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is it true that if you sneeze in the fade, a chorus of disembodied voices will say "bless you"?

“Is it true that…” Finish it in my ask box! 

“It depends upon the nature of the spirits surrounding you. Spirits of Command will not bless you, but will demand you not make so much noise. Spirits of Compassion will find a memory of an ill-timed sneeze, one you thought you had forgotten. Purpose will recommend medicine, and should your sneeze sound particularly amusing Joy will laugh.

“Spirits of Hope, however, will always bless you. Occasionally in disembodied voices.”

I think my prizes for my giveaway are hella rad. And everyone should enter just for the coolness. (And because the surprise gift is really cool, tbh, also you can negotiate the prizes if you don’t want certain things!) 

May 25 = Meet the aro day = me = hi

So since today is meet the aro day, and I’m on the aro spectrum, you get 5 facts about me :P

1. I’m asexual, agender (they/them pronouns), and some combination of gray aro, quoiromantic, and cupioromantic. It’s weird, I’m still trying to figure it out.

2. I’m 19 years old, in college studying to become a math teacher.

3. I’ve finished 5 novels since I started writing at 14. My next one that I’ll be starting soon is about an asexual, a demisexual, a bisexual, and a pansexual, all with different magic powers. (I haven’t worked out all the details yet)

4. Me and sherlockedwho13 have been conversing solely in spiderman memes for the past like day.

5. I love driving by myself so I can blast my music and sing as loud as I want and just have my own personal party and it’s just the best.

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I JUST looked up the definition of audacious after all this time and can I just say that it made me love Robin even more because of the way he thinks of Regina... And like at that moment he JUST met her 😩😭😍😍

Bold and audacious, put it on my tombstone, death by outlaw queen. They cute. 

Right? He was so quick not to call her evil, more like headstrong, willing to take risks. AND he says all this without remembering the missing year, he hasn’t seen the transition period from Evil Queen to Regina Mills, but he immediately gives her the benefit of the doubt. He’s heard all about her, but hasn’t met her, and he decides within less than a minute that she’s not who everyone says she is. He talks to her like a regular human being, with no caution or hesitance. He just shot an arrow at her head, and most people would be running, but he’s like “my bad” and continues talking. 

(oh look, the moment i fell in love ^^)

And that’s why i will love this idiot otp until the end of time, despite stupid plot lines. He saw behind the mask almost immediately. Some people will say it’s cause they’re soulmates, but i believe that’s just Robin being Robin. He made a conscious decision to look past all the monikers.