to fawn and fall deeper in love with their new precious bundle of joy they made during a night of showing one another just how much they loved one another. Hyped up on red wine, bellies full of a delicious home-cooked meal that Harry had slaved away over in the kitchen, giggly and fumbling around with shaky fingers as they gave each other teeth-bashing kisses that were connected by strings of saliva and left plump lips behind. The baby sound asleep, dressed in a pink and white striped babygrow that the missus had chosen to pack in the hospital bag, tiny white mittens on her hands to stop herself from scratching her fragile skin. 

Outside, and in a designated room for family and friends to wait in, stands both mothers and fathers, with Gemma and Michal who had appeared late and frantic over possibly missing the exciting moment of being introduced to their new baby niece. Sipping away on paper cups of tea, nestled down in the uncomfortable chairs, flicking through the out of date magazines that were piled up on the table perched over by the window. The sun shining brightly, and rather surprisingly for mid September, with a gentle breeze filtering through the window and catching the leaves as gentle conversations rose between the 6 of them. Some ranging from work topics to holidays they’d had through August to how exciting it was to finally have the newest member of the family arrive.

Inside, it’s emotions after emotions. Tears and sobs and laughter mixing together as the two of them took their time to really process what had happened, running on limited hours of sleep, with bellies rumbling. But neither seemed to notice, because the focus was on their new baby. A little girl. Snoozing against her mothers chest and oblivious to how much she changed their lives from the moment she was made.

“I feel like, no matter what, we have to be quiet and gentle and fragile around her,” Harry whispers, leaning his elbows on the edge of the bed as he propped his face up with his hands, tired and exhausted eyes flitting between his baby girl and his wife. Her hair messed, face still red and sweaty, her eyes bleary and wet with tears, but a smile big and deep on her face, “she’s finally here.”

“I’m no longer big,” she sighs, “kind’a miss my bump now.”

“Can always get yeh pregnant again,” he teases, chuckling lowly as he drops his lips to the baby’s downy forehead, catching a waft of the new baby smell she was brought with, his stomach tingling at the knowledge that he was going to have this smell drown him comfortably over the next few months, filling the house with an aroma that no candle of his could give, “no, m’kiddin’. Let’s just enjoy her right now. She’s perfect. Absolutely beautiful, just like you.”

“I’m far from beautiful right now,” she murmurs, a pout forming on her lips, “I have the greasiest hair, my face is probably breaking out in horrendous bumps, I’m very red and I can feel myself getting hotter. You, however,” she looks across to him, taking in his appearance, “you look like you just walked off the catwalk at Fashion Week.” 

“Smelling like sick and sweat with feet covered in your waters. That’ll be next years theme for Fashion Week,” he snickers, “I’ve got the dirtiest t-shirt on. I just hope Mum doesn’t take photos of me. I could use a good wash before a photoshoot happens.”

“You look fine. You’re not the one who just birthed a 7 pound baby about an hour ago,” she grunts playfully, shuffling the baby gently on her chest to give her arm a little time to wiggle and regain feeling, “you think everyone is waiting to meet her?”

“I can go and have a look. See who’s there,” he smiles, standing to his feet and pressing a kiss to her forehead, “I love you. I’m so proud of you.”

And with that, he’s disappearing out of the door and into the corridor outside, breathing out a heavy breath with a smile permanently etched on his face. Like he was wooden and his emotions had been carved into him, to stay like that forever, regardless of how achy his cheeks became at the end of the day. His socked feet, free from the damp shoes he’d kicked off and left to dry in the corner of the room, took him towards the room next door, poking his head into the window and wiggling his fingers in a form of a greeting. Pushing the door open and making his presence known. 

“She did it. We’ve got a little girl. 7 pounds and 6 ounces. Around nineteen inches long. She’s gorgeous. Absolutely stunning,” he grins as his mother was the first to engulf him into a hug, “everything went so smoothly. She smashed the labour so well. I couldn’t be any more prouder of her. It was incredible to watch and witness and help her through. About half hour of pushing and we were parents. Came out crying and everything.” 

“Oh, sweet boy. Congratulations,” Anne coos, cupping his face in her hands, pressing a kiss to his forehead, “are we allowed to go in and meet her?”

“Of course. She’s sleeping at the moment, but, (YN) is wide awake and ready for you to come in,” he grins, looking over at Gemma who sides up to him, “you’re a bloody auntie. Yeh’ve got a niece.”

“I’ve also got a brother with no shoes on. What happened there?” She teases, tapping her foot against the tips of his toes, “don’t tell me you left the house without shoes on?”

“No,” he laughs, “we took a walk around the floor to get her waters to break, and, just as we got back to the room, they popped and pretty much flooded my boots,” he explains, ignoring Gemma’s snickers as he shook hands with Michal and gave him a smile, “they’re still damp, but, they’ll be good reminders of the day she was born. ‘Mummy’s waters broke all over daddy’s shoes…’ A story to tell.” xx

‘Pro-Life’ - Orisa, Efi

Speed prompt, written in 17 minutes. 


“Efi, are you awake?”

Efi opened her eyes. She was now… “We talked about sleep, Orisa, remember?” she said, carefully rolling over in her bed so she didn’t knock any of her many plush omnics off. “When I’m asleep, you shouldn’t wake me up.”

“That is why I asked if you were awake. If you were not awake, I would not ask you the question I had.”

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