Skyrim Attire v2 by zzjay - Download

These are just preview pictures I will take more soon! Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while! Been really busy and haven’t been able to get on much.

*Tales of Xillia has been taking a lot of my time when I have free time. Gaius is cute I can’t help it with my love for Bishonens*

But anyways, here’s some cute pictures of Valeriel! I really was so happy to hop back on Skyrim to see how beautiful my game looks with Cirilla ENB again. If only her skin was darker but its fine she still looks great.

Okay so I just hit 100 a f ew days a go and  im just.  i mce ing  tb h. l ike. what did i do to deserve yo uall ppl. Im so happy. l ike ; A;/. Appa is s o happy he’s shedding so while hes resting rn im gonna use his human fc as my hoto for the banner ? ? he looks prtty cute right? it hurts my hea rt.

ALright time for some emotional haru rn. 

SO when I started this blog actually I did this to interact with ATLA rpers bec lIKE WHEN I LOOKA T ALL THESE BLOGS FROM MY OTHER BLOGS YO UAL LL OOK S O INTIMIDATING IT HURTS MY HEART. a ND SINC THEN WHEN I WATCHED ATLA I WANTED TO RP AS APPA BEC WHY THE HELL NOT. IVE MADE SAD DRABBLES ABOUT THIS PRECIOUS BABE. but like rlly tho, not to offend yo uatla rpers. u just look so scary like ur blogs are so pretty that i just ? ??? ? 

but thanks to you all im having fun doing Appa even tho i get to confuse and repeat a lot bec he’s an animal theres almost little to nothing he does but eat breath, make noises. Sneeze @  u. or idk. airbend some shit and just destroys whatever. 

But here’s the special peeps id love to mention.

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