au where right

like au where taekey are dating and theyre in an open relationship and everything so they can flirt with other cute boys and go on dates with them also and whatnot

and one day taem comes home talking about this cute tall boy he met at the gym ((minho)) and kibum is talking about this absolute sweetheart he met at the dog park ((also minho))

and they just keep going on dates with him on their own and its like a whole month of it and they like literally tell each other about the dates and how nice they were

but its not until taems tryna find the gamestop with minho and his other boyfriend ((jonghyun)) and kibum is just chilling at the mall with a different boyfriend ((jinki)) that kibum sees them

and he recognizes minho first bc he is tall as fuck so he just !!! and excuses himself from his cute date to go say hi rly quick and he just uwu hugs minho like “hey did u get my texts??”

and taems like “:0 hey kibummie” nd kibums like “:0 you know minho also??” and taems like “yeah hes the one i told you about like a month ago remember” and kibums like “… but… hes the one… that i told you about a month ago too… …. .. ….…..”

and thats when they realize that they never mentioned minhos name when they were talking to each other about him

and minho is looking just so amused and exasperated but somehow not at all surprised by his two new boyfriends and taekey are just so embarrassed like holy shit

but then kibum figures like hey since theyre already all here why not and gets jinki to come over so they can have a lil five way date

and its cute uwu

also speaking of cute poly aus have you seen polyquest yet  (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

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There are some new pics Sophie Skelton had posted on Twitter of her and Richard Rankin in character as Bree and Roger. Have to say my initial impression is positive. No, she's not 6' and I can't tell her eye color, but I have to say they sure look like Bree and Roger to me. She looks a whole lot more likable than the book character, not as hard edged. Somehow I never got the impression Bree smiled much. Might be why I never warmed up much to her. I'm looking forward to seeing these two!

They’re cute, right?  Maybe she will bring some much-needed humanity to that character. 

So, I cut my hair, right?

It looked really cute when it was all styled cute, but when I let it dry naturally I am not really a fan. It isn’t bad…it just sits weird. I know they have a 7 day satisfaction policy, so I am thinking about going back…but I feel really guilty.


Hallo :D could you please do a fluffy one for that guy whose dad is the toy man from supergirl? I’m so sorry it’s really late and Google doesn’t wanna help me out… But you know who I’m talking about right? The cute geeky one. Yeh. Him. Thanks x - Requested by @omnomoreo1025

A/N: It’s completely fine (his name’s Winn if Google hasn’t been helpful since your request) Quick note, sometimes a little more information is easier for me to work with, but thank you for the request, and I hope you enjoy it :) x

You knocked on the door of Winn’s apartment, shifting your grip on the bag that you’d brought with you. It was another one of your famous movie nights. You were glad that despite everything that seemed to be happening in his life he was still taking time out to spend an evening with you.

‘(Y/n)!’ he said, opening the door. He grinned at you and pulled you into a hug as he dragged you into the apartment.

‘How’ve you been?’ you asked simultaneously. Smirks slipped onto both your faces as you moved further into the apartment.

‘You first, Winslow,’ you told him, moving past him to dump your things on the counter.

He rolled his eyes at you, but you could see that he was still smiling. ‘Fine – bit, um, busy,’ he said, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly.

‘Yeah, well, tonight you get to forget about all that and think about terrible films,’ you told him, gently nudging his shoulder.

‘Now that,’ he said, picking out some of the popcorn you’d brought, ‘sounds like a good idea.’

‘Aren’t you glad I come up with them?’ you teased, watching as he leant on one of the counters, a smile slipping quickly onto his face. ‘I dunno how you’d cope without me.’

‘Neither do I,’ he said, wrapping an arm around you in a hug. ‘So, which first?’

‘Hm?’ you said thoughtfully, tapping your chin. ‘Ip, dip, do…’ you started, causing him to chuckle again.

If there was one thing that enjoyed about these evenings it was the fact that you got to spend time with him. You were sat curled on the sofa, food littering the coffee table as the films played out in front of you. You had a blanket draped over your legs, which were tucked under you so that you were leaning close to Winn while he rested his feet on the coffee table, crossed at the ankles.

All you could do was complain about the film, despite how you’d seen it so many times you’d already seen it. You spoke about all the things that had happened in your lives, all the little things that were niggling in the back of your mind.

Sleepiness was slowly washing over you, and you could feel your eyelids drooping.

‘We can stop, if you want,’ said Winn, looking down at you. There was a small smile on his face.

‘Shut up,’ you said, moving to rest your head on his shoulder. ‘I wanna finish these films.’

‘You know, we’ve got about six left, right?’ he asked, gently wrapping his arm around you.

You snuggled down a little closer to him, relaxing into the hug. ‘I think we can manage,’ you said, trying to stifle a yawn.

Winn chuckled softly before placing a soft kiss on the top of your head. ‘Of course,’ he said, but you could hear the slight amusement behind his voice.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Don’t watch ‘Too Cute!’ right after watch WoY, because you will undoubtedly end up imagining Captain Tim having a litter (maybe he found somewhere to lay his eggs that didn’t involve stuffing them in someone’s chest), and you will then imagine Hater and Wander having to take care of all these cute little baby spider-beasts and the thought is jus SO ADORABLE!