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Understanding Dean

I wanted to talk more about all the Dean and Cas moments in 13x06. I was so busy flailing like a lunatic last night, and while I mentioned it briefly in my watch notes, I do think these moments of intimacy between them are telling of a bigger picture and worth examining more closely.

Look at just how much insight Cas has into how Dean works…

When Jack mentions Dodge City, Dean gets that dopey, bashful look on his face whenever he wants something badly. And it’s Cas that gives him a pointed and knowing look in return. 

It’s intentional, and our gaze is deliberately draw first to Dean, and then Cas’s reaction. Not Sam’s, who by all accounts in canon, has precisely the same amount of exposure to Dean and cowboys in 6x18. All flailing about the unwritten implications aside (okay not completely aside, because just think for a minute about how Cas has come to know this as intimately as he does), Cas knows inherently that this is something that gets Dean excited. And later, when Jack looks on in incredulity at Dean’s unabashed fanboying over the motel room and the old cowboys…

Jack: He really likes cowboys.
Cas: Yes, yes he does. 

I have trouble reading Cas’s line here as anything other than long-suffering. In my eyes, he’s framed as a long-suffering spouse who’s put up with this reluctantly, but lovingly, for what feels like forever. But whether you read their exchange as something more intimate, or just as a long-suffering friend, it’s still long-suffering. As in, Cas has had to bear witness to Dean’s cowboy obsession time and time and time again. We only know of one other instance in canon where Dean has had this particular kink on display: 6x18′s Frontierland. I’ll grant you Cas is a drama queen, but Frontierland on its own is just not enough to warrant this level of exasperation in Cas, because it was Sam who went back in time with Dean then and bore the brunt of Dean’s enthusiasm for the Wild West. 

Next, Cas knows that Dean is an angry sleeper. And okay, I’m not setting the flailing aside on this one, because JUST HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT, CAS? HMMM? We know canonically that Cas has a history of watching Dean sleep. We now know that he has a history of waking him up as well, and Cas knows how to do that in a way that is gentle and soft enough not to wake the sleeping bear as well. I would very much like to see precisely how Cas wakes Dean up.

And the coffee? That whole scene was so delightfully domestic. You get the sense that this is a ritual– a daily routine that they go through.  I adore the silent, wordless exchange between them and Cas just plunking himself down in resignation. Communication without words requires intimacy and familiarity with someone else, and we’re seeing that in spades here. 

When they split up to tackle the case, I love that it’s Sam who splits them the way that he does: Jack will stay with Sam, and Cas will go with Dean. It’s not necessarily the most logical choice, and it would have made arguably more sense for Cas to go with Jack.  I like to think that Sam is acknowledging that his brother and Cas need some space alone. 

Which leads me to my final point. Just as moments within an episode can’t stand alone and must be taken in context, so too should we look at the overall season arc and the choices that are made to put episodes where they are in chronology. 13x06 falls right after the episode in which Sam is trying is absolute, adorable best to cheer Dean up, but he’s doing it in all the wrong ways. I’m not saying that Sam doesn’t understand Dean, because he’s absolutely close with Dean and has to know things about him that others don’t because of their close proximity all their lives. But I feel like they’re making it glaringly obvious over the course of the past few episodes that Sam doesn’t relate to Dean in the way that Cas does, and contrary to whatever bullshit Dean might spew, Cas is not his brother

Sam’s insight into Dean (at least in the previous few episodes, and he certainly has a history of this in the past too) is well-intentioned and loving, but misguided. Frankly, I blame Dean for that because of how carefully he’s kept Sam from truly seeing him. The contrast between Cas and Sam and how they both relate to Dean is fascinating. Sam seeing the sanitized, performing Dean facade, whereas Cas sees beneath it. 

I’ve wavered in the past between “Sam knows” and “Sam is an oblivious moose.” I’m beginning to lean more in the direction of oblivious moose, not necessarily because that’s where I think Sam’s at, but because that seems to be the direction the writers are taking him in– as a stand-in for casual viewers and the lens through which we see the dynamic between Cas and Dean.

No one could specifically be blamed. Louis went out in search of his dreams, and Harry supported that. The love was still there - probably would always be - but so was that horrible gap wedged between them.

Two nights before it happened, Harry went drinking with Liam - their first time out together since Louis left - to some shady bar downtown, one of the only local places Harry knew he had enough cash for without having to stop at an ATM, his bank account nearly empty, anyway. He rested his forehead against the sticky bar top, closing his eyes. He knew Liam was staring, regardless.

“It’s like. I had so much faith that we could have made this work. Faith that no amount of distance between us could make a dent in who we are together. But.” He sat up, mindlessly peeled the label off of his beer bottle, gone warm already. “Faith wasn’t enough, I guess, and science got in the way. It’s a scientific fact that Louis and I are separated by 4,781 miles, by eight hours, by millions and millions of people who are living between us and, just. Science won.”

Liam didn’t say anything to that, simply placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed, ordered him another drink. It was the exact right thing to do for the exact wrong situation.

The day they decided to end it was a freezing cold October afternoon. Harry had on a sweatshirt, wool socks. They were Louis’.

“What happened to all of this being temporary,” he whispered into the phone, nervous to say it any louder. “The only thing that’s starting to feel temporary is…”

“Us,” Louis finished for him.


It felt like relief, really. They’d barely been going through the motions, pretending as if it was working, and when they hung up the phone, Harry didn’t feel like crying, didn’t feel sick, didn’t feel angry. He felt nothing. He took a shower, went for a walk, let the cold air numb his face, numb his fingers and toes and his already numbed mind.

The overwhelming agony came three days later.

It hit him like a tidal wave, knocking him over. Drowning and alone was the only way to describe it, Harry thought that first weekend without Louis, then nearly laughed. He’d been alone for a year. How was this any different?

He made an ass of himself during those first few weeks. He texted Louis absolute nonsense, just as a reason to reach out, putting in more effort than he had in months. When the meaningless texts didn’t work, he tried angry words. Immature, yes. Effective, no. He moved onto apologies around Thanksgiving, leaving Louis a string of sorrow voicemails, each one more pathetic than the next. Louis didn’t reply to a single message, everything gone unanswered.

The night before Louis’ birthday, Harry drunkenly typed out Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too.

Louis never replied.

Harry hadn’t expected him to.

Deals with the Devil

Author: hela-avenger

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1588

Summary: “And you say that I’m the devil, you know, and I don’t disagree
No, I don’t see the harm” -Quit by Ariana Grande

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You stood in the middle of a desolate crossroad wondering if this was the right decision to make. Your friends warned you against doing this but hearing the rumors of the darkness that lingered here was enough to convince you to come. If there was any way to correct what went wrong, then you would gladly sell your soul to the devil to make things right.

The moment of hesitance passes as you shakily dig a hole in the center of the crossroads and place the tin box inside. The contents of the box were the basic components of a simple spell you found online; some graveyard dirt, a bone from a black cat, and a picture of yourself.

It was a picture of you from a few years ago and you couldn’t help but tearfully smile at the memory. An arm could be seen wrapped around you but the picture was ripped in the middle just revealing you in the image and no one else.

Wanting to get this over with, you quickly bury the box and stand up. You wait for something to happen like a breeze of air to cause you to tumble or lighting to strike from the sky to warn you of the dark forces you called into play.

Nothing happens.

You let out a sigh, regret seeping through your whole being. You should have known this spell was a sham and now you were left with dark memories of the past that opened up some deep wounds.

You turn to leave only to find yourself face to face with a smirking grin.

“Leaving so soon?” he asks, his breath fanning over your face.

You shiver at the act and his grin grows wider at the effect he has on you. You slowly look up to take in his face. His hair had grown enough that it curled behind his ears and instead of clear sky eyes, they were black.

An eternal darkness was staring back at you and you felt the last of your hope disappear in it.

“Done checking me out, sweetheart?” he asks you. “I don’t have all night.”

You quickly take a step away from him and brush your hair away from your face. A nervous habit that you adapted from… well, he’s gone now. Every good in him was gone.

“I’m here to make a deal with a demon so just give me a minute to recover from the initial shock,” you snap back at him before muttering something under your breath, “Talk about customer service…”

He grins at the comment and simply raises his hands in mock apology.

“Just let me know when you’re ready.”

You offered a simple nod before turning away and rubbing your face tiredly. You had known the outcome of this so why were you shocked that he had appeared. This is what you wanted and yet it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to.

“How did you get into this business?” you ask as you turn to face him.

The question catches him off-guard. None of his clients were ever interested in starting up a conversation with him, but ever since he’s been called here, he knew that his latest client was different. Something deep inside him told him so.

“I don’t know,” he answers sincerely with a shrug. “Just woke up, given a set of instructions, and now I’m here.”

“How long have you been doing this?”

Another shrug, “A couple of years, I think.”

You frown at this sensing that there was more to it.

“Do you remember anything that happened to you when you were human?”

“No,” he answers with a scowl. He didn’t remember anything from his past and he was put off by the question. “What’s with the interrogation?”

“Bucky, don’t get mad…” you start to say but he quickly cuts you off.

“Who the hell is Bucky?” he shouts in anger. “And who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?”

You stumble back as you felt the immensity of his rage. Fear coursed through your body as he caught your arm and pulled you back to him.

Tell me what you want,” he orders. “Strike the deal, seal it, and leave.”

You shake under his hands and a whimper slips from your lips. 

“I want you back,” you whisper as tears threatened to spill from your eyes. “I want my Bucky back.”

His anger fades away and a sense of regret flickers in his being. It surprises him, the act of feeling, but he doesn’t reel in disgust like other of his kind do. Instead, he wants to feel it again.

He turns away from you trying to make sense of this all and you watch him struggle. You want to go over to him and pull him into an embrace, but the Bucky you knew was gone. The person standing in front of you was someone else.  

“I want to make a deal with you,” you tell him causing him to turn back around to face you. “I want you to go back to the day of the car accident and stop it from happening.”

“What car accident?” he asks though something in the back of his mind knew what she was talking about.

“The one where we were driving back from a day at the beach,” you explain to him as tears started to run down your face. Your throat begins to tighten, but you keep going, “The one where you looked away from the street to ask me a question and you veered off the road and killed that couple. The one where I woke up at the hospital and you were gone and Steve had to tell me that you weren’t coming back. The one where…”

“Stop,” he begs not being able to handle your self-destruction. “Please stop…”

“Their son, Tony, he’s doing fine,” you explain to him. “Steve and Peggy were fostering him and they just finally adopted him last year. They’re married too and are expecting. I’m happy for them but I couldn’t stop thinking about how that could have been me if you had just stayed…”

“I need you to stop…” he pleads as a sick feeling grows within him.

“All these years I’ve wondered what happened to you,” you tell him. “I wondered where you were and what you were going through. I wanted to help you and bring you back home and I finally found you… doing this.”

“STOP!” he shouts. “PLEASE STOP!”

“So make the deal!” you demand as you’re the one to grab a hold of him and shake him out of his reverie. “Take my soul, fix this!”

Bucky grabs you by the hair and pulls you forward. You wait for a painful impact but instead, it is a brutal kiss that seers between you. A clashing of lips and teeth that was sweetly painful.

He lets you go and wipes his mouth still looking shaken up.

“Deal sealed.”

Those were the last words you heard before falling into an immense darkness.

Bucky’s laughter filled the air as he drove down the road. Your hair was flapping around due to your adamant need to put the top down. A decision that you were now starting to regret. He was laughing at your misery and though you scowled at him, you weren’t really angry at him. His laughter dies down as he looked at you, something different flickered in his clear sky eyes.

“Today was perfect,” he tells you.

“Very,” you respond with a growing smile on your face. You lean your head back on the seat and close your eyes in contempt. “Picnic on the beach, swimming with some dolphins… an overall perfect day.”

Bucky’s focus returns towards the road but he couldn’t stop from glancing over to you once more. The happy smile on your face was something he wanted to see every day of his life. He wanted it to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up and the last thing before he falls asleep.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

You hum in response keeping your eyes closed. His hand shifts towards the pocket of his shorts, feeling the small velvet box that held an engagement ring. Bucky had every intention to propose to her here and now before he feels a shiver run through him.

Look up.

Bucky shifts his gaze forward and finds that he was driving on the other side of the road with another car coming his way. He’s quick to veer back into his lane, the passing car honking their horn unnecessarily, forcing you to jump in your seat by its suddenness.

“What was that for?” you ask confused as you turn to look behind you at the car.

You could see the shadows of two heads from the front seat and a small hand extended up, holding a toy plane.  

“Nothing,” Bucky responds with a shiver.

With your attention elsewhere, he takes his hand out of his pocket, leaving the engagement ring there, and places both his hand on the steering wheel.

That was close, he thought. He could have gotten them all killed. Must have an angel looking over his shoulder or something. 

You turn back around and face him with a curious expression.

“What did you want to ask me?”

Bucky made sure that there were no more incoming cars from the other side of the road before shifting his gaze towards you.

“Marry me?”

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Um... please don't take this the wrong way, but have you not been answering many anon asks lately? I'm not accusing you of anything, Its just normally you'd respond to at least one of the few I've sent the last few days by now and I'm trying to figure it if the app is just screwing me over again.

I am typically more likely to respond to off anon things only because i dont really have a response for everything so i would send it back privately. Also most of my inbox is requests right now and im not doing all of them. Some of em are questions i didnt know the answer to and forgot to answer then too much time had passed. Or they are frequently asked questions and I can only say “nope dunno what you mean” like so many times lol (this mostly pretains to fic questions cause i dont read fics) 

usually too much time has passed so im like “oh wont answer this now i guess” 

no harm meant! But if you just say things “hi!” and i cant respond privately i dont like to flood my blog with those. So i encourage you to be off anon if youre a regular! ill do my best

(right now though my inbox is buried in requests so i dont see some stuff)


You know what you did was wrong. Question is, how’re you gonna make things right? Maybe you were trying to be cool. But take it from a guy who’s been frozen for 65 years, the only way to really be cool, is to follow the rules. We all know what’s right, we all know whats wrong. Next time those turkeys try to convince you to do something that you know is wrong, just think to yourselves, What Would Captain America Do?

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Do you have any kind of process for picking colors for the backgrounds? They all seem to have really nice uniformity, and I would love to read up on how colors like that are picked (or if it's more intuition based). I do remember you mentioning that you also had help from another color lead before, so I was wondering how much of that they help out vs the colors you chose?

hey, thanks so much! this might get a lil long (as it always does!!) so bear with me.

firstly i want to say, there’s no right or wrong way to pick colors. every artist has their own palette they prefer and i think it’s super delightful to spend time developing your own special sense of color. so even though i’m explaining things in a “this is how you do it” sort of way, it’s not the only way! just my way. the best method to develop your own sense of color is to look at a LOT of art, look at a LOT of the world around you, and practice practice pratice.

at this point in my life i pick colors intuitively just because i think it’s something i’m naturally tuned into, and i’ve been doing it for a few years, so i don’t actively plan my palettes. but here are some things that i think about as i pick colors.

firstly, i want to go over hue, value, and saturation. i’m sure everyone knows these intuitively but i want to explain them in words. hue, value and saturation are what make up a color, and decide how colors differ from each other.

hue: what color the color actually is. red, purple, green, yellow, and everything in between.

value: how light or dark a color is. if you’re painting traditionally, adding more white or more black to a color lowers or raises its value.

saturation: how “pure” the color is vs how much neutral tone is in it.

here’s an example of all three:

this comes into play because a big mistake i see beginners make is that they pick a “just” color, and by that i mean they pick “just blue” or “just yellow”. imagine buying a set of oil paints and only using paints straight from the tube without ever mixing. it would be impossible! so i try to avoid picking “just” colors, except as for a complementary color (more on that in a bit). here are some variations of a red, for example.

so, the biggest thing for me when i pick colors is that i want them all to be friends. i want them all to have something in common so that they get along. i usually lose control of a painting when my colors feel to different from one another. so, i will usually start a painting with one color i know for sure i want, and “subordinate” other colors to it, meaning every other color i pick has to look good with that color. as to how you figure out what looks good and what doesn’t, that just takes time and lots of observation to build a personal opinion :) here’s an example from one of my paintings. in this case, the main color is the trees.

and here’s another from rick & morty, the main color is the sky this time.

now that that’s out of the way, i’m going to give you the Actual Cheat Sheet for color palettes. in color theory, there are 8 basic color schemes that are generally pleasing to look at. here they are.

i usually use an analogous palette or monochrome palette out of preference. the two examples above more or less fall into those categories. however, i also like to use split complementary because the complimentary color adds a LOT of contrast and visual interest. it’s great to use if you have a specific thing in a painting you want to draw attention to. here’s an example:

it doesn’t always have to be a perfect split complementary, just one color that differs from the “family” of colors that take up a majority of the piece. 

now! you might be wondering when’s the right time to subordinate a color, or where to put it, or how much of it to use, etc. and the answer is: CONTRAST. there is always visual interest in things that are different. i was rifling through my school notes and found these great types of contrast when working with color.

value: things that are light vs things that are dark.

hue: two colors that look different. I.E. yellow vs blue.

saturation: things that are saturated vs things that are desaturated.

proportion: note the example above. a majority of the painting is orange, so the green stands out because there is proportionally less of it.

temperature: things that are warm vs things that are cool.

complementary: red vs green, blue vs orange, yellow vs purple. when in doubt, these colors always contrast against each other because they have nothing in common (there is no red in green, etc).

simultaneous: this is a little advanced and i’m bad at explaining it, so please read up on it here. 

a super helpful exercise is to look at your favorite illustrations, paintings, photographs, designs, etc and assess which one of the 8 color schemes (linked above) it has, and which types (can be more than one) of contrast it has. we did this in school and it REALLY helped me look at color better. here’s part of the assignment i did, the artist is annette marnat.

so! that’s pretty much how i think about color and how i pick my colors! i hope it was somewhat helpful! there’s so so so so much about color theory i can’t even begin to cover, i highly urge you to watch some videos and read some books and articles to further your study. a great starting place would be this series of videos. these are made by my teacher Richard Keyes, i think he had a dvd or something. everything i’ve talked about so far i learned from him and he is an absolute expert in color. these videos are invaluable. if you take anything away from this post, let it be to watch these videos hahaha.

to answer your question about my color leads, every painting was a collaborative effort between the three of us, and sometimes other painters too. it was a very hands-on crew, so i can’t say any of the r&m bgs i did are 100% “mine”. however, i think my personal color sense is waaaay different than jason or phil’s, which made the process very interesting because we usually had 3 very different opinions hahaa. you can check out their work here and here to see what things they brought to the table in relation to my own contributions.

thank you for the ask! again, i hope this was helpful :)

seven-word sentence starter.
  • “please, don’t take this the wrong way.”
  • “know that we’ll still have each other.”
  • “tell me we’re doing the right thing.”
  • “you know what i was gonna say.”
  • “i don’t give a shit what happened.”
  • “everything is so confusing. i don’t know.”
  • “sorry. i didn’t mean what i said.”
  • “you really don’t have to keep apologising.”
  • “i hate knowing we have to hide.”
  • “it’s not your fault. don’t blame yourself.”
  • “this is all out of our control.”
  • “i think i’m going crazy without you.”
  • “what am i supposed to say to that?”
  • “we need to talk. call me.”
  • “i can’t sleep because of all this.”
  • “how much more must i be hurting?”
  • “i’m not the person i once was.”
  • “c’mon you know it’s not like that.”
  • “what about all of this is funny?”
  • “tell me you don’t feel the same.”
  • “you always seem to make me speechless.”
  • “you left me here all by myself.”
  • “is this all a joke to you?”
  • “i can still remember the good times.”

You’re a mess but it’s fun right love is a supermarket you’re drunk in at 6 pm love is a mistake you’re making love is you have no idea if he’s even capable of feeling the same way love is alone and alone and love is the pool you almost drowned in and love is ripping the scabs off before you’re done healing and yeah maybe you’re doing the wrong thing but you’re doing it and that’s better than dying right like who cares if the car is on fire as long as it’s driving

Morally Grey But Still Likable?

Writing morally grey characters readers will love.

@coinsanddeadlypoisons asked:

Do you have any tips about writing from the point of view of a manipulative character? I don’t want him to be an asshole but i am afraid the readers would see him as such. 

The large majority of the characters in The Warlord’s Contract are morally grey in one way or another, with one in particular being rather manipulative, and I’ve found that the same basic principles and tricks apply to them all, no matter which negative “asshole” attributes they exhibit.  

1. Why do they do what they do?

Readers will forgive most morally gray actions if they feel the character has a good reason for it. This reason can be anything number of things, often compounded. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The character’s goal is worth the sins they commit in the process.
  • Their past has conditioned them to do what they do.
  • They believe that they (or someone else) will suffer if they don’t.
  • They believe everyone else is already doing the same and they’re evening the playing field.
  • They believe their actions will benefit others in the long run.
  • They’re convinced they’ll be hurt if they don’t do it.

The reason(s) you character has do doing what they do should also make sense within the context of the story itself. Thematically, it should match or mirror other cause and effect situations you’re presenting, and it should fit (and often intertwine) with the character’s backstory and personality.

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What Taylor did for Jimmy Fallon warms my heart. Simple, but very meaningful gesture. And to the people saying “she talks about herself too much”, you’re never been so wrong. One thing special about her songwriting, is that even if she’s talking about her experiences, it feels like she got into your mind and wrote a song about your life, and suddenly her stories becomes your stories. That’s why it’s beautiful to see Taylor singing the “squeeze my hand 3 times” line right after Jimmy told that story about his mom, because despite what you think, she writes lyrics anyone can relate to, in one way or another.

Hey everyone!

As a first post I decided to share with you some inspirational quotes that you could use in your bullet journals, planners, and studyblrs!

I personally believe the more you look at these the more motivated you can get. It works with me and I hope it works with you guys. If you have any requests feel free to message me J

·        “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” -Sean Patrick Flanery

·        “Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.”

·        “She remembered who she was and the game changed.” -Lalah Deliah

·        “The best project you’ll ever work on is you.”

·        “No one is you and that is your super power.”

·        “Make it happen. Shock everyone.”

·        “Life is tough but so are you.”

·        “Be a voice not an echo.”

·        “Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost.”

·        “Happiness looks gorgeous on you.”

·        “Rule your mind or it will rule you.” –Buddha

·        “Do good for others. It will come back in unexpected ways.” –Buddha

·        “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

·        “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.” –Maya Angelou

·        “Drive for progress no perfection.”

·        “You never fail until you stop trying.” –Albert Einstein

·        “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think about what could go right.”

·        “If it makes you happy no one else’s opinion should matter.”

·        “You are amazing. Remember that.”

·        “You can.”

·        “Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.”

·        “1 year = 365 opportunities”

·        “It’s the little things in life.”

·        “Don’t stop until you’re proud.”

·        “I can and I will.”

·        “Never stop looking up.”

·        “Better an oops than a what if.”

·        “If you stumble make it part of the dance.”

·        “You can totally do this.”

·        “Be happy, it drives people crazy.”

·        “Don’t look back you’re not going that way.”

·        “Chin up princess or the crown slips.”

·        “Be the girl who decided to go for it.”

·        “Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.”

·        “You have to be odd to be number one.” –Dr. Seuss

·        “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

·        “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”

·        “Actually, I can.”

·        “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.”

·        “Do what they think you can’t do.”

·        “You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head…but I’ll tell you a secret…all the best people are.” –Alice in wonderland

·        “Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.”

·        “Just breathe.”

·        “Be happy with your beautiful life.”

·        “Smile more worry less.”

·        “Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.”

·        “the best way to get things done is to simply begin.”

·        “If you don’t like where you are move. You are not a tree.”

·        “What feels like the end is often the begging.”

Well that’s it for today. I’ll be back soon with some more quotes and maybe some lyrics.

See you then! *Waves*

"copycat” still really bothers me

i’m sure i’m not the first person to notice this but i’m rewatching the show and the episode “copycat” just gets me so annoyed and irritated because of how adrien was written in that episode. this is probably the episode where we have the most blatant, explicit evidence of one of adrien’s flaws (i.e. his jealousy) and he is at no point forced to be held accountable for his actions. 

adrien quite literally causes an akuma because of his jealousy. but he is not forced to apologize to theo for lying about his relationship with ladybug, he’s not forced to apologize to ladybug for lying about said relationship without her consent, and adrien himself is not allowed time in the episode to acknowledge his jealousy, find fault in it, and learn from his mistake. 

adrien as a character already has this annoying habit of being presented as the “perfect boy” who very rarely makes mistakes and is idolized for it. not just by marinette. by pretty much everyone. “jackady” had this really strange scene where gabriel and ladybug were staring at adrien’s modeling shots and gushing about how “flawless” and “perfect” he is. and most of adrien’s arguably negative qualities (e.g. his occassional inability to take things seriously in battle, his naivete, his occasional impulsiveness as chat noir, etc.) are often presented in ways that either make us sympathize with his behavior or find it endearing. 

“copycat” is probably one of the only (if not the only) episodes where adrien is very clearly doing something wrong. he’s angry that theo likes ladybug so much so he lies about his relationship with ladybug and tells theo they’re a thing so that he can back off and chat noir can have ladybug all to himself. 

the problem is that the show doesn’t call out adrien for this jealousy. about the only time it does is when plagg makes a dig at him right when adrien realizes who the akuma is. 

and despite this, adrien merely rolls his eyes at plagg and scoffs at the comment as if it’s a joke. that was the perfect opportunity for adrien to take just a few seconds to say “you’re right. i should’ve never lied and let myself get jealous. that was wrong of me.”

about the best we can get is when chat noir acknowledges that he was the one who caused the akuma so he’s the one who has to go and get himself out of it. but at no point does he tell ladybug why this happened (especially because it involves her) and at no point does he vocalize the mistake he made, i.e. the fact that he let his jealousy take over. 

then this is where the episode really starts to bother me

he calls out ladybug for not showing up to the statue unveiling. they actually make chat noir take time in the middle of his screw up to basically tell ladybug “well maybe you’d know what’s going on if you showed up this morning.” ladybug had done nothing wrong in regards to this akuma. we’re dealing with her phone stealing and her bad time management on the side, but this has nothing to do with the akuma. if anyone’s mistakes should be being highlighted here, it’s adrien’s. 

but the episode continues to just let adrien get away with the fact that he lied. ladybug praises chat noir for his honesty and for the fact that he’s never lied to ladybug about anything (hello, irony) and normally this would be a pretty good moment for chat noir to at least look guilty. but instead he merely thanks her for the compliment and continues fighting anyway. 

and then it gets even worse because the one who apologizes at the end of the episode is ladybug!! she apologizes to theo for not showing up to the unveiling! which, fine ok, but where was adrien’s apology? where was his opportunity to explain to ladybug that he messed up for lying about their relationship, causing this akuma, and putting ladybug in danger?

it’s replaced with chat noir’s angst about his crush not being returned. 

we feel bad for him at the end of this episode because his “crush was crushed.” let alone that he let his jealousy get the better of him and lied to a stranger about ladybug and his relationship behind her back. we end the episode feeling sympathy for chat noir because ladybug doesn’t feel the same way for him. mr. perfect finally has an episode where he screws up and the show does not allow him to take sufficient responsibility for it and own up to his mistake. 

and it further annoys me that this happened because anytime marinette messes up, she almost always apologizes. when she didn’t listen to chloe and caused her to be akumatized? she apologized to her for not listening to her. when she yelled at lila and caused her to be akumatized because of her own jealousy? she apologized to lila for being so mean to her. marinette is continuously asked to own up to her mistakes and apologize for them (as she should) meanwhile the one time adrien screws up, he gets let off for it. 

idk man, it just gets me upset that adrien got it so easy in this episode. he should’ve apologized to theo. he should’ve told ladybug the truth. he should’ve owned up to the fact that his jealousy was totally unwarranted. 

So I think I’ve seen people discuss this before–the idea that Viktor is Yuuri’s coach, as well as his boyfriend/fiance/husband/whatever you imagine their relationship becomes post-season 1. I’ve seen a lot of meta about how Yuuri has to disconnect the idea of Viktor-as-Idol from Viktor-as-Person (And I’ve even written some of that meta myself) but I can’t recall seeing a lot of meta about Yuuri having to separate Viktor-as-coach from Viktor-as-lover.

Coaches are in charge of you. There’s a power dynamic there that is hard to ignore, and Yuuri knows that Viktor would never take advantage of it. That’s not what this is about. But there is a somewhat natural human reflex, shall we say, to reacting negatively to someone saying No you’re doing this wrong or You need to do better

Of course Yuuri understands that this is what a coach does. The only reason Viktor is saying these things is because he wants Yuuri to improve. But it’s difficult all the same.

I think there are a lot of times, especially once Viktor retires for good and becomes Yuuri’s coach, and they’ve been together for awhile and Yuuri doesn’t have the constant swirling thought of He’s leaving soon to occupy his thoughts like he did that first summer in Hasetsu–there are a lot of times when Yuuri has to actually put effort into separating Viktor into two separate people–or at least two separate sets of motivations.

“That was the sloppiest Salchow I’ve ever seen,” Viktor says, and Yuuri has to grit his teeth and nod and do it again, and not react to it like he would if Viktor had just said something like Dinner was horrible because that’s not what’s going on. Viktor isn’t saying these things to hurt him, and moreover Viktor is not talking to him as his husband right now.

Sometimes, after particularly frustrating practice days where nothing seems to be going right and Viktor never seems happy, Yuuri has to hang back and put himself back into a mindset that’s safe for home–one that won’t make him bark at Viktor for putting the forks in the dishwasher the wrong way. Because it’s not the forks–when Yuuri says Why can’t you put the forks in the dishwasher the right way what is actually trying to come out of his mouth is You’re my husband and you keep telling me I’m doing bad and it hurts, and he knows he can’t say that, because Viktor is a good coach. He’s an amazing coach, but he comes from the Yakov Feltsman School of Brutal Honesty.

Yuuri knows that he wouldn’t feel nearly so torn up if it was Yakov telling him these things. But Viktor’s voice is the same one that laughs with him over dinner, and whispers to him in bed, and to hear that voice continually tell him he’s not quite good enough is difficult.

But then he gets home, and Coach Nikiforov has dropped away to be replaced by Vitya, Yuuri’s husband, who smiles at him when he walks in the door and says, “Welcome home, Kitten,” and Yuuri can’t help but melt into him.

“I think practice went really well today,” Viktor tells him over dinner. “Your Lutz is looking good. It’ll be an amazing program by the time we leave for Skate America.”

“You think so?” Yuuri murmurs, and what he wants to say is then why didn’t you say that at the rink, but he knows. He knows why.

And Viktor, his husband, looks up at him and beams and says, “Darling, you know I always think you’re amazing.”

And maybe, eventually, Viktor rolls over in bed and puts a hand on his hip and murmurs, “You know that everything I say in practice is meant to help you improve, right? And that I’m never trying to insult you, or hurt your feelings? I love you just as much as your coach as I do as your husband.”

“I know,” Yuuri whispers, and kisses him.

Eventually, Yuuri realizes that it’s a good thing that he’s compartmentalized Viktor like this. Sometimes Viktor annoys him to the point that he can barely see straight, and sometimes he and Viktor get into pretty heated arguments in the middle of the rink, but it’s nothing that a coach and student wouldn’t fight over. They don’t fight about the laundry at work, and they don’t fight about work while they’re doing the laundry. In the end, it helps Yuuri to keep a professional air about him, which is necessary when working with the love of your life day in and day out.

(And if once or twice, Yuuri and Viktor have had something that could be called hate sex in the locker rooms after a particularly bad practice? Well. Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell.)

“as the person who sort of made lucretia… in my mind, she was never a villain. like i never - i never ever ever ever thought of her, not even for a little bit, as doing evil in this world.

in my mind, lucretia’s probably my favorite character. especially because of like, the things that happened in the stolen century and her growth there and the way that things changed, like that growth was the most concrete growth that i think any character went through in the entire show.

and what i really tried to set up in the stolen century is that like this is a really tough thing you all were going through, and you all had different ways of dealing with it, and her way was very… perhaps overprotective, right?

and so this thing that she did, she knew that you all were hurting, and she had this idea for how to solve it, and everybody else’s idea was different, and she thought the idea that you all went with was… wrong, was inherently wrong.

and so she grew from being this character who was very much on the sidelines, writing about the things that other people were doing, and taking actions into her own hands, and simultaneously like, making her friends forget this like, really really difficult and painful ordeal that they all had gone through.

and so in my mind, she was not… she was not evil. she was never ever ever ever the villain.”

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i wish i’d known sooner a lot of things. like you have no control over anyone’s actions or body except your own, and sometimes not even then. like if it’s not your secret to tell, it’s your secret to keep. like when your word is good people turn to you for truth. like lying is addictive. like compromise and peace are cousins, not twins. like never sign something without reading the full agreement and never sign anything you feel pressured not to read. like listen before you disagree. like taking a deep breath can save relationships.

i messed up so many times i stopped being able to count them. for a long time i thought that meant i was also a bad person; full of failure, full of times i’ve hurt others, sometimes even on purpose.

it took me a long time to realize that what makes a bad person is never admitting you did something wrong. i’ve messed up a lot. but i don’t defend myself against that. i apologize, learn from it, apply it to my personality. learn that sometimes being right isn’t the same thing as the right thing to do. learn that sometimes it’s okay not to be the most loved person in the room. it’s hard for me because i forget, like all people do.

but i think about the people who never learn. who choose time and time again to ignore what happens and instead continue in their pattern, regardless of what happens. that can never be wrong, that refuse to believe it. my mother used to say accidents happen, mistakes happen sometimes, and a choice you can mark your calendar by. 

you aren’t your mistakes. you’re the way you apologize, you’re how you admit you’ve been wrong, you’re how you move forwards. sometimes we can’t admit to ourselves we aren’t perfect. it’s a hard thing to be human. but expect less of who you are.

learn. move on. go far.

fantastic-nobody  asked:

Mr. Gaiman, I'm on the journey to write a lot of different things. Novels, Comics, Screenplays, and so much more. My biggest problem is that with so many projects/ideas in mind, I constantly jump from one to another because I can't decide which project is the "right" one. I worry all the time that if I finish the wrong story, no one will want to read it and I'll blow my chance as a writer. Do you have a way of knowing when it's time to write/release a story, or am I just being silly?

You aren’t being silly, but you need to start finishing things. 

There is no “right” project. You have lots of bad sentences and clumsy stories, awkward comics and terrible screenplays inside you, and you get to the good ones by writing the other ones down. Imagine that each time you write “The End” a  “You are now much closer to being Good” light will go on inside your head, and it will be true. Some of those stories will be bad enough you won’t want anyone ever to see them. Some of them will be wonderful. But what you are doing is learning and getting better.

There is no “wrong story”. There are just stories you should write down and finish and learn from. The thing that is most likely to “blow your chance as a writer” is not writing.

After Dark (Master List)

In the world of the upper class, life isn’t always what it seems. At night, when the elite come out to play – who makes the rules? Welcome to After Dark, world of the rich, sinful and depraved. 

Park Chanyeol. Chanyeol has never been one to shy away from attention. He wears his money like a badge of honor, doesn’t care who sees. And neither do you.

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Kim Junmyeon. You can call him daddy.

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Oh Sehun. Dominant, is the best word to describe him in the courtroom. In the bedroom, however, it’s an entirely different story. 

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Byun Baekhyun. Baekhyn lives his life the same way he likes to fuck. Fast, hard, and recklessly. The higher the stakes, the higher the reward. You are no exception. 

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Kim Jongdae. Jongdae always does what’s right. Gets the right grades, the right job, the right friends. It’s you, though – you, who’s entirely wrong for him. 

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Kim Minseok. Minseok didn’t grow up rich. Everything Minseok has, he earned. You’re the one thing he keeps coming back to, though. His muse, driving him on in the night. 

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Zhang Yixing. Yixing is not a dangerous person. Yixing does not do dangerous things. Except at night, when he ventures to the other side of town – and sees you, the most dangerous woman he’s ever come across. 

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Kim Jongin. Jongin lives a life of privilege. A life of pleasure. A life of expectation, which explains why in the bedroom – he expects to be obeyed, without question.

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Do Kyungsoo. Under the cover of night, Kyungsoo is free to love you as he pleases. Your story exists within hotel rooms, under the covers and far from the eyes of a man who never loved you to begin with. 

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