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Wake up America

I don’t care who you voted for but this is what bothers me so bad🤔…..I keep seeing people post on how they are terrified, or scared? Well.. what are you scared of exactly? War? Because that’s happening. School shootings? Because that’s happening. Pipeline? That’s been happening. Terrorism? Definitely alive and well. Going broke due to health insurance? Mm yes, Obamacare already does that!! Corruption throughout the system? Already there. Police officers being murdered? Yep, that’s happening. Bullying? Check. Loss of jobs? We’ve got that on lock. A tanking economy. Yep. Being discriminated against for your religion, political views, sexual orientation, race? That’s been going on. Rape, murder, violence, riots.. all going on and has been.
So tell me, what are you scared of that is not already happening basically everywhere? This isn’t a Trump problem, this is a PEOPLE problem. Y'all need to re evaluate yourselves..
Maybe America is a little too scared and a little too easily offended.
Quit being scared, crying around, offended by everything.. Step up and do your part as an American, no, as a human being. Treat others with respect, help and encourage one another, raise your kids right & teach them right from wrong, tell the truth, be a contributing member of society. Make sure your hands are clean, that’s your job. Burning the American flag?🇺🇸Get out of here with that, how about you do your job to make it a better place.
But right now, all I see is hate. It’s disturbing, and the ones with the most hate are being exactly what they claim to be against.
Copy and paste if you agree….this is common sense. GET OVER IT!


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Tell the truth. So I would be a hypocrite if I stood up here and didn’t tell you the truth, right? Look, the truth is I love teaching all of you and I’m proud of you. But, I did what any good teacher would do when I published Sam’s essay in the school paper. It was a powerful piece of writing. It was honest and naked and real and everything your writing should be and by the look on Prinicpal Rimkus’ face, I should probably say goodbye. Just try to remember, it’s too early for you to start playing the game, hell, it’s too early for me to start playing the game. Stand up for what you believe in. The truth matters, so tell it, no matter what.

Oh my god… the ENTIRE comment section of that article about how Nepal still maintains menstruation is taboo and deliberately ostracises women for it (in dangerous conditions)…

Is FULL of men complaining.

“What about men?”

“Well I was circumcised once, so where’s my justice?”

“Um, the feminazis got to this one…”

“Women are just complaining.”

“Pffft, this is bullshit. The only reason this isn’t hapening in the US is because of better sanitation. This article is just bitchng about how ‘mean’ men are.”

Ad infinitum.

Like… are you serious?



Little kids, and women… physically banished from their homes to lie in tiny, ramshackle ‘sheds’ even during monsoon season. With no protection, and a known higher risk of being raped in the night because no one will protect your ‘impure’ self…
Believing that if they do go into a building, or touch someone (as they are ‘impure and full of disease’ at this point), all people/animals in the building will die, the gods will curse them, and their hands will become deformed.

…this is happening now.

This is terrible.

This was clearly made up by some fucking idiot man a whole bunch of years ago, and no one thought to ask the women how it worked… 
According to legend some dude god fucked up, and made periods to atone for his sin (bc of fucking course the punishment wouldn’t go on him, or the dudes… but the ladies who already put up with enough shit as it is). 

In the 2010s, a young lady who is on her way to university and has educated herself on biology/menstruation… was told by a priest that the reason her father fell ill… was because she touched him on her period.
Like… seriously. Just because the doctors in a country with low medial knowledge couldn’t work out what a dude had, clearly it was because his young daughter had angered the clan gods by touching him… while on her period.

Fuck off.


And yet every dudebro ever has to come running into the comment section to talk about how gross periods are, how this article is clearly biased towards women/what about men?, complaining that there isn’t enough male support for these situations, that it’s a good system why not implement it elsewhere, pointing out women are ridiculously emotional on their periods so why not?, others saying that it makes sense to put emotional teenagers in a shed for about a week… clearly ignoring the high risk of rape they face… etc.

What kind of boring, self-righteous life do you freaking live… if you have to seek out articles about women and the issues they face… just to run to the comments and whine about how this article was written by feminazis who don’t understand how hard it is to be a MAN in this world?



Where’s that bird tweet when I need it… “i am feel uncomfortable when not talking about me?!”

Fuck off, and take your fedora with you.


There are whole countries where this is  huge problem, where women are dying due to infection because they cannot get sanitary items for this time… because there is no education to say ‘This is normal, take your bullshit male hoodoo beliefs away from here and fuck off while we educate these people’. 

And yes, it needs to be talked about, support actioned and funded, services provided so that there is the potential for proper education about these things to kill off these silly old taboos and beliefs.

You think it didn’t happen in Britain? In America?
Just a century ago idiot men thought women couldn’t ride on trains because the uterus would fly out of their bodies if they accelerated past 50mph.
All medical knowledge was based on white male anatomy, so when it came to women, it was just assumed that any and all maladies were uterus-based. 
Seriously, look it up, its both hilarious and horrifying how fucking wrong they were… (and female slaves/POC suffered so fucking much for any of these idiots to learn more/the reality of how the female body and reproductive cycle worked).

You know what changed? Science. Education. The suffering of slave women.
There was a huge push from women, who slowly gained more legal rights, to have these bullshit ideas overturned; women taking up medical positions and being able to provide better care to female patients… etc.

But white women -who did fight incredibly hard and put up with a lot of shit, we’re never going to dispute it was an uphill battle- did have a bit more of a leg to stand on to start with… than their POC counterparts in other parts of the world.
There was some biblical bullshit about periods/childbirth being Eve’s punishment for eating the apple, but for the most part that kind of got filed under bullshit; the same way the idea of isolating women for their entire period did.
[Or the batshit insane part about whenever you had sex, or finished menstruating, you had to take a white dove and a black/grey dove to a priest… who would cut them in half to sacrifice them to god as an atonement for your sin. I notice that no one’s kept that up, predominantly because the RSPCA would sacrifice YOU, for being an animal-torturing asshole].

Because in a modern age, the majority of people recognise the bible is more a collection of moralistic fables used to teach right, wrong, piety and devotion… than an absolute truth that must be mindlessly obeyed.

Science and reason, medicine and logic… they’ve been developed and come a long way since then. Most importantly, we have biology… it tells us how the body works and how the majority of diseases/disorders/functions and systems work.

There is still the stigma that females are over-emotional due to their menstrual cycle (a remnant of back when doctors believed EVERY disorder plaguing women from headache to organ failure and depression, were results of having a uterus), but generally only dickheads say stupid things about the situation.
Probably because they don’t know that during menstruation, the body experiences higher levels of testosterone than any other time during the month… which means that any emotional instability is, ironically, due to the fact they are at a point in their cycle where they are most like a man.

How would you like it if your entire opinion was voided because you had ‘too much testosterone to be rational, it makes you too emotional’? 
Also, only some women experience heightened moods, or mood swings; it is usually incredibly difficult to tell someone is on their period, so no… the stereotype is a load of crap.


What is a period?

Basically, three weeks out of four per month… your uterus is merrily decorating the inner uterine walls. If an egg should be fertilised during ovulation, then it will (most of the time) attach to the uterine lining, fuse, and begin the duplication of cells that may result in an embryo (but not always).

However, if there is none, then the uterus goes into rage mode.
The uterus begins, often 2-3 days prior to the period, to contract/spasm and cut off the blood supply as it shreds the internal lining it had prepared the weeks previously.
Which is often a cause of cramping; though some women also experience intense abdominal/back/spine pain, muscle cramping in other areas, migraines, nausea and/or vomiting, dizziness and/or fainting spells, black outs, dissociation, low immune system (nothing is worse than your period and a cold or fever), and various other symptoms that can be exacerbated by existing disabilities or medical conditions.

A period, is not like needing to pee, or take a shit.
There is no ‘holding it in’ or ‘telling your body to just knock it off there isn’t a bathroom for miles’. Blood, and other biowaste (uterine lining) is coming to just randomly start slipping out whenever the fuck it feels like it.

If you are wearing undies you particularly like? Too bad.

It is going to come, and keep coming, until it is done.

‘Just use a tampon’ doesn’t cut it.
Tampons are actually high-risk, but they don’t really advertise that.
Tampons originated when nurses in one of the world wars began using the ‘bullet-hole wound staunching tubes’ to deal with their periods; as they were more effective. And they are, to an extent.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to dispel a rather stupid male myth about tampons:

Myth: Inserting a tampon is like a tiny cotton dildo being in there all day.
Reality: If you insert the tampon correctly, you will not be able to feel it’s presence. If you insert a tampon and can still feel it/feel it move, it is not in place and you need to adjust it or your clothes will suffer.
Is there anything erotic about it? Nope. 

See, the problem with tampons (apart from public misconceptions about how they’re tiny cotton dildos) is that they are dangerous.
They’re the leading cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome… which makes all your organs shut down, and kills you in most cases. 

How? Well… see, the reason the old uterine lining is leaving your body… is the same as why you pee, it’s waste product. Putting a tampon in the flow-way to catch the blood and other detrius is okay, in the short term (unless you are hyper sensitive, in which case it can put the menstruator at risk just using them).

It is effectively blocking the path, and when you block up waste… what happens? Bacteria build up. Often caused by leaving the item in too long (over 4hours, max.)
[This can also happen if a woman removes a tampon, but not all of the item dislodges. Needing medical intervention.]

This can send your body into Toxic Shock Syndrome… which has proven fatal in the past. So it is Imperative that people are aware of how long they’ve had a tampon in, change it regularly and NEVER sleep with one in (get overnight pads or whatever works for you).


Pads, although considered the safer option, also have inherent issues.
Some people do have a heightened sensitivity to them which can cause discomfort, infection or rashes/other issues for them.

What is a pad?
A pad is a containment device that attaches to the underwear, in the crotch region. It is ovular in shape and length depends on the brand/type of pad used.
Now, a key concern of pad-wearers is the damn thing moving about (as they are wont to do, if you move every sightly, walk, run, participate in sports, do anything other than remain motionless for 3-7 days).

Some come with ‘wings’ for this very purpose; wings are two small tabs attached to the main design that allow for the pad to be placed in the crotch of the underwear, and then a tab from each side is attached to the external part of the underwear’s crotch, to fasten it in place. Not always effective, but usually.

Pads catch the blood and waste product, and make disposal easier.
However, everyone is different and may require anything from light flow, tiny pads, to heavy-flow/overnight pads… and anything inbetween.

Period pads MUST be changed once every four hours (like tampons) except for overnight brand pads, which can last 8 hours.
UNLESS it is a heavy flow, wherein you may need to change them more regularly.

How do you know? You may ask, my non-uterus-having friends…
YOU KNOW. YOU KNOW the feeling. There is no denying it, or forgetting it’s there when you need to switch it out. You know.

Pads left too long can develop infection, specifically a UTI (Urinary tract Infection)/you may know it as ‘peeing fire/everything is agony when I urinate’, or in some cases Toxic Shock Syndrome -because it is a device holding significant waste in an enclosed space, sometimes on hot humid days, for a significant amount of time, esp. if not changed regularly.

So it has a risk factor too.


The worst part is how flipping expensive both options are, per pack.

*Tampons also come in a wide variety of sizes and flow-options.


There are alternate options, such as the DIVA cup… and a range of period-regulating or negating birth control options. Such as one of the BC Pills (many available, but expensive), Deprovera (Sp? An injection in the booty once every three months that they often use for military personnel due to effectiveness; however, has been known to cause opposite effective in some women -multiple/heavier periods) and several others you may want to google (or see your GP about).

But even as you look over these options and think, “wow, that’s awful” you also have to remember the other side effects (mentioned above) like illness, cramping, nausea, etc.

Most can be regulated by panadol/basic painkillers and heatpacks, but some women have to seek medical attention or be hospitalised during their periods due to the severity of their menstruation. 
Especially persons who are born with multiple uteri, which means their period can cause excruciating agony for up to 14 days a month (2 weeks/fortnight). 


Now that you know all of this… I want you to remember that these are the safest methods of period-control we have in the first world. These are expensive, but generally available to most people (although if the goddamn government would subsidise them and give them out, even those on the poverty line and homeless persons could have supplies for when it hits).

There are other countries that don’t.
People die of infection because they substitute leaves, moss, old rags, for pads (because even those that are available if there is no stigma, are too expensive or not seen as a priority compared to food or water). Old rags seems alright, yes? But hey, it’s the one rag… in some places you can’t come out until late at night when no one can see you, to wash it.. not in the clean water, but dirty ricer water, a puddle… it’s not going to dry before you have to use it again.

These infections can turn deadly because it is a sensitive area.

The same way there is a huge emphasis on telling people with penises they HAVE to (carefully, with non-scented soap) wash UNDER the foreskin to prevent infection. Gangrene of the phallus just doesn’t seem like a lot of fun (or UTIs, etc). 


So now think about the situation again.

Little girls, grown women, living in shitty sheds out in the cold, the rain, exposed, with no proper supplies… experiencing all of the above symptoms without panadol and no support. No knowledge of what is happening, or if something’s normal or not (and if it isn’t, who the hell do they turn to?).


Being invalidated, your opinion/voice/thoughts/existence/etc. is frustrating, and needs to stop.

But the reality is that having your period in a place like a first-world country, does not directly place you in danger; not in the same way women in other countries are.

As seen in Nepal, and other countries where women and girls are deliberately segregated… treated like they’re an abomination, placed in dangerous situations because of incorrect, male-driven cultural beliefs.
If you do not have a uterus… you really shouldn’t have the right to make assumptions or beliefs about it; because you don’t GET it.

What if something goes wrong and these women/girls need medical assistance during this time? Will anyone touch them? Help them? Unlikely.
What if they are raped? Does the shame go to the asshole who did it? No.
Will anyone help her, or wait until the period stops?
What if they have a condition that makes menstruation difficult or dangerous (such as anemia) and REQUIRE hospitalisation (because birth control is difficult to get/possibly taboo in these countries despite their effectiveness)?

On the overall, some people are joking about sending teenaged girls off to ‘sheds’ (and let’s be clear, they’re not tin constructions… they’re rudimentary sticks with an almost thatch roof on the bloody things that a strong wind can take out) for a ‘week of peace’. For one, shut the fuck up.
They are in danger of everything, why? For the sake of some bullshit ma-driven belief… and you want to make it a joke.

There are governmental edicts in Nepal banning the use of these bullshit sheds/isolation periods, but a) they’re doing it anyway in remote areas, and b) as you can see it’s just changing the stigma into something more ridiculous because proper education was not implemented alongside the ban.

What is needed is people from the areas affected to be trained in matters of biology, specifically menstruation, and funded/sent out to different areas to educate people. Point out that hey, the taboo is a load of shit based on some ancient dudeian guesswork about how the whole period thing works. 

Knowledge IS power, and no, it won’t change everyone’s beliefs overnight… but it does give girls a chance to be understood and to understand their own bodies/that they do not have to be ashamed of their natural cycle.

And if someone could point out the whole ‘gods will punish you for daring to be female and have a period’ thing is a load of crap… that would be fantastic.

This is what’s actually needed. Education, and a concentrated effort to overthrow the stigma/stereotypes/belief in this taboo that’s really a cute little code for oppressing women based on ignorance.


What it doesn’t need is you being a whiny little baby in the comments, or downplaying it because it’s not happening to you. Newsflash: it’s not ABOUT you. Why is this so hard for people to comprehend…?

You know you’re supposed to grow out of the egocentric stage when you’re 8-10years old, right? Learn to see things from an alternate perspective, empathy, learn to be a decent human being, etc.


So, for the sake o whatever gods you believe in or don’t… get a life.
Because if you have to spend hours of your life tracking down articles targeted to female-specific (uterus-having person-specific) articles, JUST to bitch about how it’s not about men… then you clearly don’t have much going on. 

Get up, go do something useful.

And remember, there are 7+ billion people on this planet who aren’t you, who are living entirely different lives, and some of them need help/support. 
How about you acknowledge that, and work on finding a way to assist them… rather than throwing your middle-class white dude self a pity party?


For further questions about menstruation, ask.

It’s not mysterious, it’s not great fun, but it’s not something to be ashamed about either.

Lord, take me from what I know is comfortable, to what you know is good; take from me what you know is filth, and fill me with what you know is holy; teach me the right way, and show me the truth, so that I may be a willing and humble servant. Use me, shape me, edify me, and do as You will, for I am broken and bent, but you are straight and whole. You are perfect, and you see me as I was always meant to be; so remind me again and again, that Your love is steadfast, and that when I do not feel it, it still remains.

Hear this prayer, and may it be a sweet sound to Your ears, just as You are a sweet name to our lips. I long for the day that I see Your face, and I know that You have longed to hold me in Your arms and wipe away my tears; may that day come soon, and may Your glory never be forgotten.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Thy Will Be Done