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YOLO.exe - PART 1

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This is the beginning of a very fun interaction ;)

For those who may not know/remember, this is Fresh_Hell :D

It’s important to note that this is the first non-canon side comic I’ve started- this isn’t actually part of the canon story. It’s more of a fun ‘what if’ scenario to explore. Even though he probably actually never would, what if Fresh decided to possess Fatal_Error? What would happen next?

I have several ideas for comics like these, but I can’t start some until certain parts of the canon story have happened, or else they won’t make any sense, or might spoil something in the main comic before we get to it. The same can be said for the canon side comics too - it’s all about timing. So comics like these might pop up from time to time, and update as we go along.

But anywho I’m rambling ^^

Peace out, brahs <3

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!

Okay so one last theory from me on the spoilers and then I am going to write the next chapter of Forgetting because people are waiting *cough* @sapphicsugden *cough* and she might hurt me if I take any longer. 

I’m just putting my thoughts out there because if any of this does actually work out how I want/hope/think it is I want there to be a record that I was right about a SL for once, because I am usually very, very wrong. 

The pregnancy - Moira and Cain is my bet. Now for me this would make sense of the who spots a test and thinks they’re going to be a daddy spoiler. Because it’s plausible that Adam would see the test, knowing that they’re trying for a baby and assume that it’s Vic’s. I’m going for Cain as the dad because we had all that stuff a little while back about him trying to reconcile being a dad to Kyle with the way that Shadrack was with him as a child. He had all that doubt about being a good dad to Kyle, but came around in the end so he knows now that he can be a dad. This would also fit in with the big SL that Moira and Cain have coming up.

The Mind blowing news - So this is going to be for both Robert and Aaron. Mind blowing for me means something good, so good news not bad. It can’t be the reveal of the incident because, well that’s hardly going to be mind blowing for Robert. I think that the news is going to be Adam coming and telling Aaron that he’s going to be a dad and of course Aaron will tell Robert. Let’s face it, this is soap and Adam won’t wait to confirm with Vic before turning to his bet mate in his excitement. So Robert and Aaron are both ridiculously excited because they think they’re going to be uncles, and then Vic has to dash their hopes when it turns out it’s not her who’s pregnant but Moira. 

Ross and the blackmail - Again from the spoiler I’m taking that it’s both of them he’s trying to blackmail but I’m going with him seeing them making up for lost time (having sex) somewhere they shouldn’t. It’s going to be a stupid, meaningless comedy side plot and it’s not going to be real blackmail as such. It will be forgotten as soon as it’s mentioned. 

Shinhwa's 18th Ep. 2: Bonus cut
  • Hyesung: *farts in the bathroom*
  • Eric: Hyesung, are you pooping?
  • Hyesung: *comes out* No! I'm allowed to fart
  • Junjin: Everything's being recorded right now
  • Hyesung: I farted in the bathroom
  • Hyesung: *Asks Junjin* Could you handle my fart?
  • Junjin: Farts are nothing
  • Hyesung: Can you eat it if I give it to you?
  • Hyesung: You don't want to? You can, right?
  • Junjin: When I'm hungry
  • Hyesung: LOL

sukekiyo twitter 2017.03.28


Hello, Yuchi here.
sukekiyo is recording right now for an amazing album!
This time is will be really dark/deep… (ah, it’s like that each time)

さてsukekiyo 二〇一七年公演「落下する月面」

Then, sukekiyo will hold a seated tour in June titled ‘The Falling Moon’. General sale tickets are now on sale! One show is already sold out, so better hurry!



By the way, we plan to include those unannounced new songs that we played at MERRY events in the new album. Stay tuned♪
Ah, I will be very happy if we can include even more new songs in the setlists for seated shows in June. There’s not much time, but we’ll do our best!

See you then☆



love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung


so its christmas now


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

i am totally on board with tary going ‘who on earth is this ethereal creature that just bamfed here, heralded by thunder and lightning, and resurrected one of our party members just like that??’ and coming to the conclusion that obviously pike is a daughter of a fucking goddess

The Actual Signs of Hamilton Characters
  • Elizabeth Schuyler: August 9th, Leo
  • Angelica Schuyler: February 20th, Pisces
  • Peggy Schuyler: September 24th, Libra
  • Aaron Burr: February 6th, Aquarius
  • George Washington: February 22nd, Pisces
  • John Laurens: October 28th, Scorpio
  • Marquis de Lafayette: September 6th, Virgo
  • King George III: June 4th, Gemini
  • Thomas Jefferson: April 13th, Aries
  • James Madison: March 16th, Pisces
  • Theodosia Burr: June 21st, Gemini
  • Phillip Hamilton: January 22nd, Aquarius
  • Alexander Hamilton: January 11th, Capricorn

There was a trick to it. To feeling horrible without alerting Sportacus. 
It was all about walking that fine line between numbness and complete despair. 

Before you ask for a love reading

Ask yourself: could this whole thing be solved by talking to my partner/crush instead of trying to get extra information from third party sources?

If the answer is yes, go do that first. 

Communication is key, y’all.