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Planned Parenthood reportedly blocked from delivering petitions to Paul Ryan’s office

  • Planned Parenthood volunteers arrived at House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office armed with nearly 90,000 petitions in response to GOP plans to strip the organization of its funding.
  • Ryan delivered the news at a press conference, announcing that the legislation would be folded in with the Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Apparently, the House speaker wasn’t quite ready for the impending backlash: According to tweets from Planned Parenthood’s official account, volunteers were greeted by a sign on Ryan’s door informing visitors that only “scheduled appointments” would be admitted into his office.
  • The organization also alleged that six security guards had been sent to physically block the delivery of the petitions. Read more.

ok but late night talk show host John Laurens who is having a fucking ball poking fun at the washington administration and gets extremely fired up about black lives matter and essentially becomes the smiling, freckled Jon Stewart of late night tv

running jokes in the show include:

• john’s dad think’s he’s a lawyer. shh, nobody tell him

John Adams Continually Fails To Look Normal In Any Photograph

• george dadington tries to control his administration of arguing five year olds

• alexander hamilton is Literally Still Talking Right Now

• the petition to replace thomas jefferson with a small puppy

• james madison using WebMD at work

• just a simple farmer boy from south carolina

• “more _____ than i have freckles”

• no, angelica schuyler is not yet running for president

• john laurens’ delicate southern sensibilities

and OF COURSE alexander hamilton seeks out any and all mention of himself in mainstream media and gleefully watches just about every episode of john’s show and includes a couple of sly references to it in one of his speeches, and from there it becomes a war of inside jokes and tweeting at each other until finally alex gets interviewed on john’s show and by this point other late night shows are catching on to this, and peggy’s show has an ongoing segment called “Holy Shit, Will You Two Just Kiss and Shut Up Already” 

no but after that John and Alex becoming legitimate friends and partners and working together to spread awareness about serious issues (mental health, LGBT+, homeless kids) to the point that john ends up giving a speech at the white house (”In this week’s news: holy shit, i met the president”) 
and the next running joke on john’s show is that any time alex is brought up, john says “and now to my very good friend, secretary hamilton” complete with suggestive eyebrows

honestly just give me late night tv comedian john laurens

There he is!!! Westley!! Westley the great character from Wander Over Yonder, which is a great show. I love him so much. So muhc

Here are some Westley facts

🌟 is round

💖 is small

🌟 is the bestley

💖 does no harm (even when he tries to - what a twerp)

🌟 voiced by Aziz Ansari, such great and funny af acting, 10/10

💖 appears in 1 (one) total single episode WHICH IS SO UNFAIR AND NOT ENOUGH WESTLEY, JUST

look at him



so yeah like i said there’s not enough Westley in this cruel, hard world, but if you sign this petition right here to #SaveWOY then maybe, there’ll be more Wander Over Yonder and that means, more Westley.

Which is what we all want, right?



Listen,,,, alexander has been my favorite name forever…one of my ocs is alexander…its what ive always wanted to name a future child….its just???? SUCH A FULL RICH NAME???? And alex is is such a cute nickname????????

Ppl always call alex “hamilton” or “alexander” and i want one of his friends to just call him “alex” and it’s just… Real Cute ok…….

Hope is powerful.

There will be recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  The only person who can request a recount in Florida Ken Detzner–there’s a petition here to call on him to do so, and his office can be reached at  SecretaryofState@DOS.MyFlorida.com and 850-245-6524 .

Supposedly a few Electoral College Electors are planning to go faithless (can’t find a source, sadly). EDIT: source EDIT2: list of all 538 electors

If Hillary Clinton ends up winning all three of the states where the recounts will be done, she becomes president.

If she reaches 270 electoral votes, through any combination of faithless electors and winning contested states, she becomes president.

I stayed up on election night, pacing in the dark, feeling terrified and incredibly helpless.  I woke up the morning after, numb and despairing and still terrified.  Still feeling helpless.

I don’t feel helpless right now.  I’ve signed petitions, I’ve spread information, I’ve grappled with my social anxiety and made phone-call after phone-call.  I’m adding my grain of sand to a growing mountain.

And it may be enough.

I’m not done fighting.

Protect Children from Human Trafficking

Since October 2013, U.S. border patrol has apprehended more than 52,000 unaccompanied children fleeing extreme violence from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Many of these children are at risk of being trafficked.

Sign the petition to help us protect these children from human trafficking.


Now is the time. The Government of Ontario recently announced plans to essentially end orca captivity in Ontario forever. There was no mention of what was to happen to Kiska, the last captive orca remaining in Canada.
Kiska resides at Marineland Canada, in a small, bland tank. She has suffered the loss of all 5 of her calves, as well as her tankmates, and now she lives entirely alone.
The Government must address Kiska’s social isolation, and allow her to be moved to a facility that can better care for her. If Kiska absolutely cannot be moved (due to health for example) then Marineland must provide her with a companion (a dolphin) and upgrade her environment to suit her needs, as well as develop an in-depth enrichment program.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN AND SHARE NOW. Even people who are pro-captivity. THIS is the best way to help Kiska, and you know it. Do not continue to sit by and be complicit in her suffering.

Petition to start a pro-choice hashtag

#why are you so obsessed with my uterus 

Because tbh it’s creepy. It’s creepy to know that there are millions of people out there who are literally obsessed with my uterus and legislating laws so they can - mwahaha - control it. 

People who I’ve never even met want to control my body, and that’s some weird shit. Petition to start a new uterus-stalker-shaming hashtag. :) 

Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan’s Dolphins

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan. Yet, the majority of the world is not aware of this happening. Be a part of the solution by signing and sharing this petition.


sign petition to have Leelah Alcorn's correct name on her tombstone.

On December 28, 2014, 17-year old transgender woman Leelah Alcorn stepped in front of a moving vehicle after her family refused to accept who she was, isolated her, and sent her to conversion therapy in an attempt to change her gender identity. They murdered her.

Even after her suicide, Leelah Alcorn’s parents refuse to call her by the correct pronouns.They will be putting “Josh Alcorn" on her tombstone and continue to call her their "son.”

Sign the petition here to ensure the name Leelah would’ve wanted gets engraved on her tombstone.

“My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please." -Leelah Alcorn.

End the War on Ferrets
Ferrets - If you know someone who has them, or you have one yourself, or even if you just enjoy watching cute videos of ferrets online, you probably already know how cute, loving, and playful companions they can be! They deserve to be in good homes and given lots and love and care! But unfortunately,...

Ferrets - If you know someone who has them, or you have one yourself, or even if you just enjoy watching cute videos of ferrets online, you probably already know how cute, loving, and playful companions they can be! They deserve to be in good homes and given lots and love and care!

But unfortunately, that’s not possible right now for ferret owners in California. In fact, they’re illegal to kept as domestic pets in California, and if an authority figure finds you guilty of owning any pet ferrets, the ferrets are immediately seized and often times even euthanized.

If you’re like me and so many others who care so much about animals, you might have one in your life that you hold close to your heart, it doesn’t matter if it’s a ferret, a dog, a bird or whatever else. You just know that you wouldn’t give them up for the world. I think that it’s an absolute tragedy that anyone ever has to be forcefully separated from their own pets, possibly permanently. Euthanizing an animal for simply existing in a certain place is, in every sense of the word, animal cruelty. This is an injustice against innocent people who simply want to be allowed to love and connect with their pets. As citizens of a free country, it is our collective responsibility to make the voice of the people heard, and we the people say it’s time for a change.

The most realistic way to enact legalization is to work with the interests of the state. Some conditions and regulations that will satisfy both the people and the state should be considered, as follows:

  1. Ferrets adopted or sold as pets must be spayed or neutered
  2. Mandatory vaccinations for rabies and distemper before a certain age
  3. Require medical documentation and a certain frequency of veterinary check-ups
  4. Prohibit cross-breeding between domestic ferrets and other species of Mustelidae such as black-footed ferrets or polecats
  5. Prohibit the release of ferrets into the wild

Since the last time the laws prohibiting domestic ownership of ferrets have been reviewed over 15 years ago, concerns voiced by the CDFG and other California state departments have been addressed, and the course of action suggested above will greatly minimize any remaining risks. One such concern is that escaped domestic ferrets have the potential to negatively impact native ecosystems[6] - But it would take a large, well established feral population of ferrets to affect the native ecosystem in any noticeable way. While ferrets are naturally capable of surviving in the wild, preying on small animals, ferrets are supposed to be spayed or neutered before they are capable of reproducing, so there would be no way to reasonably sustain a population on their own. There’s no convincing reason to believe that ferrets could establish any feral populations to act as an invasive species[3]. Some officials have also pointed out the potential threat they pose to public health and safety. 15 years ago, when there were no regulated vaccinations approved for ferrets, this may have been a valid concern. Now, there are well established treatments for ferret health and safety, as well as an FDA/USDA tested and approved rabies vaccination. Additionally, the frequency of reported ferret bites is no greater than that of cats or dogs[3] and is considered to be an acceptable risk, outweighed by the affection and companionship that a ferret provides.

Anything you can do to support our cause helps, even just sharing this petition with a friend. You can also post about this on social media to boost awareness, contact your local animal shelter and talk to them about advocating for the cause, or find a ferret advocacy group in your area and share this with them; Anything you can do will take us another step closer to change.

Thank you for taking this all into consideration and adding your signature to this petition.

Please Help Out!

The A&E network has just announced that they will be broadcasting a new reality show called “Generation KKK”. Their stated intent is that they will be exposing the hatred of the KKK, but I believe that, no matter how well intentioned, the end result will be the further normalization of racism, hatred and white-supremacy in America.

A&E has a record, with Duck Dynasty and other shows, of turning dangerously racist morons into celebrities. We have the right to draw the line at turning members of the Klan into tabloid superstars.

Please help me by signing and spreading this petition, demanding that A&E cancel the show.

Sign this petition right HERE!