Shibata Aya - Halloween Night


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Like, yes, give me all of the girls having fun and teasing each other and laughing and being adorable!  I WILL EAT IT UP LIKE DELICIOUS CANDY.

But it’s more than that.  They’ve been through so much shit over the course of this arc, they’ve been separated from each other, they’ve been taken hostage, they’ve faced enemies they don’t know how to fight, and they’ve watched Usagi struggle and struggle to deal with all of this.

The thing is, the other girls know Usagi, they know how hard this is for her, they know how difficult it is for her to be strong on her own.  And they’ve just watched her go through so much shit, they’ve watched her overdo it, she literally collapsed from using too much power.  She was so out of it that they thought bringing her back to the 21st Century and bringing her back to her home, back to her normal life, was the only thing they could do for her.

And that’s what they’re doing here–they’re trying to be happy for Usagi’s sake, because they want to support her and help her, they know that Usagi desperately wants (or wanted) just a normal, regular life.  So they cheer themselves up and try to cheer her up and everyone makes the effort because they love each other and they want to comfort each other.

And that’s why I really love this scene.  The girls being cute together is always welcome!  But the girls being cute together because they’re working hard to support each other because they love each other?  FEELINGS EVERYWHERE.

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Wait?! Wait?! WAIT?!!! What video of the DELICIOUS DONGWANNIE from?!!" Im dying to know!!?? Pwease?!

. This for the link delicious gogi wannie yumm yumm yumm hahaha~

Young shinhwa is so fresh right? kekekeke~ 

and you will see Hyesung acting XD

and poor andy just have a script for 2 sentence (and lol, the same sentence)..

Enjoy ~~

(Cr. Misoo lee Youtube)