i’m really in to embroidering cute quotes right now, so these two lil dudes just got added to my etsy and i am in love!! go check them out and if you’re interested in buying make sure to use the code “TUMBLRBUDS20″ to get 10% off your order! :) 

also i am currently taking custom order requests, so if you would like to get your own embroidery hoop with your favorite quote make sure to send me a message and we can talk about making your hoop art dreams come true!

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okay but imagine stiles and liam being a thing and stiles is all protective and authoritative with liam and liam is his adorable little boyfriend who goes along with all his raving ideas when even scott says no way. and hes just goofy and bubbly and he brings back some of that goofiness stiles used to have. and imagine derek coming back and just looking on bittersweetly because he’s comparing liam and stiles dynamic with stiles and his old dynamic (except obviously with more cuddles and kisses and less punches and verbal abuse)


ask-chain-rattle , I hate you so much!!! >ω< ~❤❤❤

This is mega hyper turbo cute, I can’t stand for this majestic power! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(Please, follow his/her blog, the arts are soooo amazing!!! ^w^ ❤ )

au where madison lives and tags along with the boys as she was canonically book smart and could have been a great help with research