right wing crazy

I always got the feeling a lot of these “crazy” right-wing types were in it for the speech tour money and book deals and Fox News host spots, more than anything.

Palin was seen as pretty moderate in Alaska before she rose to prominence. The Dems there didn’t mind her. She was conservative, sure, but she was normal.  She was reasonable and willing to negotiate. Not like how she acts now. 

From what I understand, Ann Coulter’s more liberal, on a person level, than she lets on, too.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an openly gay man who suddenly decided to hate immigrates, feminists and, um, gay people. It makes no sense.

Kinda feel a lot of Republicans have gotten conned and are too foolish to realize it.  


I love family fights. Watch as I, Emily, go up against a racist cousin( Joshua) and his crazy right wing christian mom (Erin). Here in my corner I have my step mom (Rebeka) and good friend Miranda. 

I am such a left wing christian and I hate these assholes so much. My youth pastor even messaged me and told me she was proud of me for sticking up against my family like this. So don’t tell me all christians are like my crazy aunt please. 

MY favorite part is where my aunt thinks i don’t know what an anus is!! 

Stop Saying “All Lives Matter”. PLEASE.

I just need to put this out there: When you say, “All Lives Matter” you are only perpetuating the racism against black people–whether that is your intent or not. 

Here is why: OBVIOUSLY all lives matter (except terrorists or members of Westboro Baptist), and for the past few centuries, white people have made it no secret that their lives matter. That is evident every time you turn on the news. Am I disagreeing that white lives matter? No. I am white. My family is white. I think very much that white lives matter. But since everyone else seems to agree with me, there is clearly no point in starting a campaign about it. That’s like raising money for oxygen awareness. It’s not necessary to say the least. 

Do black lives matter? Fuck yes. And are black people being discriminated against STILL TO THIS DAY? Yeah. News flash fellow crackers: We’ve been lied to. My entire childhood, year after year, we learned about slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, lynchings, MLK Jr. and Rosa Parks. And I have always had a burning rage inside me learning about these injustices that “happened in the past”. But we were lied to people. These issues did not die out in the 60′s and 70′s. They are alive and well, and unless we all stand together AGAINST HATE of all kinds, it won’t ever go away. 

So I am not saying that Hispanic lives don’t matter, but they have their own problems right now, like Donald Trump… And police officers’ lives matter also, just for the record (again, unless they are also a member of Westboro Baptist). Let us all remember that police officers put their own lives on the line every day to protect us and keep the peace. We can’t let the few corrupt and/or racist, power hungry cops give the rest of them a bad rep. Just like you apparently blind and deaf right-wing crazies can’t lump every black person in with a few thugs. I certainly wouldn’t want people thinking I’m some inbred trailer trash just because I’m white. That stereotypical way of thinking is the tip of the racism iceberg. 

Everyone is their own person, and whether you’re black or white, LGBTQ or straight, most of us want the same thing: Equality. And since society has already agreed that white lives matter, we need to lift our black community up so that “Black Lives Matter” will be the last stand we have to take against such horrifying injustices. 

Donald Trump is the inevitable result of what Crazy Right Wing America always wanted though.

That’s why the GOP establishment’s “Shock! Horror!” reaction to Trump’s rise amuses me, though.

“OK, we wanted the GOP candidates to be crazy, racist and hateful…but not THAT crazy, racist and hateful!”

You fuckers played with fire and lost control. But at least Trump has the (feasible) excuse of being insane.

So, what’s yours?

How Stephen Harper Became Canada’s Prime Minister

Well I thought it would be interesting given all of the recent scandals and the ongoing election campaign to take a look back. This is especially for the youngsters who weren’t politically aware or active 15 years ago when much of this stuff happened. It’s really a fascinating tale with considerable drama, and shows how a man nobody thought would ever be given power, could become the guy who won three elections. How did he go from an un-electable right wing fanatic to the “sensible and stable choice” for Canadians?

It all began with 1993 election, when the Progressive Conservative Party was reduced to two seats after running a spectacularly bad campaign, and the Liberals returned to power under Jean Chretien. This was a time when the Bloc had considerable influence in Quebec (see 1995 referendum) and became the official opposition.  The right in Canada had been quite successfully crushed.  But a fringe right wing Western Canadian party born in Alberta and led by Preston Manning called the Reform Party started to gain some support and 52 seats. in 1997, the Reform Party picked up 60 seats to become the official opposition, while the PCs rebounded to get 20 seats. It was at this time that the Reform Party decided to re-brand itself, and move to a more centrist position, but was still considered to be too far to the right to ever gain government, and could not break through in Ontario.

In the election of 2000, the PCs previous gains fell backward under the former PM Joe Clark, and they were reduced to 12 seats, but the newly minted Alliance Party under the leadership of Stockwell Day split the right vote, gaining 66 seats, helping the Liberals to win their third majority. It was at this time that serious talk of a merger began. 

Stockwell Day, after considerable infighting within the party over issues of his leadership, and their failing to make more gains on the Liberals, called a leadership contest and was deposed by a young upstart named Stephen Harper as leader of the Alliance Party in 2002

When Joe Clark stepped down after a disappointing showing, there was a leadership contest for the PCs, and the winner was Peter MacKay (yes that guy who was justice minister and you saw around a lot portfolios in the last 10 years) But one of the conditions of his leadership was that he agreed to a deal with another candidate (David Orchard)  to get his support. The deal was clear: He promised not to merge with the right wing Alliance party. Naturally, not long after being appointed leader, he met with Stephen Harper and they made the Conservative Party.

Stephen Harper ran for the Leadership of the new party and won in March 2004. This new party took on the branding of the Progressive Conservatives and were able to successfully convince Canadians that they were actually middle of the road, rather than crazy right wing Reformers, but the truth is that most of the members of the new Conservative Party were Alliance members, and the Conservative Party of today has almost entirely lost its progressiveness, which had made the PCs a sensible alternative to the Liberals. 

Harper almost won the election of 2004, bringing the scandal ridden, infighting Liberals under Paul Martin down to minority status. It was at this time that we started to see Stephen Harper, crusader against corruption. He promised to bring in a new age of accountability, and assured Canadians that there was no hidden agenda, and that his party was not in fact fanatical christian right wingers.  It worked. With the help of the NDP and Jack Layton, he brought down the Liberal minority, and won the 2005 election with a minority.

It’s fascinating to see how a man who ran what was at the time considered to be the Republican Party of the north and totally un-electable, and who nobody thought would ever be Prime Minister, somehow convinced Canadians with some slight of hand that he was not in fact as conservative as the Reform Alliance Party he had championed, simply by changing the branding by merging with a more familiar and palatable party. 

The Canadian public had always been somewhat suspicious of Harper and his brand of Conservatism, and reluctant to give him power, yet he managed to convince them that they didn’t have to like him to vote for him. Time will tell if he can manage it again.

Ok, lets do this.  Gamergate is (finally) dead

Right, back before I lost my blog and everything I loved and cared about, I planned to write this, so you will have to forgive the timing being off as it is.  But I think it is about time we asked a very important question.  Is Gamergate Dead?  4 months ago, I said GG had 3 ½ months left in it, and while I am writing this half a month late (again, my tumblr ceased to exist), I think my claim was just as accurate two weeks ago as it is now.  Gamergate as an entity has ceased to be thing, Gamergate is dead. 

    Now the moment I say that I am going to be hit by a barrage of rebloggs by the most fanatical people who will go screaming about how they are proof that GamerGate is alive and breathing, and I am just another “SJW” with delusions because I actually use facts to make my judgements rather than eating whatever spill Bairtbait or Thunderf00t feeds me.  And of course because there are people on tumblr and by extension twitter and reddit running around saying “GG is still alive” that somehow proves that the movement is real.  And sure, you can run around and pretend that the Roman Empire is still a thing, but I am sorry to break it to you, but the emperor has no clothes.   honestly though, if you have talked about Gamergate on tumblr enough, you will notice its the same score of people who show up every time, and that doesn’t really indicate a strong or long lasting movement.  Of course, these are the same people who think the best way to prove its about ethics in games journalism is to just say “its about ethnics in games journalism” and then rattle a list of sexist villain cliches, so you can’t really expect too much from them.  

     Now lets do what Gamergaters hate, and try to define terms.  What does it mean for a movement to be “dead?’  After all a movement isn’t exactly a real tangible thing.  And while Communism in the US has not been a relevant social movement since the Depression, the American Communist Party is still a thing, they have an actual structure.  However, gamergate does not, as they will remind you at every possible opportunity, have a leader, instead they are just sort of a nebulous angry mob.   So when does something like that end?  Well either when 

A) They cease to have any relevance and have no ability to make any difference in terms of their goals.


B) When they have successfully achieved their goals and thus do not need to justify their own existence.  

Well back in December, Gamergate was certainly alive, you couldn’t really avoid it if you were involved in Gaming, certainly if you were a women.  If you went unto Google News you would find a new article about gamergate every day, often multiple every day.  And now….its been months since there has been a major break through in terms of Gamergate.  What have they done recently that is newsworthy.  Most of the articles that have come out have been about the aftereffects of the movement, how it has changed feminist discourse, or gamer discourse, or journalistic discourse, not what it is currently doing.  Even that bomb threat that happened last week got almost no coverage.  And while some Gaters will show up and scream about a liberal conspiracy, 

So……did Gamergate just win?  Did they finally able to overcome the Feminists, “SJWs” and Anita Sarkeesian in their nefarious scheme to take video games seriously as a medium and be more accepting of disadvantaged groups.  YOu know, “ethics in games journalism”.  Well lets go through their stated and unstated goals. 

Stated Goals

1) To boycott and damage the corrupt and ‘progressive” review sites that have all of these crazy ideas like women deserve basic representation and that a random women on youtube is not at all equivalent to a Floridian Lawyer attempting to pass laws.  So lets have a look at those websites.

Has Eurogamer cease to be?  No it is doing as well as ever.  Ok, Destructoid.   nope, they are fine.  Gaminformer?  Nope, perfectly fine. Polygon.  Nope, still in buisness.  Rock Paper Shotgun?  Nope, they are still fine.  PC Gamer?  Hell, I still see their magazines at the doctor’s office.  Ok, how about the big one, Kotaku.  Surely after 9 months they are….still around and doing fine……huh.   Well Gawker lost a seven digit number due to Gamergate that counts for something right?  Well ignoring the fact that destroying Gawker doesn’t really help GG’s goals, lets assume that Gawker lost 9,999,999.99 thanks to Gamer gate.  Gawker makes 60 million dollars a year…..yeah that is not what we call real damage.  And is Gawker still around.  Yeah, they most certainly are.  And even Gamasutra is fine.  

2) The Removal of Specific anti GG figures.  So this is the “literally who” list, the people GG seems to hate more than anybody.  Right so lets do the first, Nathan Greyson, has he been fired for the crime of being accused by an internet blogger…..no he is still working for Kotaku as we speak.  Ok, how about…Zoe Quinn?  Well her game is certainly going fine, and she is making a name for herself working with anti harassment software.   She clearly isn’t having a good time, but she is still working in games, and is now seen as a matyr.  Ok, how about Leigh Alexander, who wrote the first “Gamers are dead” article and proved to the world that GG doesn’t understand basic subtly.  She is still writing as many articles as she always has, and became an editor.  So ok, she is still around.  How about BRianna Wu?  Still writing, and still working.  Ok, how about the big one, the arch enemy, the true monster who plagues gamer gate.  What about Anita Sarkeesian, the women who…is not a journalist, not a law maker, and is not a reviewer and yet they care about her aways.  Well…..she got another project kickstarted, and has been releasing videos at her constant slow pace….ok.  How about Zennistrad, the greatest anti Gamergate critic on tumblr?  Well….he is still around.  Right here in fact.  


And you know what all of these people have in common other than basic human decency?  They haven’t been talking about Gamergate for about two months now.  No seriously, they each put out the occasional article, but they haven’t been seriously talking about Gamergate for awhile, most of their recent work is about well….video games.  Or in the case of Zennistrad, other right wing crazy bullshit.  Gamergate hasn’t been their main focus for a long time now, because as I said earlier…..Gamergate hasn’t been relevant for a long time now.

3) The removal of the influence of big publisher’s financial control over most games journalism.  Ok, the only goal of GG that is valid, and of course the least talked about.  Has there been any change in the press’s relationship to EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix and all of the other filth of the games industry?  No?  Ok, well so much for that then.    

How about the unstated goals, and by unstated I mean stated all the time but they deny it when you call attention to it?  the real reason for Gamergate’s existence?  

4) Have feminists and other progressive stopped talking about offensive aspects of games and gaming culture.  No, in fact the opposite has happened, many critics have taken up the subject with far more detail than ever before.  

5) Have academia ceased to take gaming seriously?  Well the attempts to archive video games have failed, but other than that…no, no they haven’t. 

6) Have they been able to preserve the term gamer?  Well…kinda but it wasn’t really under attack by anybody but boogiemen anyways.  

Finally, here is the big one.  Have they managed to turn the tides so that gaming will continue to pander to the same white straight male demographic at the exclusion of literally everybody else.  Nope.  Sure, stuff pandering to me is still going to be the majority (and isn’t that just a massive implied insult), but every year more and more video game characters who don’t look like me.  Hell, one of the biggest games of the year so far, Dragon Age Inquistion, Featured a massive amount of racial, gender, and sexual diversity by the standards of gaming, and there isn’t any indication that this is stopping.  Traditionally marginalized groups are continuing to buy games in larger and larger numbers, and the absurdly hilarious “Gamer Culture” continues to become more and more the thing of the past as games become more mainstream.  Which I find absolutely hilarious, because again, Gamer culture is an absurd construct to begin with

So beyond the basic goal of making as many women feel unsafe playing games, and making a great deal of intellectually dishonest bullies feel self righteous about their own bigotry for awhile, and a weird child porn scandal, Gamergate hasn’t really accomplished any of their goals.  Oh they did get Intel to give 300 million dollars to feminist causes, so good job there.  

Now the first thing these people will say to ‘prove’ gamergate is still relevant is the fact that the movement supposedly led to certain websites rewriting their ethics section.  Now even if we can actually can attribute this to Gamergate (we can’t) and pretend that their primary goal was not the harassment of women (it was) and take them at their word (we shouldn’t) that…isn’t really impressive.  All of those changes happened in september, and clearly gamergate wasn’t happy with the result, because they kept on fighting for another nine months.  So clearly A) They weren’t happy with that result because they still keep going B) they haven’t done anything in the nine months since.  After all, movements don’t justify their existence by “we were awesome one” to go with that music metaphor again, if a band produced one awesome hit song two years ago and haven’t done anything since, that doesn’t justify listening to them now.  Or better example, the SImpsons used to be funny, but isn’t anymore.  Wait, that doesn’t work, because the Simpsons is still a physical thing that exists, even if it should be dead, it isn’t.  A better example would be something as disorganized and intangable as Gamergate….lets say Disco.  Like Gamergate, it didn’t have a central leadership, was very much an insular sub group, and brought only pain and suffering to the world.  And when did Disco “die?”  Well, when Disco music stopped getting unto the charts and disco music stopped being played in most of the country.  How could you tell when Disco died?  When nobody was listening to disco.  And sure there were a few people running around going “DISCO ISN”T DEAD” but…yeah Disco is dead.  And by extension, Gamer Gate is dead, they haven’t done anything recently, and they have no power to do anything. There is a small group of dedicated fans who keep the label alive and keep circle jerking each other with the reassurance that “GG will one day save the world” but what have the accomplished in the last few months other than making innocent people’s lives miserable.  

So why did GG fail?  Well for the exact same reasons I said they would, they had no leadership and no mechanism to determine “true” gaters from people who gave them a bad name, so it was just a leaderless angry mob that burned itself out.  

HOWEVER, and this is critical, just because Gamergate is over, doesn’t mean that the conflict created by it is over.  Because as everybody who has any knowledge of critical thinking already knew, the main conflict didn’t start with Gamergate.  Gamer culture was already this exclusive, hyper nationalistic, reactionary, paranoid, entitled, self centered haven of bullies and bubble think who saw women wanting to have a big more representation as a personal attack on them.  I mean the pointless and utterly vicious attacks on the like of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian didn’t start getting attacked for the crime of…making an indie game you didn’t have to play and a series of youtube videos respectively, back when gamergate started, that was going on for years before hand.  And will continue to go on, its died down now, but wait a little awhile, most likely the post christmas game’s drought, and this issue will reign its ugly head again.  And then it will die down and come up again, much like race relations in the US, because the fact is the fundamental issues at hand haven’t been solved, the GG side just made themselves look so bad that they had to take time to regroup.  And remember, these are the same people who think Anita talking about video games on youtube is somehow related to Jack Thompson passing a law to ban video games, they are not simply going to give up just because logic tells them so.