I have seen this image set circulating on facebook, twitter, and here on tumblr.

Cute, right? They’re buddies, right?



oh but it’s been like five days and he hasn’t eaten him!

A snake that is not hungry will not eat. A snake that is stressed out (such as by having another creature running around on top of it) will not eat. They can go for long, long periods of time without eating. Ball pythons in particular are picky eaters and they will not strike even if they’re really hungry-it doesn’t matter if the prey is in there five days or fifty.

A rat is not going to think “oh, this predator hasn’t hurt me yet, we’re buddies!” This is the equivalent of someone following you around a room that you are unable to escape, pointing a gun at you at all times.  It is incredibly, unnecessarily stressful and cruel to let a rodent live like that even if you meant him as a feeder. Live feeding should be your absolute last option if your snake refuses frozen/thawed or freshly killed/stunned which are much safer options.

The deplorable condition this snake is being kept in (no substrate? Unweighted water dish?) combined with this false narrative of “buddies” shows that keeper is at best extremely ignorant. They’re not showing friendship, they’re competing for resources and keeping an eye on each other. This is going to end with one or both dead.

If they refuse to eat, the feeder should be removed immediately or it can and WILL injure and kill your snake! 

I know it really sucks to bust up the disney dreams of friendship against all odds, but no, this isn’t a one in a million tale of love, that’s just what we WANT to see. There will be an ugly ending. :(((((

For further reading on snake care, please check out these links and for the love of animals, stop sharing that terrible, terrible post!




83 Rabbits Rescued!

These rabbits, victims of a rabbit-breeding operation in California, were being raised for fur, meat, and reptile food. 

The rabbits were suffering from medical issues, including tumors, overgrown claws, sores on their skin, hair loss, and respiratory problems. Some of the rabbits’ teeth were so severely overgrown that they had begun to curl back into their mouths, and according to officials, some rabbits were missing ears and toes.

The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA provided the animals with much-needed veterinary care. For probably the first time ever, the bunnies will be able to hop around on soft surfaces, NOT wire cage bottoms, and experience love and kindness. Once the rescued rabbits have fully recovered, they will be available for adoption into homes where they can finally be seen as family members, not food or fur.

Please remember: animals are not ours to use. <3


I don’t know who made this. This is so cute.

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But also Riccin because I love them. (feel free to not answer all of these if you don't have enough names from other people)

mirkstrolls said:

Okay, I’m gonna send in Vide’s name

  • Bill:pine trEEE
  • Bill:I mean, I want you but, cOME DOWN HERE RN
  • Dipper:*groans* but whYYYY
  • Dipper:*whines and stomps downstairs*
  • Dipper:Bill, I swear to god, I was watching fucking X-Files, so if this isn't important I will kill you.
  • Bill:*rolls eyes and drags Dipper into the living room*
  • Bill:Just shut up and come in.
  • Dipper:*stares and gawks*
  • Dipper:Did... Did you do this?
  • Bill:Eeeeven though we "fight", I think we deserve some cute times, right? *huggles his Pine Tree from behind*
  • Dipper:*leans back against him* Yeah... Hey, are those the flowers from my garden?
  • Bill:... Well, I mean, no, but hey. Dipper Pines, would you like to go out on a romantic evening with me, Bill Cipher in one of the most deluxe restaurants in town - Le Living Rooma?
  • Dipper:... Sure, why the hell not.