Bletizens speak on Baekysha’s new body

Recently, blexo member and resident loud mouth Baekysha Byun has showed blexo stans a new side of him. He surprised fans by debuting his hardwork and strict diet in the form of a new, muscular, body. While this recent exposure caused blexo stans to wild out, they aren’t the only ones with big reactions:

[+200/-25] damn bih, he went from “where my hug at” to “get these hoes off me”

[+300/-15] When will i ever bruh

[+176/-9] I bet Taeyeon missing that old thang right about now lmaooo

[+109/-30] Kings, remember that there is more to you than your bodies. instead of exposing his body to the world, he should’ve exposed his mind to knowledge. A man’s body should only be seen by his wombman. Remeber kings, open your third eye not your shirts #ankh #africa #realtalk

[+250/-13] Hardwork and determination got him where he is now. Baekysha set a personal goal, and achieved it. what y’all gettin mad for??

[+90/-26] I want my slim thicc back :(  #eatacheeseburger 

[+305/-7] Thicc, skinny, chubby, swole, i don’t give a fuck. he was fine as fuck then and he’s fine as fuck now. Baekysha can still and ALWAYS get it

anonymous asked:

so i started out as a dickbabs fan, actually they were the reason why i started to get into dc comics but ever since i read the starfire solo series i like dickkory even more. i mean just because i like dickbabs i don't hate dickkory, never did. but right now i want more dickkory than dickbabs. do you think dc rebirth will reunite them?

Moods change, you don’t have to explain it to me (ask @theflyingwonder there are times when I’m tired of DickKory). I think I should point you towards my DickKory comic rec list, though. If you want more Dick and Kory, I think this is the best place to start. 

I can’t give you a definite answer because I’m not sure if they’ll ever reunite either romantically or platonically; I think there’s some potential because their relationship is being played up in the new DCAU right now and the team alignments are the same for Kory currently - being the mentor for a younger group of Titans (again). But they’re also playing up DickBabs in Nightwing, so I can’t see them going for both ships unless they want The Drama…which I’m so tired of.  

I don’t need them to be in a romantic relationship, honestly, I have fic and art to live off of but what I do need out of Rebirth is the return of moments like these:

[Titans v2 21]

So, I definitely need them to reuinite in any form because this is a friendship I’m really missing.

Hey guys, me and my friend ( @basicallyaburntmarshmallow ) were talking about how it seems Anthony gets complimented on only his looks and it seems like he’s not really complimented by personality. So we’re doing this little thing where we start complimenting his personality more often instead of his looks (unless he’s taken a selfie or something among those lines, in which case it’s “normal” to compliment a persons appearance), and she wanted to post this in case other people join along.

I could be wrong, I could be completely missing every other compliment except the ones that compliment his looks, but my friend agrees with me and, again, we wanted to share it to you guys if you ever wanted to tag along. But I think it’d be pretty cool if we started focusing on personality a little more than just looks or him being shipped with people…

(We can’t really come up with examples of that right now because it’s late and we’re tired, but we’ll try to fix it on Monday. Sorry if this sounds strange.)

dear mom & dad,

i know i literally just wrote a post for you like 10 days ago but whatevs. i miss you right now. dont get me wrong. i always always miss you. but right now i miss you more than ever. im just in bed and im crying and crying and cant stop. in any normal situation if the child of two loving parents were in bed crying their birth parents would immediately come check up on them and would do everything in their power to make their child feel better, but ill never know how that feels. ive done everything in this world without you guys. ive had so many bright days that i wish u were there for such as: graduating highschool at the top of my class; being accepted into emory, working for NPR, hosting a luncheon w/ jon huntsman jr, falling in love with the most amazing girl, traveling the world, serving as VP for my schools student council, being chosen to meet with dr mlk’s family and so much more. i wish u were there for all those days to give me a hug and to congratulate me on everything ive done. but then i also wish u were there for my darkest days: back in middle school when i couldnt go a few hours without cutting, in 10th grade when i ended up in the ER as a result of overdose, or when i was detained by the police and held in prison, or when the love of my life told me we could no longer be together, or when i would just come home and cry after so much bullying back at holy innocents, or having the person i love most in this world, my nanijaan, pass away without even saying goodbye. i wish you were ESPECIALLY here for all these tough times to motivate me, to catch me, to change my mentality and convince me that everything does happen for a reason. or something as simple as nights like these where i just wish you both could hold me and just say something as brief as “everythings going to be allright”. but ill never be able to experience any of this cause thats just my luck. but i guess we cant have everything we asked for now can we. rheres no way God could have given me my birth parents AND the very fortunate lifestyle i live now. and he chose one and unfortunately its a decision that i will forever be pissed about. but its something i have finally learned to understand. you win some and lose some. ive been dealing with that my entire life. and since Allah knows everything i believe that his decision in the end was right cause if i grew up in poverty snd in such filtth in india i probably wouldnt have made it alive past the age of 6 or 7 and maybe 10 at max. but i would have atleast made the absolutely best of my short life with ny true birth parents cuz thats all i ever wanted and needed. bur instead here i am in a mansion in buckhead driving a 2013 car and having my adoptive parents buy me everything i want but all that shit fades once i get ready for bed. my mind always comes back too u both. my heart always comes back too you both. and ive never hated or loved someone as much as i hate and love you both. i hate you because you left your little boy all alone. i hate you cause you never gave me any memories to remember you by. i hate you because you never gave me a proper goodbye because i was too young to remember. i hate you both because you acted out of your own selfishness to get rid of me and not allowing me to know my true roots. but my love for you will always trump every bit of anger and animosity i have ever felt towards you guys because you are my fucking parents and i couldnt thank you enough for bringing me into this cruel yet spectacular world whether it was with or without you.
loving you since 7/28/95 till forever,
your little orphaned child child from the acha sadan house in mumbai, faisal❤️


This lovely lady is turning 19 today! she is absolutely gorgeous and i truly cant wait to hold her in my arms one day.  she may be miles and miles away but she has me falling day after day for that beautiful smile, that voice her laugh  and just every little thing. from how much she loves goats to her perfect personality. I cant wait to spend every second i get with this girl. I have fallen harder and faster for her than i ever have for anyone. The only thing between us right now is miles. but like I’ve said before this distance is so short compared to the rest of our lives. i have never felt so connected with someone the way i do with you. those cute texts you send me when i fall asleep or when you say you miss me gives me butterflies. I wouldn’t even think to ask for someone more perfect for me.  I truly can not wait to show you how you truly deserve to be treated you are my queen and i will be the king to show you the world from the best point of view. Happy birthday Kacie you deserve to have a beautiful day. 

“I know it’s warmer where you are
And it’s safer by your side
But right now I can’t be what you want
Just give it time
And if you and I
Can make it through the night
And if you and I
Can keep our love alive, we’ll find

We can meet in the middle
Bodies and souls collide
Dance in the moonlight
When all the stars align
For you and I, for you and I, oh”

this quote stands true to us completely.  we will make it through i know it.