right wingnuts

Vote Anyway.

I’ve heard from a lot of Sanders supporters who say they won’t vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. They’ll just stay at home and not vote at all. I am totally stunned by that statement.

First, voting is your right. More than half the world has no real vote. Or elections are jiggered and rigged so a handpicked dictator wins. As they say, you don’t use it, you lose it.

Second, OK, say you don’t vote. That’s a huge portion of registered Democrats not voting. So what happens? What happens is, whomever wins the GOP nom will win the election, b/c you know they will ALL turn out. And whether it’s Trump or any of the other right-wingnuts, we’re fucked. Congress will be Republican again anyway, so we are just royally fucked:

Reproductive rights? Roe v Wade will be overturned by the end of the first year.

Social Security? Ha. Your parents & grandparents will be moving in with you. Repubs think SSA is an “entitlement” and they don’t like the poor & middle class to feel entitled.

Health care? Obamacare is as good as done. Don’t ever get sick again b/c their alternative will only help the insurance companies - not you.

Medicare? See above. How will you pay that ginormous bill when Grandma falls & breaks her leg or Grandpa gets pneumonia?

No, guys, you have to vote. If Bernie doesn’t make the nomination, then hold your nose in November and mark your ballot for Hillary, because the alternative is too awful to even imagine.


Sunday’s episode got a little strange, and it was awesome! Something super weird is going on with April and her Aeon crystal. It’s cool, though, because it led to Mikey getting to fight with (and then against?) two of his heroes when his favorite comic book characters came to life.

That’s right, Wingnut and Screwloose got back in on the action, and they brought a few fantastic old school comic call-backs with them. At first they teamed up with Mikey and Casey to kick some bad guy butt, but then the Aeon crystal had some mystical power over them which turned them into some pretty bad dudes themselves.

At the end of the day the Turtles were able to remind Wingnut and Screwloose that they were good guys, but not before one wild ride. Oh, and don’t forget about some of the most adorable Ice Cream Kitty moments ever!

It’s all kind of hard to explain, so just check out Sunday’s episode, here!